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Instagram is the new social media toy in everybody’s hands. People are not only looking forward to getting inspired by others but want to influence others as well. Whether we are considering personal or business accounts on the platform, everyone is putting their best foot forward. Those who’ve tried their bit already know how important is it to get Instagram likes. You may have a multitude following you currently but do you also receive a comparable number of likes for your posts? Instagram likes are truly reflective of your popularity and genuineness. Given that, do you think it is wise to spend hours waiting for your likes to grow? Or, is it better to buy real Instagram followers and likes? Though there are pros and cons applicable to both, let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks for getting genuine likes for Instagram:

Posting at Peak or Appropriate Timings:

If you already have an account and awaiting stardom that will come along with more likes for Instagram, I am assuming that you understand your audience well. Your posts and content must be speaking to a particular niche audience that is more active during a certain time of the day. Consider the time zone difference in case your audience extends beyond your country. For businesses, a lot really depends on how their target audience is behaving during the day. For instance, there is no meaning in sharing a post for Instagram likes when people are occupied with their office work. Your post will simply go unnoticed, buried in the followers’ feeds given an Instagram photo has a life of nearly 4 hours. Look for times when your target audience can give you undivided attention. How about posting something interesting when your audience is travelling to or back home from work? It will be great on your part to please their senses with either your wit or wonder product and get Instagram likes.

Explore the Power of Hashtags:

Did you know people are always looking for relatability? Drawing from the general human behaviour of finding connect, it may be wise to pick out popular hashtags to get likes on Instagram to boost your fame. When you use trending hashtags, the visibility of the post enhances, bringing you new and interesting followers that will engage with your quality posts. I suggest you search for the most recent or viral hashtags as per your industry before releasing your thought-out content. With the limit of adding up to 30 hashtags in a post, people can sometimes go overboard by adding some ridiculous ones. Just don’t forget to give your dose of #instagood and #instadaily to your lovely audience and start the inflow of Instagram likes.

Share a Sneak Peak:

Curiosity killed the cat said no one when talking about social media. Humans are inquisitive and if you have something that interests them, they will help you create the necessary hype around it. Though one can easily buy Instagram likes and followers and garner an unbelievable response thereafter, trust me, nothing compares to building excitement in the hearts of people. It’s the people’s anticipation and your careful strategy to catch their interest ahead of time with a teaser that will get you many likes for Instagram and build the right release environment for your product or presentation.

Fix Your Posts Before Sharing:

If you are all about showmanship, intrigue your fans and followers in the best way possible. You might have something really exciting but make sure it looks exceptional before you can post it. When people are waiting to be awe-inspired while you are waiting for more Instagram likes, don’t be afraid to use apps that have easy-to-follow instructions. Some of the most popular apps are Camera+, Snapseed, and Afterlight. Also, Instagram offers a series of delightful filters to beautify the images. Carefully pick the filter that suits the tone and mood of your post and creates magic in no time.

Contact a Guest Instagrammer:

Though there is a lot you can do yourself to get Instagram likes, add a touch of freshness to your handle with the existing glamour of the Instagram celebrities. Watch your posts get likes and engagement like never before. And, when you have a celebrity on board, try and give them space to work out their magic for you. Let them have your account for a few hours or a day. If you have experts from your particular field promoting you or sharing their relatability with you, you are actually engaging their entire audience. Imagine attracting 50K followers besides your faithful 5K!

Buy Instagram Likes:

When your patience is running out but your passion for more likes on Instagram is nowhere calming down, then this option is perfect. All you have to do is look for a credible site or service provider that can promise you authentic likes. This is possible when you have genuine followers in the first place. While you’re considering buying Instagram likes and followers from a provider like Turbomedia, make sure you read up a lot of reviews related to it to see what others have thought of the service. Check for the plan you would personally like as well and how it has worked for others. Moreover, also make sure that the buying process is backed by a secure payment method before you buy Instagram Likes.

First Target Locals:

Dreamt of having a worldwide audience? Like any other big dream accomplished by taking small but meaningful goals, increasing the Instagram followers runs on the same idea. Before anything, get aware of activities happening around your locality or city. One great way of being updated with such information is by using geotagging in your pictures. This will help you find out the interests of the local community. Geotags make you noticeable for the Instagrams users in your territory. Do it by going to the Search page and select the Places tab. It will also show you trending things going on in a particular region.

An active audience is what helps a brand keep going. Having more followers on social media platforms like Instagram builds a brand’s reliability factor. Also, a good number of followers means a wide reach and hence business conversion. To get this outcome, these were some essential input steps an individual or brand should take to get fame.

Try out these suggestions as soon as possible and have your posts get the attention they’re worth.

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