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The Science Behind Website Traffic – How a Start-Up Can Enjoy High Traffic from Launch Date



Website traffic is probably something you’ve heard about a number of times. It may come off as buzz words, but in reality, website traffic is an extremely important part of just how successful your company is. Any business that has a website needs to be concerned with their traffic. The fact is that you need a whole lot of people visiting the site in order for it to perform as intended and help the company to reach its goals and milestones.

While website traffic may be down to a science for larger, more established companies, as a start-up, it can seem awfully daunting to tackle. Your website is brand new, perhaps not even launched yet, so what kind of expectations can you even have where website traffic is concerned? Here’s the thing, as a start-up website, traffic should be even more important to your company, as it can help to get you going in the right direction.

So, what can you, as a start-up entrepreneur, do in order to enjoy high traffic volume right from the site’s launch date? Here are some tips and advice straight from the experts.

Make Website Traffic a Priority from Day One

You’ve probably heard of the saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, well that certainly pertains to your website. You get one launch, one chance to wow the public, so you need to be sure you are mindful of traffic right from the beginning.

If you don’t make that big splash at the start, you’ll find it is a steep uphill battle to attract visitors to the site and start getting the numbers you had hoped for. Website traffic cannot simply be an after-thought.

Lure Them in With Great and Unique Content

Unique Content

You may be under the impression that as long as your company creates a website that works and doesn’t cause issues, it is “good enough”. Here’s the thing, website visitors have become much more savvy, picky, and demanding, and they want to be given content that is unique, interesting, and highly shareable.

And it goes further than that: the content must be refreshed on a regular basis. For a website that sits there, stale for weeks, or even worse, months at a time, you can bet the numbers are going to fall right off the chart. You have to give visitors a reason to not just visit the first time, but to keep coming back. Any start-up that thinks the job is done after the site is created is in for a big wake-up call.

Leave It to the Professionals

For many start-ups, there isn’t the time to mess around with various techniques and tools, and you want to be sure you’re getting that website launch right the first time around. This is why it makes sense to leave the issue of website traffic up to the professionals. Bringing in a company that deals with things such as SEO tools and strategies, Google rankings, and conversion rates will ensure that you get the kind of website traffic you had been planning on.

As Big Surf Digital, an expert SEO agency based out of Glasgow, stresses – an SEO campaign can work to make a business more successful than ever. They also stress the importance of testing and measuring, something they do for their clients on a monthly basis. This is the only way you will know if the measures put in place are working.

Bring In Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers

Because the biggest problem facing a start-up is brand awareness, it can be helpful to bring in a guest blogger. A guest blogger can be an expert in the industry that has its own audience. By posting on your website, they will help to build credibility for your company and help to drive traffic to the site.

A few tips to keep in mind if you use this tip is to make sure you do your research on who you invite as a guest blogger. Obviously, you want to pick a person that is respected in the industry/field, has their own audience, and also has something noteworthy, interesting, or newsworthy to share. Posting for the sake of posting isn’t going to keep the attention of your visitors.

It’s also wise to have the guest blogger link to your website from their various platforms and social networks. This will help to drive people to your site.

Cracking the Code

By using these tips and advice, you will be able to crack the code when it comes to high traffic on your new start-up’s website. Remember, you want to kick things off with a bang and create a buzz from the moment the site goes live.

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