TikTok Users Spend Half Their Time On Watching Clips

TikTok Users Spend Half Their Time On Watching Clips With At Least 1 Minute Duration



TikTok’s growth is excellent, and it’s also growing in terms of ad business. However, this social media platform is still struggling to solidify its foothold in the area of creator monetization. Once they find out what keeps the users intrigued, the knowledge will help top stars and content creators of the platform optimize their income from the clips and videos they make. 

In the endeavor to find ways to boost creator monetization, TikTok has found out that the users spend half of their time on the application watching clips that are at least 1 minute long. So, making clips with 1 minute or more length will possibly help creators enjoy more engagement from the users.

In this pursuit of adopting this changing trend, The Information says that via TikTok followers, one can earn a living by making short-form videos. Furthermore, it is now looking to promote creators’ monetization. The report says,

“In late October, TikTok invited dozens of creators to its New York office for a private event aimed at mobilizing them to create more videos at least a minute long. TikTok executives told the creators that by embracing longer videos, they can make more money and have more time to get their messages out, according to a person who attended the event. To drive that message home, TikTok told creators that users are now spending half their time on the app watching content that’s longer than a minute. And over the past six months, creators who post videos longer than a minute have five times the growth rate in followers of those who post only short videos.”

The thing to note here is how YouTube came up with shorts to be on par with TikTok. Now, TikTok is taking the YouTube route by going for longer videos and clips. So, TikTok is making a paradigm shift in the field of content monetization.

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