Has Social Media’s Idealistic Era Ended What Does The Israel War Say

Has Social Media’s Idealistic Era Ended? What Does The Israel War Say?

Social media played a massive role when the “Arab Spring” happened in the Middle East a decade ago. Today, the Israel war shows that there has been a paradigm shift in the role of social media in keeping people updated about global crises. With this, there is a concern over social media’s idealistic era coming to an end.

Platforms like Meta and X have always been the go-to platform for users to get real-time information. However, the Israel war depicts that sharing information, organizing communities, and leaning into an important purpose are no longer a part of these platforms’ core vision.

People started looking for information when Hamas attacked Israel. However, the platform only offered irrelevant or misleading information about the happenings. The platform’s users got enraged and saw this deviation as a part of Elon Musk’s faulty content moderation.

Even the accounts with blue check marks shared news and photographs of past events. One can assume that political and commercial moves drive these. 

And it got worse when a few posts on X showed footage from video games and projected them as real military moves during the war. 

It was already difficult for X users to get access to real-time information under Elon Musk’s guidance. Today, an X account can only be verified through a paid subscription. With these doctored posts and misleading information filling their feeds, users see this as a prominent example of social media’s idealistic era coming to an end.

Moreover, this misleading info about the Israel war on X has drawn the attention of the European Union. The European Union has expressed its disappointment over the happenings on this platform.

Social media researchers say that Elon Musk has eliminated the access of users to a data tool. So, today, there is no chance to track keywords and hashtags in real time.

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