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The creator of Ruby language, Yukihiro Matsumoto, wanted to make it so that it helps programmers to be efficient and allows them to work more with less effort. Thus a program works as a programmer expects. What should be the Ruby developer, and what skills should he have for the business to benefit from it? In this article, we will talk about the developer’s role, responsibilities, and earnings of Ruby developer from Ukraine and in other countries.

What Does a Ruby Developer Do and What Are Their Responsibilities

Ruby language is used to solve different problems as a general-purpose programming language. However, it is used the most in web development.

The main task of a Ruby programmer is to create, using the eponymous software development language, applications, including server and cloud systems, web interfaces, platforms and modules, their architecture and logic. At the same time, the programmer must be able to draw up technical specifications (TOR), understand special terminology.

The tasks of a Ruby on Rails developer also include supporting a project to create software, applications, modules, etc.: testing them, debugging (if errors are found), and, finally, implementation – launching into work.

Another responsibility of the programmer is the development of instructions for working with the finished product and the preparation of the necessary technical documentation.

The problem with many novice Ruby engineers is that they tend to put all their energy into learning the Ruby on Rails framework at the expense of Ruby, DBMS, and other basic skills.

As a result, we get a person who can reproduce a tutorial on solving a problem. But at the same time, any step away from the tutorial, requiring a minimal understanding of the theory, drives this person into a stupor – for example, the need to write a simple SQL query.

Therefore, we highlight the responsibilities of Ruby developers, on which they usually focus:

  • development of web applications, games, operating systems, etc .;
  • technical support for different scenarios;
  • creation of database architecture;
  • independent testing of the created software, debugging, and error correction, if necessary.
  • setting project tasks for employees of other departments, for example, designers and testers

Ruby development is pretty efficient for business due to several reasons:

  • It has high development speed: Ruby projects are developed faster than their Python, Java, or PHP counterparts. It can be explained with the technical features of the architecture and development tools.
  • It’s easier and more transparent to implement difficult business logic. Ruby-based coding conventions help to write coherent program code. It can be maintained and modified with no effort in a short period of time. Not only the original developers, but also other professionals can observe and maintain the code, but also other professionals.
  • Performance, scalability, and high loads: while the language was created to develop apps with high requirements it can be perfectly deployed in clouds and server clusters. The criteria are essential in the user’s eyes, as they must have a severe uptime and have attractiveness for them.

What Skills Should Have a Good Ruby Developer

It is assumed that the developer knows how to set up a working environment – a set of tools to simplify development. For example, IDEs, code editors, specialized browser add-ons, graphical git, and SQL clients. In addition, the following hard skills of ruby developer stand out:

  • Knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of MySQL, PgSQL
  • Ability to work with databases
  • Experience in developing applications, high-load systems, interfaces, etc.

Among personal qualities are noted:

  • Skills of working with large amounts of information
  • Analytical mind
  • Attention to details
  • Structural thinking
  • Self-study ability
  • Responsible attitude

You can also ask Ruby developers such questions during an interview:

  • To test the competencies, ask how long it takes him to merge git branches.
  • Ask for a list of tools that it uses to speed up work. If he uses only a couple, it means that he is a relatively inexperienced developer.
  • Specify how he conducts automated testing? What difficulties arise in this case?
  • What experience does he have in refactoring code? What were the most common mistakes other programmers had to refactor, and what solutions did he use?
  • What types of databases did it work with? What would you choose to solve our problem – one of the relational databases or document-oriented ones? Why? Can you tell me how you would optimize the database and queries to it?

Why It Is More Profitable to Hire Ruby Developer From Ukraine

The Ruby language and its Ruby on Rails framework is very promising and popular for web applications used by both young companies and large corporations such as Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify, Github, Hulu, and Airbnb. It is more profitable for a business to find developers who will complete tasks promptly, with high quality, and for a low fee.

When hiring developers, decide how many and for how long you need them. It is very important to understand where you are now. It is equally important to know where and when you want to go. For example, you already have a team of five Ruby developers, and they are 90% busy.

Two new projects come to you, both for six months. Or you decide to scale an existing product, and the business needs to meet it in six months. You need at least three new developers for the next three months, but there is no guarantee that they will be required after.

In this case, you can hire outsourced developers who will become part of your team, and at the same time, you will not incur significant expenses.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer salary in the US is $130,000. Ruby developer in Ukraine costs $22,480. In Germany, you can hire a Ruby on Rails developer for $87,874, while in the UK, it is $93,470.


Thanks to the capabilities that the language provides, it began to gain popularity. Most of the changes and improvements are related to the requirements that developers place on the language when solving specific problems. By hiring a developer as a team, the business gets a specialist who quickly deploys and scales the project, and resorting to the services of Ruby developer from Ukraine, it gets it for an affordable fee.

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