X Comes Up With New Initiatives To Attract More SMBs To The Platform

X Comes Up With New Initiatives To Attract More SMBs To The Platform



Elon Musk already announced that he will not dance to the tunes of the advertisers boycotting X. However, there is no denying that the current scenario has made X’s ad revenue figures even worse. X has already been struggling to maintain its ad revenue since Elon Musk has taken over the platform.

Nevertheless, X is now coming up with new initiatives and shifting its focus to SMBs to streamline its revenue goals. In other words, X is now shifting its complete focus to smaller brands dedicated to specific niches.

Now, under the current scenario, the top fifty advertisers on X spend around $1 billion every year to promote their brands in the app. Further, before the advertiser boycott happened, the ad revenue of the platform was quite on track, with a figure of $2 billion. So, there is still a major gap in reaching the numbers of the ad revenue last year. In 2022, the ad revenue figure of X was close to $3.96 billion.

Nevertheless, X has come up with a cheaper or lower-priced tier, helping organizations to get verified on the platform. The new plan allows SMBs to pay $1000 per month to be a verified organization.

However, the lower tier or basic plan for getting verified as an organization will offer fewer features. In this tier, an organization is going to get the following:

  • A gold checkmark
  • Priority support
  • Access to job listings and other features
  • Blue checks and premium memberships for “staff profiles.”

There are also chances of getting ad credits. However, the value of these ad credits is yet to be decided. In this way, X is planning to get more brands that are willing to pay X to continue business on the platform.

Further, in this way, X is trying to mitigate the gap in the ad revenue and fill up the gap in the overall revenue through subscriptions.

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