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Of course, you can build a successful career in the field of technology without knowledge of programming languages. But if you study at least one of them, there will be immeasurably more opportunities for employment and professional growth.

Python is a language with a low entry threshold and notes of Zen Buddhist philosophy. Not only developers need it: mathematicians and physicists use it to optimize work with data and graphics, designers can write scripts on it in a 3D editor, and architects can generate complex structures. It is needed in all IT spheres and is an integral piece of becoming a Data Scientist.

Do I Need Python?

First of all, the popularity of Python concerns, of course, machine learning and working with big data. Python has established itself as one of the best tools in these areas. Secondly, of course, these are web applications. We all use the same Instagram, written in Django, a framework for developing web applications in Python (which itself is written in Python).

Have you ever thought about how many software developers are there in the world? It is quite complicated to count exactly; however, based on one of the research, the number of specialists has practically reached 27 million. Nearly half of this quantity are Python developers. 

Python learning

When You Are Running Small Or Medium Size Projects

Python is popular in web development because it is perfect for small and medium-sized projects: the authors of the standard library and numerous Python community developers have created packages for working with popular data formats: mail, databases, graphics, the web, and the web. You can see the Python stack example to evaluate its potential.

At the same time, Google uses it for search (writing RankBrain in Python, ranking search results), and YouTube, Reddit, and Dropbox work on it.

Convenient And Compatible With Graphics And Multidimensional Data 

Python is needed not only by programmers: the language is popular among mathematicians and physicists because it makes it more convenient to work with graphics and multidimensional data and analyze them; at the same time, specialized libraries contain modules in C for faster performance. 

In addition to being used in scientific visualization, Python also greatly facilitates the work of designers. In Python, you can write scripts in the Blender 3D graphics editor, automating everything from drawing models to animation. Rhino architects can use it in another editor for three-dimensional graphics to generate various complex structures. 

Main areas of use:

●  Scripts for games; hence, printing an array in python is much easier than in any other language.

●    web and mobile applications;

●    Data Science (machine learning, analytics).

In working with big data, machine learning, and neural networks, Python seems to have no equal in popularity and convenience. With its help, tech giants analyze preferences in movies and music and offer purchases or aggregate taxis.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Python is a universal tool and almost compatible with every front end. This is the biggest advantage of using python. Another factor is python is secure and has multiple tools accessibility. This is the reason usually this language is more compatible.

python Advantages And Disadvantages

Pros Of Using The Python

We are starting with the advantages of using python.

Python Is A Universal Tool

It was conceived as a language that can be easily expanded by adding its own modules and functions. It can perform the same actions on different operating systems without rewriting programs for them. 

If earlier it was necessary to change the code and programming model to work with graphics, different file formats, systems, and third-party libraries, then with Python, this need disappears.

Low Entry Threshold

One of the main advantages of the language is a low entry threshold. Hence the large community of pythonists, which, if anything, will always help with questions. 

One of the main drawbacks is a high-level language, so programming in it has limitations, for example, on access to RAM or processor.

More Platform Compatibility

To run the python program, you only require to put the program in the right spot, that’s all. Many languages require modifications right before putting the program in place, which is a great advantage of using python.

Once you finish the writing, every place is just perfect for running the program. The program types and language types are not depending on the type of the languages. Python is pretty compatible with almost every other platform.

Cons Of Using The Python

Here are two main disadvantages of using python. Read it and know why using python for larger projects is a serious risk.

Run Slow

The main disadvantage of this language is that programs on it run slowly and are very demanding on the device’s memory. And it is even impossible to speed them up with multithreading (parallel execution of operations); Python does not have such an opportunity.

The Database Access Is Low

Maybe python programming is pretty easy. But the database access layer is in the developing stages. And the results, in comparison to the other technologies like ODBC, are not having that much of a strong database. According to the enterprise applications, the imperative models are influencing the hassle-free interactions of the complicated legacy. Python requires lots of memory for application development.

Is It Difficult To Learn Python?

learn Python

The main thing for learning a language is interest, desire, and the presence of logical thinking. Practice, practice, and practice again – nowhere without it. You need to devote yourself to coding every day and imagine yourself as an athlete who is preparing for the championship in training.

Many consider it the easiest programming language. Like any other language, it requires a logical mindset and confident computer skills. After it, learning languages is much easier; you will easily master the basics of programming on it.


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