Studying Marketing: Is Higher Education Worth It?



Are you interested in psychology? Are you attracted to new technologies? Do you consider yourself a creative person? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should try your hand at marketing! 

Many universities offer great marketing programs, and for good reason. The demand for these specialists is growing as the market becomes more diverse and competitive.

However, like any job, it has its own peculiarities. So, in this article, we study whether higher education is worth it.

We also list the cons of working as a marketer to understand what you can expect in the future. Then you can draw a conclusion about whether to enter this program. 

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In What Respects Studying Marketing As A Higher Education Is Worthy?

To be very precise, marketing is great. Because of its extreme versatility, it’s a good option as a major.

Besides, its high demand and better payment structure make students choose Marketing as a major in higher education. 

1. You’ll Know The Industry Specifics

You’ll Know The Industry Specifics

With a marketing degree, you’ll learn a lot more than the basic concepts of advertising and sales. After all, traditional marketing basics are not enough to build a brilliant strategy and communicate your ideas convincingly.

Getting a degree, you’ll study how related disciplines work as marketers must know how a business functions. Human resources and accounting, finance, technology, and other departments – a marketer must be well-versed in everything.

At university, you will also learn how the most modern marketing tools work, which practices are better to avoid and what awaits you in the future.

Considering that college professors are mostly successful representatives of their field, they will share their experience and advice with students. Plus, they might help you find an internship or a job.

With great references and a practical understanding of the field, it will be easier for you to make your first steps in marketing.

2. You’ll Be Proficient In Many Tools

Many careers transform quickly, but marketing is changing at an incredible rate. First, it depends on human psychology and human reactions.

Second, it is closely connected with the events that take place in the world. Many advertising campaigns are the answer to what worries society.

And third, new technologies and tools appear every day, motivating marketers to keep up with the times. Therefore, this profession requires much more than an understanding of basic techniques.

Voice assistants, virtual reality, and personalization are all changing the industry. Moreover, there are new opportunities for collecting information about customers. All this allows marketers to anticipate their desires and stay closer to them than ever before.

Now, companies need specialists who can create data-driven, multi-channel and targeted campaigns.

But for this, it is not enough just to know consumer behavior. You have to be good at market research, digital marketing, data analysis, CRM, SEO, etc. Yes, studying all this will definitely take you more than one year.

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3. You Can Start Your Own Business

You Can Start Your Own Business

Are you eager to become an entrepreneur? Well, a marketing degree will surely be handy then. You need to study how customers think, how to develop a high-quality product or service, and create attractive compelling ads.

Plus, marketing studies are related to management, finance, and accounting, not just advertising and sales. Therefore, with such a base, it will be easier for you to see how all processes work.

4. Marketing Degree Speeds Up Your Job Search

The number of job postings is huge today, however, the search can last for years. The requirements for candidates are quite high and a diploma is just a basic minimum. It will speed up your search and help you win over the recruiter.

5. You’ll Choose The Area You Like

Marketing is dozens of jobs that are organically combined in one and suitable for people of various types. If you are an extrovert, then go for something like product management or PR.

Those with a more analytical mindset prefer consumer research and strategy development. Creative personalities will truly like working on social media marekting, designs, slogans, and engaging texts about the brand.

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6. You’ll Understand Consumer Psychology

You’ll Understand Consumer Psychology

Talented marketers have one more advantage: they are good psychologists. All worthy educational programs in marketing include a course on consumer behavior. It teaches you to learn the motivation of target audiences when choosing a particular product.

Therefore, with a degree in marketing, you’ll be an expert in the most important aspect of any business.

At the same time, you can always expand your knowledge and take additional courses on various online platforms.

Yes, a university degree opens up many doors. But is everything as perfect as it seems? Let’s see what the marketing job also has in store.

7. Constant Stress

Perhaps multitasking is one of the most popular terms today, but any marketer will tell you that it has always been part of their reality.

Marketers especially in the case of affiliate marketing, organize and manage tasks across multiple projects at the same time.

And this will hardly suit someone who finds it difficult to shift their focus. So, if you get irritated when someone distracts you, marketing might be a bad choice for you. 

In practice, a marketer can coordinate the design of a leaflet one day, and the next day they will work on a promotion strategy for South Asia.

Another typical challenge is when a new competitor enters the market, and all the previous campaigns must be redone by the marketer to attract customers’ attention. 

Such work is a great stress for the nervous system. Urgent tasks and deadlines, customer complaints, and poor performance are all part of the marketer’s daily life.

Such things can upset anyone, but marketers have to make decisions and be effective in such an environment.

8. Great Responsibility

As said by John F. Kennedy, “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan”. Unfortunately, this is how it works in marketing. Business failures will always go to marketers.

They are often accused of not planning the campaign at the proper level, not foreseeing the pitfalls, not promoting the product, and so on. 

If a marketer launches an ineffective campaign, the business will suffer losses and it’s obvious. Did they develop a banner with a controversial message?

The brand will lose some clients. Therefore, be prepared to feel the burden of responsibility and face accusations.

9. Irregular Working Hours

Irregular Working Hours

Films about successful marketers often show us the same picture. In the morning, they drink espresso with client firms. In the afternoon, they dine at a luxurious restaurant with product designers.

And in the evening, they attend glamorous events. But in reality, looking at marketers you might have a question: is there anything in their lives other than hard work?

When launching projects, many employees stay late in the office or come there during weekends. Or, their life may be so filled with endless meetings and business trips, that they hardly have time to meet their loved ones. Be prepared that if you want to succeed, work will take up almost all of your working time.

To Wrap It Up

Marketing jobs are incredibly demanding and challenging. But at the same time, there are so many areas (from content to SEO and event marketing) that everyone will find something for themselves.

When studying to be a marketer, you will constantly learn something new, and this knowledge will be quite useful in your everyday life as well.

Plus, you will definitely not be bored, as marketers deal with various tasks. Of course, there are growth prospects and a chance to make a name. 

Surely, just like any profession, it has its drawbacks which are endless nervous tension, huge workload, and lack of free time.

Therefore, better weigh all the pros and cons to decide whether to study marketing and work in this field in the future.

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