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Are you constantly struggling with handling multiple clients? Are you worried it’s all going to get jumbled up? Well, don’t you worry because we are in the age of tools that can make life easy in an instant? What if we told you there was a social media management tool like Sendible that could change your life for the better?

Sounds pretty cool, right? While the need for social media sky-rocketed within the past few years, a similar demand for tools has also arisen. These tools are all simple to use and naturally make life simple, saving marketing executives from getting burnt out too early in their careers. If you have been looking for a similar tool, you can check out Sendible!

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What Is Sendible?

What Is Sendible

Have you heard about Sendible? If you haven’t, you have come to the right place! Let’s find out what is Sendible. Simply put, it’s a tool for social media management specially designed for agencies that work with multiple clients and social media accounts. The best part about using this software is you can perform so many functions from a single place.

This platform is so good in fact that it helps both big and small businesses schedule multiple posts for multiple accounts, track clientele engagements, manage both organic and inorganic content, and keep up with insights (both historical and real-time). That does sound like a lot, doesn’t it?

Although launched only a few years ago, the Sendible application has managed to become one of the most trusted platforms for conducting effective social media marketing. Loved by nearly 30,000 people all over the world, this miracle software saves so much time, thereby multiplying both efficiency and productivity of your teams.

Features Of Sendible

Features Of Sendible

Any accurate Sendible review will not just list all the features of the software together but what’s the use of that. So instead, we found out which features of Sendible are highly rated and which ones still need some improvement. So here’s a brief overview of all the features of the app!

High-Rated Features Of Sendible

The top-rated features of the Sendible software are as follows,

1. Content Calendar

The content calendar function of this miracle app can make life easy and increase efficiency. For once, social media management can be as simple as it looks. Sounds great to us!

2. Social Media Monitoring

One of the best things about using Sendible is its killer social media monitoring feature. This feature helps users track alerts and notifications without any hassle. In addition, you can now keep up with multiple accounts at your convenience.

3. Campaign Planning

The whole point of using this software is to make social media management an easy, breezy task. Planning creative campaigns is a big part of this, and this is where Sendible steps up its game and provides a killer user experience.

Low-Rated Features Of Sendible

The low-rated features of the Sendible software are as follows,

1. Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your competition and keeping up with similar brands in the market is pretty crucial for all your future social media strategies. Thus, it is only natural you need accurate competitor analysis.

2. Social Insights

According to user reviews online, it is evident that Sendible needs to improve its analytical features. And this is one place where you can’t make a mistake. If your insights are inaccurate, there is no way you can run any campaign properly.

3. Social Ads

One of the features of this miracle software is also monitoring how your paid campaigns on social networking sites are performing. Although the app boasts of providing accurate tracking yet, it does not always function properly. So this feature needs improvement.

Sendible: Reviews

Sendible Reviews

Our favorite reviews of Sendible are as follows,

1. Review By Megan E, Founder of Legal Marketing Content

Review By Megan E, Founder of Legal Marketing Content

“The BEST highlight is that you can schedule Google My Business (GMB) posts with sensible!!! This social media scheduler is a game-changer for me, in general, but the fact that it posts to GMB alone is a HUGE win for me. It is so useful and multifaceted. I have “ques” set up for GMB posts so a large set of posts will just recycle themselves after they all post. it’s incredible. Plus, it’s easy to post to multiple social media channels at once”

2. Review By Marc C, Digital Operations Manager

Review By Marc C, Digital Operations Manager

“Using the right social media tool is critical to the success of your campaigns. No two tools are the same. I’m a big fan of Hootsuite and am certified by them. I’m also frustrated by it, frustrated by its add-on hidden costs for things such as reporting. The analytics in Sendible is first-class, and by far one of my favorite features…and they’re included! If you have tried it yet, give it a go.”

3. Review By Meredith K, Administrative Assistant

Review By Meredith K, Administrative Assistant

“Our company loves how you can automatically post to Instagram! We also really enjoy using the suggested content options. It helps us while creating content for our clients. My organization enjoys how organized Sendible is. By assigning each other particular tasks, we can increase our workload.”

Sendible: Pricing

Sendible Pricing

Are you wondering about sendible pricing? There is a free version of the app available on the internet, but you need to figure out whether you need the pro version or not. When you opt for a premium version, there are so many alternatives you can check out. Scroll down and find out the pricing alternatives available to you!

1. 29 Dollars

Under this plan, users of Sendible will get,

  • Bulk scheduling.
  • Automated RSS posting.
  • Recycled evergreen content.
  • Unlimited scheduling.

2. 89 Dollars

Under this plan, users of Sendible will get,

  • All the features mentioned above.
  • Assignment and approval of all posts.
  • Grouping of social profiles.

3. 199 Dollars

Under this plan, users of Sendible will get,

  • All the features mentioned above.
  • Customized team workflows.
  • Save content to the library.
  • Automated emailed reports.
  • Up to fourteen customized reports.
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Committed success manager.

4. 399 Dollars

Under this plan, users of Sendible will get,

  • All the features mentioned above.
  • Committed success manager.
  • Real-time report sharing.
  • Permission groups.
  • UTM tracking.
  • Up to 45 customized reports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How Good Is Sendible?

Sendible is pretty great. Users especially love the simple sendible login and easy-to-use features of the same. Sounds pretty cool, right!

2. Which Is Better – Sendible Or Hootsuite?

In the sendible vs Hootsuite debate, it is very difficult to pick one. The features of both software are very same, but Hootsuite has better reviews.

3. What Social Media Platforms Does Sendible Support?

Sendible support the following integrations,

Wrapping Up:

Sendible has been doing pretty well, with so many users across the world. Easy to use, this software is perfect for taking things a notch higher and making things more efficient, thereby improving productivity in the process.

If you haven’t taken the help of a tool yet, download this miracle application today! And if you want to read more such reviews, leave a comment below.

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