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Top 15 Wendy’s Twitter Roasts (Updated in 2023)



Although Wendy’s might not be your favorite restaurant, Wendys Twitter might be one of your favorite Twitter accounts. This is because one of the best things about Wendy’s is “Wendy’s roast on Twitter.” Over the last year, this fast-food restaurant has become famous not for its burgers but also for its savage tweets and roasts, especially when they have rivalries with other famous restaurants.

In this article, you will see a few Tweets which can be considered the best of Wendy’s Twitter accounts. It does not matter whether Wendy’s is the best fast-food joint or not, but it cannot be denied that the best Wendy’s Tweets are winning it for the brand on Twitter, at least. You can also check their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Hence, to see the best of Wendys Tweet and Wendys Twitter memes, read on through to the end of the article.

Wendys Funny Tweets And Roasts On Twitter: A Few Essential Information

Wendys Funny Tweets And Roasts On Twitter: A Few Essential Information

If you are the owner of a fast-food restaurant, and somehow Wendy’s is your competitor, you and your business are not safe. At least not safe from the tweets made by Wendy’s Twitter handle. The Twitter account of Wendy’s is known mainly for coming up with epic roasts of other restaurants.

Wendy’s is a burger chain that serves quite delicious burgers in the United States. But Wendy’s is more famous for its Twitter account, which, on various accounts, took a jab at some competitors and customers. These tweets are basically roasts or savage replies. And they do not shy away from promoting their brand by roasting others as well (sometimes shamelessly).

According to BoredPanda.com, “The burger joint has gone viral over the last year for their absolutely savage roasts, rivalries with other restaurants, mixtape-worthy rap bars, and now legendary Wendy’s Twitter roasts – and they’re still going strong.”

The Best Roasts And Memes From Wendys Twitter

The following are some of the best roasts made by Wendys Twitter that are not only savage but funny as well:

1. Roasting Victory Records

Roasting Victory Records

Victory Records requested Wendy’s to roast them on National Roast Day on 5th January 2019. In reply, Wendy’s told them to pick up their Victory Records samples stack from the 2000s. Wendy’s replied, “And we need somebody to pick up this leftover stack of samplers from the early 2000s. It’s like emo AOL minutes.”

2. Reply To Hooters

Reply To Hooters

Hooters challenged Wendy’s by asking, “Whatcha got?” You can feel even during the winter as Wendy’s Twitter handle replied, “Uniforms our employees can wear in the winter.”

3. Random Roast

Random Roast

A guy by the username @Not_Kbeck11 requested Wendy’s for a roast, where the picture showed a guy on whose front there is written: “To: Women….From: God”. In reply, Wendy’s tweeted, “This holiday’s most returned item.

4. Wendy’s Say On The Chicken Sandwich Debate With Popeyes

Random Roast

Wendy’s: “Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich.”

Popeyes: “Sounds like someone just ate one of our biscuits. Cause y’all looking thirsty.”

Wendy’s reply: “lol, guess that means the food’s as dry as the jokes

(You do not mess with Wendy’s on Twitter.)

5. Roasting Hopeless Records On Request

Wendy’s Say On The Chicken Sandwich Debate With Popeyes

Hopeless Records requested Wendy’s for a roast, and Wendy’s replied, “Literally don’t have enough eyeliner for this right now.” Hopeless Records understood and replied, “If you’ll excuse us, we need to go buy some aloe.”

6. Replying To A Request From Beartooth

Roasting Hopeless Records On Request

Beartooth requested a roast from Wendy’s with a request not to mention “@AttackAttackUS.”

Wendy’s reply: “But who’s The Rock without the people’s elbow?

FYI: People’s elbow is a move used by The Rock in wrestling.

7. Replying To A Request From State Champs

Replying To A Request From Beartooth

State Champs requested Wendy’s to roast them, and Wendy’s Twitter Handle replied, “Just when you thought pop punk was dead and gone someone threw a new coat of paint on New Found to get them on top 40.” The amount of burn behind the Tweet is proof of the fact that Wendy’s surely does not hold back while tweeting.

8. Reply To McDonald’s Tweet

Replying To A Request From State Champs

Wendy’s never leaves an opportunity to roast McDonald’s every now and then. You will see some examples in the subsequent Tweets. Here’s an example:

McDonald’s: “Today we’ve announced that by mid-2018, all Quarter Pounder burgers at the majority of our restaurants will be cooked with fresh beef.”

Wendy’s: “So you’ll still use frozen beef in MOST of your burgers in ALL of your restaurants? Asking for a friend.”

9. Roasting McDonald’s Again

Reply To McDonald’s Tweet

When it comes to McDonald’s, Wendy’s leave no stone unturned. McDonald’s tweeted, “Black Friday **** Need copy and link****” and Wendy’s tweeted in reply, “When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine.”

10. Someone Asks Who Runs This Page

Roasting McDonald’s Again

A Twitter account named Salah Abbas asked Wendy’s, “whos running this savage page?” to which Wendy’s Twitter handle replied, “Three dogs in a trench coat pretending to be human.”

This shows Wendy’s does not want to reveal the face(s) behind their Twitter account.

11. If You Go To McDonald’s, You’re A Failure

Someone Asks Who Runs This Page

A random guy by the username “@canceric” posted with a car interior and a McDonald’s package at the back. Wendy’s replied, “*looks at logo on bag* You failed.

This is sure to give some burns.

12. A Reply To Burn Any Random Twitter User

A Reply To Burn Any Random Twitter User

Some random user tagged Wendy’s and tweeted, “McDonald’s is better.” Wendy’s reply is as savage as it gets when it comes to McDonald’s, as they replied, “At freezing beef.”

Summing Up

Hence, you can see from the Wendys Twitter Roasts given above and can get a general idea of how funny the Twitter account is. If you want to see more of Wendy’s Twitter roasts, visit the official account of this burger joint, and take a look at all the “Tweets and Replies” sections. We are sure that if you love savage replies and amazing comebacks on Twitter, you will love Wendy’s Twitter page. What other Tweets from Wendy’s do you like the most that you think should have had a place in this article? Share some of your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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