TikTok Is Right After Meta & X To Get A Warning From EU

TikTok Is Right After Meta & X To Get A Warning From EU



The European Union (EU), in a letter to the CEO Shou Zi Chew, has warned Tiktok about “disinformation.” According to the EU, wrong, hateful information has been spread on Tiktok right after the Hamas attack on Israel. Making many wonder whether the TikTok ban was, in fact, the right propaganda.

The EU has even offered the social media platform a time bracket to spell out how Tiktok is complying with European law.

This is not the first social media application the EU has warned amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict. In fact, accusations of such content have also been made towards X, Twitter, and even Meta.

A 24-hour deadline was also given to Twitter, and in response, the firm’s CEO Linda Yaccarino confirmed that the application flagged thousands of content since the Hammas attack.

According to the EU commissioner, TikTok is a social media platform that serves several impressive kids. 

“TikTok has a particular obligation to protect teenagers & children from violent content, hateful content, and terrorist propaganda as well as death challenges & potentially life-threatening content,” commenced the EU commissioner. This is again rising hostility towards the platform, where many are requesting a tikTok ban. (Source BBC).

Once the complaint was filed, BBC reached out to the Tiktok CEO for a comment. The CEO spoke about the redistribution of his internal team, which is looking into the matter.

Amidst all the complaints, Yaccarino has reported X’s content, which is heavily promoting the conflict with misinformation. According to an internal assessment of the EU, there are more than 700 notes talking about the attack over X. Among these, 5000+ contain relevant images and videos from the attacks, which are reposted by users.

EU commissioner Thierry Breton has strictly asked both X and Tiktok’s team to provide a detailed document that enlists the action taken to flag this illegal content. This is to ensure the planning is ‘diligent, timely, and objective action.’

This was particularly the reason why the EU formulated an act around August 2023. This is called the Digital Service Act (DSA), which entails big social media platforms to proactively act towards eradicating illegal content. Especially the kind that promoted terrorism and war propaganda.

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