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WhatsApp New Features: Spelling Actions, Status Reactions, And So Much More!

Only last week, the world’s most popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, announced seven brand new updates for Android, iOS, and Desktop versions. If you are mostly on your phone, then you must have noticed all the many notifications that keep popping up for regular updates recently. 

WhatsApp New Features: Good News For Users!

Like most social networking platforms today, WhatsApp has also been trying to boost the overall user experience and, as a result, has been introducing crazy features to make life easier. According to data obtained from WABetaInfo, the social messaging platform has announced seven new features for all versions of the application. 

In this context, WABetaInfo tweeted,

“WhatsApp news of the week: status reactions! 7 features have been announced on WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop!”

WABetaInfo further commented on a concept that might be in the works currently. This concept will be developed to regulate WhatsApp storage by simply bringing the old storage section from some different entry points. But this is not the feature that’s exciting most users – the status reaction feature is pretty cool! 

After all, if you can react to stories of fellow friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram, it is only a matter of time before you can do the same on WhatsApp. Well, that time is here, and soon, you will be able to react to stories of other users on the platform with any of the eight probable emojis-from Heart-eyes and tears of joy to crying faces, clapping hands, or even folded hands, you could use any of them! 

New Day, New Features: WhatsApp On A Roll

One of the Whatapp new features that have been winning hearts on WhatsApp is the group discussion feature! In fact, WABetaInfo reports that the iPhone users of WhatsApp’s beta version, as well as group managers, can actually check who left any particular group or who was even removed in the past two months. 

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