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Vista Social Review: A Good All-In-One Social Media Management App



With social media becoming such a driving force behind digital marketing, having multiple profiles is a necessity now. Therefore, businesses (and influencers) need a good all-in-one social media management tool. This is why I decided to try out Vista Social.

I was genuinely surprised about how intuitive and featureful this tool is! If you wish to know more about this all-in-one manager, keep on reading this review till the end!

Vista Social Review: My Impressions Of Its Features

Vista Social has a good assortment of tools that make social media management easy. Therefore, some of the most notable features of this social media management tool are:

1. Planning And Creating Posts

One of the most basic features of Vista Social is creating social media posts. I liked this feature a lot because this tool integrates itself with up to five different profiles. 

Therefore, even if all five are from different platforms, you can create posts for them all in one place!

When you create a post here, you first need to select the platform. Then, depending on the chosen platform, the post editor will have different requirements and tools. 

I found this to be intuitive since I no longer had to juggle between all my profiles across different platforms.

In addition, it has additional options like changing font styles, uploading various forms of media, adding links, adding hashtags, and more. You can also learn how to add music to Instagram posts here!

However, the addition of universal mentions is a boon for many influencers. Therefore, if you add a mention, the same person’s profile will be mentioned across all platforms as well! Neat!

Plus, you can also generate engagement captions using AI if you want to speed things up a bit. Therefore, it also acts as your AI Social Media Post Generator!

2. Scheduling Posts

After using the Vista Social Calendar, I can say it makes social media planning and publishing a lot simpler.

You can create posts and then schedule them to get published automatically at a later date. In addition, a timeline and history of all your posts in your profile are recorded in this Vista Scheduler.

3. Managing Comments

Managing comments can be a big hassle for a single person. Therefore, Vista Social allows you to see and reply to comments on all your posts. 

In addition, you can also decide whether to comment directly on the posts or privately!

Plus, if you want to make it faster, you can generate replies using AI. I found this to be useful for posts that will have similar types of comments.

For example, my birthday picture generated many “Happy Birthday” comments. Here, I programmed the AI to reply ”Thank You” to all such comments automatically!

4. Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox
Caption: Vista Social lets you use one unified inbox for all your accounts

Vista Social provides you with a unified inbox connected to all your social media profiles. Therefore, every engagement you get on all these profiles will be stored in one unified inbox for all. This made managing my notifications easier!

5. Various Integrations

Various Integrations
Caption: You can integrate Canva and more apps with Vista Social

If you like using Canva for designing images, then you can integrate it with Vista Soial with just a click! This will allow you to see designed posts in your Vista Social dashboard.

In addition, you can integrate this app with other apps like Zapier and White Label as well!

6. Adding Listeners

When I say listeners, I don’t mean an actual person eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation. Here, I refer to a bot that will automatically monitor specific keywords for you.

I found this to be useful for finding out certain keywords the most liked Instagram posts have. In addition, I also got to learn about some high-ranking hashtags as well.

Therefore, you can make optimized posts with these high-performing keywords and hashtags to get the most reach!

7. Generating Reports

Generating Reports
Caption: You can generate AI-powered analytical reports

I found the analytical report generation feature of Vista Social extremely useful. To see whether my posts were getting the reach and engagement that I wanted, I wanted a detailed analytical report.

Vista Social takes only a minute to do so. In addition, you can do so post-wise or profile-wise. Therefore, you can check the performance of a singular post or your entire profile in the last month!

8. Assigning Tasks

If you are working with a team of social media publishers, Vista Social has a task management tool. Therefore, if different people are responsible for different profiles, then you can allocate tasks to them accordingly. 

Afterward, they can view it whenever they start working. This management tool will be priceless for organizations!

9. Vista Social Mobile

If you want more accessibility, then Vista Social also has an Android and iPhone app. Therefore, you can manage your posts from literally anywhere using your smartphone!

However, I did find the app to be poorly designed and lagging while creating posts. 

