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Spotify Web Player Vs Desktop Client – Which One Is Better?



So, what is Spotify Web player? So, Spotify is one of the best online music streaming platforms where you will find a lot of features like listening to unlimited songs ad-free (subscription), and you can even listen to songs before their release. Before coming to this, let’s discuss the platform, and then we will go into the web player and the desktop version.



Since Spotify came in 2008, the online music platform has been growing a lot and gaining popularity more and more. Right now, there are more than 356 million monthly users who actively listen to music. And when it comes to paid subscribers, the total number is 158 million.

There is no doubt that this platform is one of the best, and it provides the best online music to users. You will find almost 70 million tracks that you can access from your computer, tablet, and mobile phone.

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Spotify Web Player vs Desktop Client

Spotify Web Player vs Desktop Client

So, coming to the point where you can play any music either from the Spotify web player or you can play it from the desktop client. See, there are people who do not listen to music, they eat music. And for them, it is really important how they want to consume music. And this is how the topic came up- Spotify web player vs desktop client. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these two options.

There are a lot of people who love to use the Spotify web player, and there are people who use the desktop application. Now, coming to the topic, you must know that both of these platforms are totally different. There are notable differences between these two platforms.

Let’s start.

Differences Between Spotify Web Player and Desktop Client

Here are the differences between these two platforms.

1. Lyrics


There are people who give priority to the lyrics because they not only give priority to listening to songs, they want to know every word and the meaning. But, sorry to say, you will not be able to know the lyrics on both of the platforms.

2. Hotkeys


Hotkeys are the best things when it comes to navigating movements. Suppose you are busy with some work, this feature is going to help you a lot. And you will find this feature on both of these platforms.

3. Space Capacity

Space Capacity

When you are installing the Spotify application on your desktop, there will be space needed. But when it comes to web players, there is no need to have space on your desktop. But in this case, you will need a stable internet service.

4. Offline Listening

Offline Listening

You are already aware of how these two platforms work. So, the web player will not give you the opportunity to listen to offline songs. But in the desktop client, you will get to download songs. In both instances, however, you do need a stable internet connection to get the most out of Spotify. Fiber internet is generally considered the best for streaming, so look into Golden Gate City internet options to see if you can get this type of connection in your area.

5. Sound Quality

Sound Quality

If you are using the free version, then you will be able to listen to 128kbit/s in the web player and 256kbit/s in the desktop client. And when you are taking the premium version, this will allow you to listen in 256kbit/s in a web player and 320kbit/s in a desktop client.

6. Portability


You can easily tell the answer that the desktop is not portable. You can use the web version on any device that you can table. But desktops and laptops are not that much portable.

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Frequently Asked Questions ! (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions that most people are curious to know about Spotify Web Player.

Q1. Is Spotify Desktop App Better Than Web Player?

Ans: When it comes to Spotify’s web version, there are a couple of disadvantages for the users. The most notable one is that there is no opportunity to download songs for your offline listening. This means that people who spend a lot of time traveling can not use this web app. This will be a disadvantage for them. If you download the desktop app in advance, then you can use the feature.

Q2. Does Spotify Web Player Play High Quality?

Ans: If someone has the premium version of Spotify, then they can listen to music at 256kbs. If someone has only the Spotify app, then the music will play at 128kbps, which is the normal sound quality. So, it is a huge downgrade that Spotify made from 320kbps to 256kbps directly. But, if you have not installed the desktop app, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Q3. Which Is Better, Spotify Web Or Spotify App?

Ans: First, you need to understand that both applications are almost similar. However, there are some huge differences that make these two separate. First, talk about the quality of the music. When you are using the app, then you will get a bitrate of 320kbps, but when you are using Spotify from your desktop or the web players, you can get a maximum bitrate of 256kbps. Even for the premium users, the bitrate doesn’t change.

Q4. Which Is Better Web App Or Desktop App?

Ans: Generally speaking, web-based applications work slower than desktop applications. The main reason is that these applications run independently, and there is no requirement for an internet connection. The problem occurs when there is no stable internet connection. So, because of the independent nature of desktop-based applications, they work fast, which web-based articles can not bring.

Q5. Does Spotify Web Player Have EQ?

Ans: EQ means equalizer settings. And when it comes to Spotify’s equalizer settings, then you can only use this setting on your Android app or iOS. If you use the desktop version, then there will be no access to open the setting. And there will be tinkering with your own EQ software as well.

Final Words

So, as of now, you already get important information about the Spotify web player and desktop client. So, if you get bored with all the writing, you can check the list to know the basic differences, and this will give you an idea about these two different platforms.

 FeaturesSpotify Web PlayerDesktop Client
Space CapacityNo NeedNeed
Offline ListeningNoYes
Sound Quality128kbit/s and 256 kbit/s256kbit/s and 320kbit/s
PortabilityMore PortableLess Portable

I hope now you have a better understanding.

Thank You.

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