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Study Apps For High School: Social Tools To Ace Exams



Students always face different schedules while undertaking their studies. The schedules can overwhelm a student. They range from normal class work, assignments, and co-curricular activities. Such schedules make students feel like there is a lack of time within a given day.

Since smartphones are accessible even to high school students, they add to the confusion, making it hard for many to stay organized and focused. The misuse of phones, with an average teenager spending more than 3 hours on the phone on a daily basis, leads to poor academic performance and reduced productivity.

If the students become serious, then there will be no need to pay to do homework services. The smartphone is the secret weapon you can use since it has tools to ace exams and stay organized. You need the appropriate study apps to turn your smartphone into a powerful tool and change distraction into an amazing productivity and learning tool.

Ensuring you add the tools to your daily schedule will ease your study sessions. Study aids will guide you to excellence. Embrace technology and use the right study apps to ensure you gain a lot and ace your exams.

Why consider study apps

While studying, there is a need for maximum concentration to ingest most of the information for knowledge acquisition. Study apps come in handy, especially for planning and organizing. Some of the advantages you gain include:

  • Being in a position to monitor your educational process. You will track your strengths and weaknesses.
  • They embrace innovative technologies that bring new information to you.
  • You can participate in peer reviews and forum discussions
  • You get an opportunity to interact with other students from different places.
  • You also save time when doing your research.

The study apps to consider

The path to acing your exams is having the appropriate study apps to help unleash full academic potential.

The study apps to consider

Here are some of the best study apps for high school:

1. Evernote

Many consider this to be an app for storing notes. It goes beyond the storage of notes. It helps students stay organized, and you can add memos, images, and to-do lists. You can store your notes, write them manually, or photograph them to store them as PDFs or Word documents. Once you store your notes, they automatically sync across all your devices. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

2. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

Do you need a revision aid? StudyBlue has a library or database of more than 400 million flashcards. As a student, you can make and incorporate your flashcard into the app. You can also search across the library. You can customize your materials using audio and images to enhance your learning style. Take quizzes and track your progress. It is available on iOS and Android.

3. SimpleMind

Here is an app that will help you create amazing mind maps. Many students take mind mapping as a unique study method to help organize thoughts, trigger logical thinking, and invent or innovate ideas.

SimpleMind helps you create mind maps that suit your style, or you may go for auto layouts and take them in. It provides unlimited page sizes and elements. The interface is user-friendly, helping you come up with aesthetic mind maps in easy steps. Utilize this app to help you stay focused and avoid uninvited distractions whenever using the autofocus element. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

4. My Study Life

Are you among those students who forget about their assignments? Here is an amazing solution to solve such an issue. The app has a wonderful design targeting high school students. It is a calendar app that allows you to create a customized timetable for tracking your assignments, class activities, and exams. It allows for scheduling, tasks, and those reminders.

You easily assign tasks to particular classes and get reminders lest you forget anything. You also enjoy the day and week rotation timetables, knowing when to check on your classes on certain days or the exams that come after multiple weeks. The reminder is especially good for exams, tasks, and classes. It is available for iOS users.

5. GoConqr

Here is an app to help you with flashcards and the mind maps. It is also a good app for social learners, allowing students, classmates, and friends to collaborate and connect. You check the study topics in different groups, share notes, post resources, and get replies to your queries.

It is visually intuitive, and you can study any time you wish. The application is applicable for both Android and iOS users and is also available on the web. You can get flashcards, mind maps, notes, slides, quizzes, slides, and flowcharts.

6. Anki 

Anki is a unique app, free and open-source, that helps students memorize information. It is good for flashcards and good for those who wish to learn languages and prepare for their exams. It is fully automated with a unique algorithm enabling you to avoid manually measuring the time you need on specific cards and improving your memory.

Anki automatically collects information on the cards you succeed and those you fail when providing answers and the speed at which you get the correct ones. It then gives priority to those cards you had difficulties with by bringing them more on the display. Those you have already memorized are less shown or exposed. You end up saving more of your study time and the energy you use.

Something unique about Anki is that it has over 80 million flashcards to use, cards are timed, and your progress is displayed after every session. For enhanced learning, there are different types of cards, including text, images, and sound, and you can seamlessly sync them across your devices.

Selecting the best study app

You need to adhere to some steps when selecting the app to use.

Some of them include:

  • Determine your academic objectives. Understand the needs you have and set clear outcomes. Check the subjects you need to learn and the materials you should come up with.
  • Check whether the app is suitable for the device you have. Is it compatible with Android or iOS, or both? Can data be synced to your laptop?
  • Ensure you read the feedback or reviews for the app.


After understanding why you need certain study apps, you are free to select the best that will help you. Be productive and organized as you prepare for your exams. Do not go for apps that will bring a lot of distractions.

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