Vista Social Pricing

Vista Social Pricing
Caption: There are three Vista Social pricing plans

Depending on how many tasks you wish to get done, you can choose from three Vista Special pricing plans. They are:


The Vista Social free plan has only a few features compared to the other plans. If you wish to get started using this tool and check its features out, this plan will do for now. Here, you get:

  • Number of users – 1
  • Number of profiles – 3
  • Social media calendar
  • Number of posts per profile – 15/month
  • AI-assisted Captions – 10
  • Social Media reports
  • Social inbox
  • AI-assisted replies – 10
  • Review Monitoring – Google, Facebook


Price: $15/month or $144/year

Once you enter the professional leagues of social media publishing, the free plan has too few features. Therefore, get this Pro plan if you are a freelancer or consultant working alone or with a small team. Here, you get features like:

  • Number of users – 3
  • Number of profiles – 5
  • Extra Profile – $3/profile
  • Number of posts per profile – Unlimited
  • Social media calendar
  • Post Scheduling
  • Bulk scheduling
  • AI-assisted captions – 50/month
  • Tailored posts for each profile
  • Trending audio
  • Link shortener
  • First like
  • Additional commenters
  • Universal mentions
  • Saved hashtags
  • Canva Integration
  • Social Media reports
  • Post-performance reports
  • Review reports
  • Competitor reports
  • AI-assisted replies – 50
  • Social listening
  • Review Monitoring – Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Sendible, CoSchedule
  • Setting user permissions and roles
  • Two-factor authorization


Price: $25/month or $240/year

The Vista Social Pro+ plan is for small marketing agencies with smaller social media management teams. As an upgrade to the Pro plan, you will get many features here like:

  • Number of users – Unlimited
  • Number of profiles – 5
  • Extra Profile – $5/month
  • Number of posts per profile – Unlimited
  • Social media calendar
  • Post Scheduling
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • AI-assisted Captions – Unlimited
  • Tailored posts for each profile
  • Trending audio
  • Link shortener
  • First like
  • Additional commenters
  • Universal mentions
  • Saved hashtags
  • Canva Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • White Label Integration
  • Custom Fields
  • Approval Workflow Tools
  • Social Media reports
  • Post-performance reports
  • Review reports
  • Competitor reports
  • Custom reports
  • AI-assisted replies – Unlimited
  • Social listening
  • Review Monitoring – Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, Sendible, CoSchedule
  • Setting user permissions and roles
  • Two-factor authorization


If you own a social media agency, having a custom plan for your business needs will be the best option. Therefore, the price of this plan is variable, corresponding to your requirements.

Vista Social Alternatives

If you are still not interested in using Vista Social after learning about its features and price, fret not. Here are some other great alternatives you can use instead:

1. HootSuite

Caption: HootSuite is the OG of social media management

HootSuite is one of the best social media management tools that most big agencies and businesses use. It has some of the best analytical and monitoring features unparalleled by any other tool.

2. SocialBee

Caption: SocialBee is best for getting more leads

SocialBee is an amazing social media content management tool. It lets you create posts, schedule them, and manage all your profiles from one place. In addition, it’s pretty affordable for letting you understand your audience and curate personalized content for them! 

For a better understanding, read my SocialBee review!

3. FeedHive

Caption: FeedHive is best for bulk posting

If you want an AI-based Vista Social alternative, then you may start using FeedHive. This tool will be perfect for you if you want to create en masse. 

For a better understanding, read my FeedHive review!

Final Verdict: Should You Use Vista Social For Social Media Management?

Yes, you must start using Vista Social to manage all your social media marketing efforts. It’s simple to use with enough features to satisfy your needs. 

It has an intuitive post creator, analytical report generation, and AI assistance! What more do you need?

• Intuitive post-creator
• Affordable prices
• Generates analytical reports
• AI assistance for captions and comments
• Unified social inbox
• Social Listening
• Canva integration
• Poorly developed mobile app
• The dashboard feels a bit cluttered

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