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YouTube Curbs The Power Of Creators On Choosing Which Ads They Want




  • YouTube content creators can no longer select which ads they want to be seen in their videos.
  • From now on, creators can only choose between two options regarding the placement of their ads on videos.
  • YouTube has also planned to roll out some extra changes regarding their ads in upcoming updates.

If you have a YouTube channel and you finally got into the YouTube Partnership Program to get your channel monetized, the first thing you will do is turn on all types of YouTube ads possible. The more ads on your video, the more money you will earn, right?

Well, your earning capacity has still not changed. However, selecting which type of YouTube ads you want in your videos – is changing. This is because you no longer can select which ad you want in your videos.

To comply with the new DMA regulations, YouTube has restricted the power of its creators, preventing them from choosing which ads they want on their videos. 

If you have a monetized YouTube channel, you can turn on five types of ads – Banner ads, pre-roll ads (Intro Ads), post-roll ads (Outro), Skippable ads, and Non-Skippable ads. So far, creators can choose which ads they want, but they no longer can after the new update rolls out.

Now, creators will only have the option to choose between having ads before or after the video. The rest of the ads will be shown by YouTube when it feels “appropriate” to do so. From now on, these ads will be fully managed and shown by the YouTube Ads AI and its algorithm.

This is what Ronb, a YouTube developer, has to say:

Most creators shouldn’t notice a change as they already have many of these ad formats turned on by default. In the last year, for long-form videos that were enabled for monetization at the time of publishing, more than 90 percent of videos had pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads turned on.

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