8 Business Practices from High-Octane Entrepreneurs to Jump-start Your Venture



You are either successful in your business venture, or you are a failure. In fact, for some of the most successful and powerful entrepreneurs in the world, there is absolute. no middle ground. Most things in business are looked upon in sheer black and white terms.

Why not leave a legacy that can teach people how to love work and establish deeper connections with your loved ones? If you take note of all the successful people you will notice that they had that work-life balance sorted out. Yes, it took time but they did it.

So, here are some business practices that can help you to kick-start your business and offer something valuable to this world.

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8 Business Practices from High-Octane Entrepreneurs to Jump-start Your Venture:

1. Don’t be afraid to take that bold move:

In recent history, certain chess moves were considered as sure-shot ways to win the game. These moves were written in books and taught to all the new generation. This is what psychologists call, “The Pygmalion Effect,” which means people start responding in ways which we expect from them. This gives rise to the limiting beliefs that we create based on the beliefs of other people.

This belief was shattered when computers were trained to play chess. The computers started beating top players by using strategies that are not taught and used by any humans. They call them the ‘ugly moves’ which utterly smashed the beliefs held by top players.

As an Entrepreneur, you will be faced with similar situations. Regardless of the conventional wisdom, you will be forced to try new things every single day. You cannot rely on what has been taught in books – that this is good, this is bad — there are always exceptions and every situation is different.

What you can do is take calculated risks. Workaround a problem, if you fail, try again with a different approach.

The main thing here is to travel the unknown knowing that you might fail. But in the hope that you might succeed too.

2. You have your own timeline:

In the tv series The Flash, Barry Allen travels back in time and changes his past. This shifts the present timeline to a new timeline. Now he is facing more problems than before.

The same thing happens when you leave your timeline and start viewing the world from others’ timeline. As a startup, you need to understand the fact that everything will come to you on time.

For instance, if you’ve created a website from a website design agency like Branex, that doesn’t guarantee that you will start getting orders from day one. You will be required to give time to the branding, to the SEO, and to the digital marketing of your venture.

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Sure, you might not close that big vendor deal now, but do some research and get back to him with some data and facts, and how can your product add value to them.

The things are, you will not get anything before the time. Everything will come to you on your timeline. What you can do is to do what is in your hands and have patience.

3. Do more by working smart:

Gone are the times when you need just hard work to ace in any field. Sure, 10,000 hours by Malcolm Gladwell is a good way to start or master any field. But in this era, you need to do more with less work.

This is why Josh Kaufman invested 20 Hours just to show us how to learn anything in a day. In this video, Josh taught us that working smart is and how we all can do it.

“Guitar gurus say, “Tone is in your fingers.” You can buy the same guitar, effects pedals, and amplifier that Eddie Van Halen uses. But when you play that rig, it’s still going to sound like you.

What makes Tiger Woods different from you is his work ethic. Give Tiger Wood an inferior quality gold club and he will still destroy you. It is not about how much you work, it is how focused you’re when working on your day to day jobs.

It is important that entrepreneurs have the perfect growth mindset at all times. This will help them lead their organization and train their employees accordingly. If an entrepreneur has the growth mindset, he can train the heads of his various verticals to do the same and take the business to newer heights.

4. Be more responsible:

It was okay to wake up late when you were studying for high-school. It is even okay to miss some classes. But when you are starting a business, it is like adopting a child. You need to nurture it, take care of it, be responsible for your venture.

It will take time to teach your child how to walk, talk, and respond to people. But you need to take off the venture and the people that are running your venture.

People management is one of the necessary points that will lay down the foundation of your brand. Ensure that you make course corrections while you progress in your venture.

5. Don’t build a team, built a tribe:

It is so not okay to build a team of people that are willing to work for you. You need to try and hire people that are smarter than you.

When you create a tribe, you will not only create a team, you furthermore will create a clan of people that love what you do. And they will stand for whatever you do.

A tribe will help you establish a great company culture that will take your venture to the next level.

6. How much risk are you willing to take?

Elon Musk gave away everything he had. If his last rocket failed to land safely he might turn out on the streets or do some low-level job.

But he persisted. He believed in himself. Even though his mentors turned against him, he worked hard to do the impossible and take the risk anyway.

When you start a business, there will be times and moments that will throw you on the ground. From top to zero. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop taking the bold move. That doesn’t mean you need to stop taking risks.

Take risks but learn from it. Fail more, but treat it as an opportunity to grow.

7. Experiment a lot:

When you are building the systems for your startup, not everything will turn out the way you want. But don’t think that these short-term failures will move you away from your goal.

You need to plan things in detail to minimize the distractions and see clearly what is left out of the grand picture.

If you don’t experiment how will you know what is working for you and what is not.

8. Break-free from the comfort zone:

You all can do what Richard Branson do but one thing that makes you different from Richard is his morning ritual.

Every morning Richard Branson closes his eyes and thinks of the unknown. He visualizes the impossible. Right for 45 minutes, he thinks of all the ways and goals he thinks are impossible but want to achieve it.

All the above-mentioned habits are a summary of all the biographies I have read till now.

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