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3 Enterprise SEO Strategies That Work [Updated 2021]

published on: 06.07.2021 last updated on: 02.08.2021

Almost frequently, all businesses are looking to refresh their SEO strategy. Companies that are using Internet marketing for a long time know how Google’s algorithm changes often, and they know it is essential to keep pace with the changes to grow their businesses. But as there are numerous SEO strategies, it might be difficult for you to know which ones will be good for your business.

We have listed the top 3 enterprise SEO tactics you must try on your own sites in 2021.

SEO is changing every day. And it is not like how it was when it started. With regular advancements to algorithms and machine learning, it is becoming hard for any enterprise SEO consultant to make it perfect. But no matter what, you want to be successful with your enterprise SEO tactics. Isn’t it?

These 3 Tactics Will Definitely Going To Work For You

Choose Keywords Within Striking Distance

keywordsIf you really want your business to rank well on the search engines, target keywords that rank in positions 11 to 20. Remember that it is difficult to compete with keywords that rank from 1 to 10. And we all know that low-hanging fruits can provide quick wins and improve your online performance.

If you think it is challenging to find striking distance keywords, it is not.

  • Simply enter your domain name in Ahrefs.
  • Click the organic keywords and then the flag of the location you are targeting.
  • Now click on the position and enter in 11 to 20 to filter your keywords.

Why Companies Do That?

Remember that it’s not easy to move keywords that are closer to Page 1 to the first page. Striking distance keywords help you to find the best opportunities. And if you are wondering what benefits companies get by doing so, they get:

What Result Does A Company Get By Targeting Keywords Within Striking Distance?

Google Ads keywordsCompanies that use keywords ranking from 11 to 20 can increase their traffic by 15 to 20% within a few months. If you work with it well, you can simply position yourself in the top 10 easily. Along with targeting keywords, companies must optimize their title, build links, create quality content, and prefer doing social media endorsements to rank well for those keywords. With consistency, you can also increase your visibility on Page 1 and eventually acquire a position on the top three.

Remember that your site gets more organic traffic and convertible leads when your website gets positioned to the top three.

Optimize Your Content

Digital ContentOnce you have found good keywords that can rank your website well, you need to make the best use of those keywords. Right now, you have the next step to take, and that is to optimize your content. Remember that your website and other content must meet the intent of your end-user. Thus, your content must be relevant and valuable for your users.

The process of finding thin pages is easy. If you have pages with little or no content, you must start writing content for those pages. But before that step, you must know if your pages require content.

  • Go to DeepCrawl and enter your domain name.
  • Now move to the content section and click on content, body content, and then thin pages.
  • Copy your URL and paste it in Ahrefs again and see which keywords the page is ranking for and check the position. If your pages ranking for striking distance keywords, review the page and add a little more content covering more topics.

Why Companies Do That?

Pages that have truly little, or no content find it hard to rank on Google. It is nothing but Google’s own algorithmic updates. While most businesses are trying to rank with highly competitive keywords, it is impossible to rank thin content. Every brand must give its users high-quality content to read. But if your content has no value, it:

  • Might bring a bad experience to your users.
  • Won’t rank well on search engines.

If you want your website to rank well, make sure that you create valuable and meaningful content that they can consume and benefit from.

What Results Does A Company Get With Content Optimization?

When a company focuses upon creating quality content for their web pages, they achieve:

  • Higher domain authority
  • Better audience engagement metrics
  • Improved visibility and traffic
  • Good user experience

With quality content, you can expect to increase your traffic by 25% within six months. You also can rank your website for specific keywords. While creating content, make sure that they are high in quality, helpful, and of at least 600 words or more. If your website has any page resulting in a 404-response code, redirect it to better and relevant content.

Optimize The Featured Snippets

Having a featured snippet strategy is essential to show up your site in Google’s SERPs. Featured snippets are not only created to answer for voice search, but it also appears for organic search results. Thus, you can get maximum exposure and traffic when you thoughtfully create a featured snippet strategy.

If you want to show up as a featured snippet, you must:

  • Highlight your user’s queries in your content, especially in and H1 tag.
  • Format the answer in such a way your users will prefer reading.

If your content is not directly answering your users’ queries, make sure it answers the questions. You can use some tools like SEMrush to ensure that your content can generate featured snippets. Use bullets, tables, and paragraphs with proper structure to acquire featured snippets.

Why Companies Do That?

Featured snippets bring in the opportunity for any business to get more clicks from the organic search results. Featured snippets are the snippets that appear on the top of Google search results to quickly answer a searcher’s question. The content that appears is pulled from web pages in Google’s index. Featured snippets impact SEO, and according to search engine experts, featured snippets get almost 8% of the total clicks.

What Result Does A Company Get From Featured Snippets?

According to SEO experts, businesses that appear on featured snippets get higher organic traffic. The number one position gets more than 30% of the search traffic. Additionally, more people click on featured snippets, and being featured gives a brand the voice authority.

An enterprise SEO strategy must align with your company’s business goals and bring you more market opportunities. Remember that you can protect your brand’s existing search footprint with a well-executed enterprise SEO program and build a foundation of trust with your target audience.

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