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The Importance Of Water Bottles For Promotional Marketing



When it comes to promotional marketing materials and products, there are many physical options you can choose from to help spread the word about your brand or company.

One such marketing method that has proven popular time after time is the use of water bottles, both empty and filled. Handing out water bottles to visitors to your business or at events has long been a popular and effective marketing strategy.

This method is popular because handing someone a bottle of water fills an immediate need, specifically for hydration at the moment or to drink later. Having your promotional marketing message on said bottles can allow you to increase your reach and expose your brand to people on a mass scale, especially if you’re handing them out at a huge event.

How To Use Water Bottles For Promotion

You have two main options for using water bottles in marketing and promotion.

Disposable Water Bottles

Disposable water bottles are typically plastic or glass bottles filled with water that can be drunk immediately by whoever you give it to or who purchases it. In this case, you need to add water bottle labels with your brand name and/or logo to which people are exposed when drinking from the bottle. If you’re working at a large event where you’re handing them out to attendees or selling them, you can reach many people directly and indirectly.

Seeing people with your water bottles will drive people to your stand and push sales or attendance further. Or if you’re selling them at a location or giving them out to clients or customers at your business location, you can again still have the same type of impact but on a much smaller scale.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are extremely popular right now, and people are trying to reduce their plastic consumption. With this in mind, you have a few options you can consider. You can purchase generic reusable water bottles and then have custom labels or stickers produced and added to them. You can have bottles specifically designed with your branding already on them, or you can hand out stickers with your logo and business details for people to stick to their existing water bottles.

How To Design The Perfect Water Bottles

Design The Perfect Water Bottles

Your water bottle label needs to be clear and easily recognizable. If you already have an established brand or logo, using this on your chosen label is a good idea. You might need to adjust it slightly to accommodate the shape of the label; most water bottle labels are circular to fit the bottle.

You also need to ensure that the label fits the type of water bottle you choose, whether you mass produce them specifically for your brand or use a different brand and add your label. It also should be waterproof so it doesn’t come off the bottle easily or disintegrate when water touches it.

Advantages Of Promotional Water Bottles For Your Business

Promotional Water Bottles For Your Business

You can promote your business using promotional water bottles at events, official conferences or carnivals. So why promotional water bottles are becoming more popular in marketing strategy across different industries. From airlines to the alcohol industry, promotional water bottles are frequently being used to create awareness for brands.

Hence, we have provided the advantages of using promotional water bottles for increasing your business or brand’s awareness across the market.


Using promotional water bottles to promote your business is extremely cost-effective. Billboards, social media and advertising on television costs a lot of money. But packaged water bottle promotions do not cost much and are comparatively lower than other forms of promotions. 

Again water bottles can be widely distributed among people without any rejection as people have to drink water. This makes promotional water bottles useful and can reach many people in a short time. Again water bottles are cost-effective as people can reuse the bottles easily.

Increased Visibility

Another advantage of promotional water bottles is that they increase brand visibility. While drinking water from a bottle or just carrying a water bottle, the business name, and logo are on full display for many. This increases the brand visibility as people then search for the brand name and what it does.

So, a water bottle with your brand logo automatically advertises your business to people around you. This helps increase not only your brand recognition but also reach potential customers.

Convenient And Portable

Promotional water bottles are convenient and useful for several events. Water is essential for our body so generally water bottles are sold quite often. Be it for events or concerts, promotional water bottles are a great way to reach a wider audience.

You take a water bottle for work, school, gym or while hiking. So water bottles are easily portable which increases the advantage of a promotional water bottle. So using water bottles to your advantage in promoting your brand is a great marketing strategy.

Easily Customizable

Promotional water bottles are easily customizable making it flexible for the business to promote its brand. Brands can customise the bottles to suit a separate customer base. You can customise the bottle colour to fit certain themes, or size or the design of your promotional message on the bottle. 

You can add images or texts specifying your business on the label or your business name or logo. Personalise promotional water bottles for certain events or conventions to promote your business.

Environmental Friendly

Promotional water bottles are not only portable and cost-effective, it is also environmentally friendly. You can not only reuse your bottle after you refill it, you also decrease the amount of waste in landfills. This way you are killing two birds in one shot.

You are promoting your business through these bottles and then repurposing it for other things like storage. From storing water and oil in the bottle to planting a tree in the bottle you can reuse promotional water bottles any way you like.


Promotional water bottles can be an extremely effective way to help market your company and an excellent tool for you to utilize in many different scenarios. By designing the perfect logo for a water bottle label or sticker, you can help extend your marketing and include these excellent passive marketing options in your overall marketing strategy.

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