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8 Actionable Copywriting Techniques That Will Drive Traffic



WordPress alone records over 87 million blog publications each month. Therefore, your content cannot stand out from the crowd unless it is powerful. The content has to drag your target audience, entertain them and motivate them to take action. If this is not the case, then all your effort will be in vain. This article will attempt to explain to you how you can make your content more powerful. Here are 8 actionable copywriting techniques that drive your traffic.

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8 Powerful Copywriting Techniques :

1. Make Your Audience to Experience the Content

Have you ever come across a storyteller in your workplace? These people can capture your attention in a very amazing way and make you forget what is happening in your life. The good thing about telling a story is that you will feel as if you are in that story. You will experience what the person is telling you and not just imagining. The ability to generate emotions in the reader makes story telling to be a very powerful communication tool. The only thing that can make you stand out from the competition is to allow your audience to experience what you are trying to put across. Some of the ways you can turn each article into a story include the use of metaphors and strong verbs. This is one of the brilliant copywriting techniques that you can use in product descriptions and other types of content

2. Make Use of Open Loops

Most people tend to find it easy to remember the unfinished tasks otherwise known as an open loop in copywriting. This attribute is present in blog posts, movies, and advertisements. You may have encountered open loops in any entertainment that you have read or watched. Open loops will instill curiosity and create in you an anticipation of what will be coming next. Most people only use open loops in the heading but you need to spread it throughout the article.  Be keen to include open loops in the introductory section and all subheadings.

3. Proofreading

Reading through your content aloud can make it very powerful. There is a way you can use your inner voice to read your words ‘out aloud’ in the head. The act is referred to as sub-vocalization and it helps the brain to conceptualize what you are reading. Readers will find it easy to digest what you are trying to put across once you make sure that it sounds good. You will be able to realize any paragraph that does not make sense and hence make the necessary corrections. According to, proofreading is among the most important copywriting techniques that can drive traffic. You will be sure that your content delivers the expected meaning to the reader.

4. Use Deliberate Reputation

Some of the most important speeches in history like ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King’s have the ability to give hope to people, create movements, and even touch at their core. Deliberate reputation is one of the attributes that make these speeches great. The speaker repeats given phrases and words at some point in his speech. Another good example is the speech by Winston Churchill. Adding deliberate repetition will make your content more dramatic and memorable, add flair and rhythm to it, and makes it stand out from the crowd.

5. Begin with a Punch and End with Kick

Bennet Murdock, one of the fathers of psychology conducted an experiment to see the number of words that people could remember by giving a group of individuals a list of words. He discovered that individuals have a high likelihood of remembering the first and last items on that list. This effect is referred to as serial positioning. Therefore, the introduction and conclusion are the most important sections of your content. The introduction should drag people in as it will get the highest attention. On the other hand, the conclusion is the last thing the reader will be looking at and should have the call to action.

6. Use Short Initial Sentences

Over 50 percent of your target audience read your article for less than 15 seconds. They will go through the introduction, heading, subheading, and summary and decide whether the article is valuable or not. You will record a high bounce rate if your article does not meet this criterion. We can take this to be one of the most important copywriting techniques. You need to get the attention of the reader right away from the introduction. The best way to attract people to read your content is the use of short sentences. Short sentences tend to motivate readers to move on to the next one. It’s like the writer opens a loop that you cannot avoid closing.

7. Clarity is Key

Recent surveys reveal that close to 80 percent of ads shown in the superbown don’t affect sales in any way. They have a large reach and several individuals pay attention to them but they don’t add any value to sales. The primary reason is that marketers work hard to make their adverts very entertaining which they succeeded. People will remember the add but not figure out the product it was promoting. Some of the ways to make your content more concise and clear include using simple words, using short sentences, using the active voice, and putting the action in the verb. You need to be clear and not clever for you to break down a topic that is complicated into easy to understand chunks.

8. Steal the Words of Your Readers

 All audiences have their own languages, jokes, and even sayings. The best way to make your content more powerful instantly is to replicate how your audience talk. The only challenge could be how to figure out this. Try to talk to them and identify their struggles. Strive to understand the goals they are striving to achieve, the pain they are struggling to get away from, and the obstacles that are blocking them from achieving their goals. You will be able to write content that connects with your readers as long as you have the right answers to these questions.


This article presents top copywriting ideas that will make sure that your audience doesn’t ignore your content. It’s good that you now have eight copywriting techniques that you can use to create more engaging content. Implement each of them carefully if you want to drive more traffic to your site.

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