The Best Social Media Management Platforms

The Best Social Media Management Platforms



The best social media management platforms. Which ones to use?

There are many in reality. We have selected three. Each with its unfailing peculiarity that helps you manage your social networks in a perfect way.

And you can try them for free.

Ready to discover them together?

Which platforms to use to do social media marketing:

social media marketingHootsuite. This is undoubtedly the most well-known social media management tool and one of the most popular in the world. Thanks to a very intuitive dashboard to use, you can monitor different social profiles. You can “hook” your personal profiles to the platform and, of course, if you also take care of social media management for a business, the company profiles. With a simple click, you can add to the dashboard different streams, or flows from social networks “hooked” previously. Very useful and practical, then, the editor to write the posts. Several functions present:

  • Ability to select the social to post
  • Possibility to schedule the publication
  • The possibility of the auto-posting function
  • The counter of the remaining characters calibrated for each social network

Hootsuite seminars and updates. A very appreciated and not to be underestimated aspect that this platform offers is the possibility to participate in virtual updating seminars also called webinars. They are also in Italian (good news!) And cover the most varied and current themes. For example:

The trends of social media in 2018

Social branding

How to better manage corporate reputation on social media

Hootsuite has a free plan (in part limited in managing multiple social media at the same time, but very useful for those who do not have large volumes of management or different companies) and a paid one. Paid profiles (monthly) are: professional, team and business.


A valid and all-Italian alternative to Hootsuite is called Spidwit. The operating principle is, of course, the same. Thanks to a single interface it is possible to synchronize, post and monitor the profiles LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and those of other social networks. This tool is very simple to use and has the following features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Ability to control the social strategy of competitors
  • Possibility to program posts
  • Possibility to make use of the social management suggestions available on the platform
  • The possibility of being joined by the virtual assistant

We spend two more words on the virtual assistant. This is a bot with artificial intelligence that, once set up, is able to create and publish targeted social content on your profiles. To set the bot on our line of communication it will be necessary (and sufficient) to answer some questions. After which the virtual assistant can proceed autonomously. Very useful also the section of suggestions with viral images, animated gifs and author phrases that you can use in your social strategy to publish engaging content and create engagement with your audience. In short, it is true that here we enter into the merits and skills of the social media manager, but Spidwit is able to lend a hand and streamline the work.

Spidwit’s prices, whose payoffs are nothing less than easy social media, stand out in profiles for SMEs and professionals and profiles for freelancers and (communication) agencies. There is also a free plan but it is greatly reduced in functionality. At the time of writing, these are the prices of Spidwit, which you can consult directly on the official website of the company. There is also a blog (always corporate) with interesting posts on the world of social media management and useful tips for:

  • Create perfect social posts
  • Create a social calendar for your content
  • Increase I like on Facebook
  • How to create viral content

The name is a bit unpronounceable and not easy to remember. But surely you will remember that it is a good tool, among the best platforms of social media management and, above all, has a free profile rather rich in functionality. Of course, there are also paid plans (less expensive than Hootsuite and Spidwit), but already with a free plan you can:

  • Connect three social
  • Post 10 content per day for each social
  • Activate the feed option and quickly share the news you receive with the RSS feeds on your social networks
  • “Recycle” your evergreen posts automatically with EverQueue

This last point is very interesting. We spend two more words. If you do not have much time to generate specific social content, you can rely on both RSS Feed and this “recycling” option. By adding your best articles, blog posts and evergreen photos to EverQueue, the program automatically fills the gaps in your social media marketing plan with this content. After publishing an article, it is recycled back into EverQueue. In this way, your profiles will never be left without interesting contents, even when you do not have time to dedicate yourself to writing or posting ad hoc posts. The management of your dashboard, however, as well as all this tool, is only in English.

The best social media management platforms: social monitoring:

The social monitoring is an activity of social media management less creative but more useful for checking out the competition, creating interaction, properly set up a social campaign. There are at least a dozen or more instruments that allow social monitoring. Here too, as for “pure” social media management, we list three of them.

Ah, of course. Three additional to some, such as Hootsuite and Spidwit, which we have already mentioned. Yes, because among its features there is also the sending of weekly reports (on progress). But having said this, here’s what we feel to report:


Is an excellent monitoring tool for your business if you are interested in checking how much your Tweets are traveling. The tool, in fact, measures the real impact and the implications of the discussions on social media. It’s a good way to find out who your most influential followers are, guiding you implicitly to the right people you should target when you’re aiming to share and promote online content. Especially useful, we would say, if your social media management strategy is mainly focused on Twitter


Is a great tool for finding content, but also has a great way to analyze and monitor your Facebook pages. It provides you with the metrics related to each post, what are the best day to publish, which types of content work best and the monthly statistics. Useful especially if Facebook is at the center of your social management strategy


if your social media management strategy is broad-spectrum and includes more networks in an active way, we recommend this tool. HowSociable is useful for measuring your presence on social networks and that of your competitors. A free account allows you to track 12 social sites, including Tumblr and WordPress. However, if you are interested in 24 others, like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. a paid account is required. How Sociable allows you, thanks to the scores given, to see which social media platforms work best for you and which need further development.


Author Bio: Angela Luis a girl who has done her graduation in graphic designing and video animation and had won the first prize in making the first animated video, which was actually so amazing.

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