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8 Essential Tools Every SEO Company Must Know



Businesses have identified the significance and great need for SEO. Websites that make it to the top of search engine result pages get more clicks and traffic. Now, it appears that the goal of every online and offline business is to increase its reach. However, that doesn’t come easy, because search engines would make sure you earn it.

The resultant effect of the actions and algorithms of search engines is a high demand for SEO experts. A sound impact on their economy, isn’t it? But is the number of SEO services not increasing too? Hence, the need for SEO companies to stay on top of their game.

To offer upbeat service to clients, an SEO firm has to stay updated due to the ever-changing algorithms. Search engine optimization services should also ensure that they improve their local presence as much they do online. For instance, business locals in south-western Australia have easy access to SEO Firm Brisbane services because a reliable search engine optimization firm has made it possible. In addition to the tips mentioned is having the essential tools that encourage SEO best practices. SEO service with the right tools at hand is sure to have their heads high in a large pool filled with other service providers.

We have compiled an ultimate list of 8 essential tools that every SEO company must know. Top brands all around the world swear by the effectiveness of these instruments. With the big eight at hand, you can establish uniqueness even while dealing with thousands of clients. With functions ranging from discovering efficient keywords to determining the speed of your webpage, these essential tools are sure to help you and your client get on a higher level.

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Wordstream
  3. WebPage Test
  4. MOZ
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Ahrefs
  7. UberSuggest
  8. Haro

Here are 8 Essential Tools Every SEO Company Must Know:

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a useful tool, and recently there have been changes to make it even better. Usually, SEO companies use this tool for reporting. As a reporting tool, it provides businesses with the necessary information they need to know about the SEO campaign. The Google Search Console is sufficient to compile reports for a specified duration, e.g., weeks or months, and will ensure that you have access to all your information at once.

Companies can use information gotten in this tool to determine areas to improve or assess the effectiveness of their SEO strategies. The Google Search Console is an exceptional tool that is vital to everyone.

2. Wordstream

SEO is complicated and ever-changing, but keywords have remained an essential part of maintaining a robust online presence. Yes, keywords are the way to get to the top of SEO rankings, and you must know the right keywords to use. Wordstream is a tool that will equip you with the information on the hottest keywords and the ones to avoid. It would identify the best keywords with the lowest competition, and you’ll be at the top of the rankings in no time. This it does by keeping track of online keyword usage and shares the data with users.

3. WebPage Test

A web page can quickly become attractive when it takes too much time to load up. Having to spend so much time on a webpage would cause people to leave the site without accomplishing what they want.  A lot of SEO companies are concerned with making sure that they can speed up the web pages of their clients. By making use of the WebPage Test, it becomes much easier to achieve this.

An SEO company can quickly identify what’s slowing the webpage down, measure how fast it is, and compare it’s the speed with that of other competitors. It can also help you keep track of the essential features that ensure the optimal efficiency of the webpage.

4. MOZ


MOZ is arguably one of the most popular SEO tools around and contains some of the best all-round features. The app has a free version. However, the Pro version, which comes at $99/month, is definitely more useful. Users can efficiently evaluate their website performance and derive a correct SEO score. MOZ also offers different suggestions on what to improve on the website. Its a suite of tools includes; link explorer, keyword explorer, open site explorer, and so on.

5. Google Analytics

Google is considered by many to be the top search engine around the world. Due to this, you have to make use of its senior analytical tool to guarantee the best results when it comes to online visibility. Any result-oriented SEO company has to ensure that they keep this tool at the top of their priority list. Google Analytics is free to use but still offers comprehensive reports, analysis, and is impressive at evaluating website performance. Agencies can make use of it to provide their clients with accurate monthly reports. Over time, it has managed to become an indispensable tool used everywhere. Without any doubt, a goal-oriented Google Adwords Company would use this tool to satisfy all of their clients.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one tool that has everything you need and is used by top SEO companies around the world. According to the Ahrefs team, the tool scans through about 5 billion pages daily. It consists of a suite of tools and also offers SEO analysis that will help you identify the best keywords for your website. With the use of these determined keywords, you can easily stand out and rank high in your niche. Users of this tool have access to different paid plans ranging from $99 – $999/month.

7. UberSuggest

UberSuggest may have started poorly, but it now has a variety of exciting features, which is why it made it to our list. This tool functions to identify long-tail keywords quickly. To determine the best keywords, it takes a look at websites of the competitors and provides you with whatever you’ll find most useful. It becomes easier to create unique content. One of the best features of UberSuggest is its backlink analysis tool, which can work to find the best domain owners to link to your website. This tool is free to use for everyone.


HARO, also known as Help a Reporter Out, isn’t your traditional SEO tool. HARO is more of a user-specific tool. If you have clients who are reported or journalists, then you should key into the full range of opportunities this tool offers. It helps journalists to find credible information sources. Businesses can sign up and provide vital information about them. The tool then provides daily media opportunities. If everything turns out right, the business becomes a source of credible information to the journalist. It’s a great way to grow your brand and gain vital inbound links.


There’s no shortcut to achieving SEO success. Any SEO company looking to offer the best services has to ensure that they work with the right tools. With these essential tools, they can quickly provide their clients with practical strategies for long-term success.

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