10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

10 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses



Video marketing plays a critical role when it comes to the marketing of small businesses. The truth of the matter is that vision is the most dominant sense among human beings. The human brain uses vision to transmit most of the information it processes. If pictures can massively boost the level of engagement, how much more do you think videos can achieve? Let’s take this opportunity to look at some of the top benefits of video marketing to your small business.

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1. Videos Build Trust with The Brand

The foundation of sales conversations is to build trust. The primary reason for content marketing should be to create long-term relationships through trust. Just provide useful and interesting information through videos and you will discover that your target audience will begin to come your way. The aim of video production jacksonville fl is to enhance your brand; showcasing your social media pages and company website. Video marketing will ignite the emotions of your target audience and engage them. Videos use a conversational form or individualistic approach to marketing your products hence increasing the levels of trust.

2. You Can Use Video Marketing to Explain Everything

Video Marketing to Explain Everything

Would you like to launch a new service or product? You can use the power of video marketing to show your target audience how it works. Explainer videos play a critical role in informing your audience about how they can use a new product. It is easier to understand videos than relying on content marketing alone. You can use animated videos especially when you find it hard to explain a certain concept. Good companies are also using Teleprompter app to using video subtitles to their videos. Words may not be sufficient to give your small business a breakthrough in the market. videos come in hand to make sure that your products are well understood.

3. Videos Have a Good Return on Investment

Video production pays off big even though it is not the cheapest or easiest thing to do. The good news is that computer scientists are constantly improving online video editing software and making them more affordable. Did you know that you can use your Smartphone to make fantastic marketing videos for your small business? The content of the video should explain the service or product that you are offering to the market. You can be sure you will get higher returns in comparison to the amount you use to create the videos.

4. Videos Will Engage Even the Laziest Buyers

Another importance of video in marketing is that it is an excellent learning tool because it is easy to consume. Modern life is quite busy and no one has the time to go through long stories in the name of product information. Most consumers want to view your products in action. The preference for video content is among the driving forces of video marketing for small businesses.

5. Video Marketing Boosts Sales and Conversations

Did you know that video marketing can generate for your business some serious income? According to Transcribefiles.net, including a product video on the landing page of your website can increase the conversion rate by 80 percent. Video marketing for small businesses can work so well irrespective of the industry. Videos can also result in a direct increase in business sales. Recent research reveals that over 74 percent of viewers who watch explainer videos of a particular product end up buying the item.

6. Google Appreciate Videos

Videos will increase the time that visitors spend on your website. Long exposure will tell the search engines that your website has very good information. Embedding a video on your site increases your chances of appearing on the first page of the search engine. There has been a huge increase in how Videos affect your ranking owing to the fact that now Google owns YouTube. It’s wise to optimize all the videos you upload on your site on YouTube for SEO purposes. However, don’t forget to provide a link to your website, products, and services.

7. Video Content Encourages Social Sharing

7. Video Content Encourages Social Sharing

Your content will go spiral if users share it on various social media platforms. People prefer to share more videos than written content. No wonder the video marketing strategy has been doing wonders for small businesses. All you need to do is develop interesting and engaging content about your products that is likely to go spiral. You will discover that your small brand will spread like a bush fire.

8. Videos are Appealing to Mobile Users

Mobile devices and videos move hand in hand and 90 percent of active consumers use their mobile devices to watch videos. Mobile video views have reported a growth of 233 percent since the third quarter of 2013. The consumption of YouTube mobile videos increases by 100 percent each year. Individuals enjoy watching videos while on the go and the number of Smartphone users has been on the rise. The implication is that the audience video for small businesses will continue growing over time.

9. Video is Revolutionizing Email Campaigns

It is important to integrate the videos you create into your email marketing campaigns. Creating an introductory message that comes with a video will increase the click rate to 96 percent. It is the best way to stand out from the competition and have your target audience read your message. Therefore, small business video marketing enhances the success of email campaigns.

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10. Video Ads Do Wonders for Your Small Business

Video ads have an average click rate of 1.84 percent. This is the highest CTR among all digital ad formats.  A fifteen-second non-skippable ad on YouTube has a completion rate of 92 percent while the rate for skippable videos is 9 percent. Also, these ads are highly effective on social media.  Therefore, you can add some ads to expand your reach.


This article presents some of the video marketing tips for your small business. Paying attention to each of them will help you to gain a competitive advantage in the market. It is the best way to transform your small brand into a giant player in the market. Don’t overlook the video marketing strategy for your small business if you anticipate growth.

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