Money Making Ideas For Photographers

9 Great Money Making Ideas For Photographers



Photography is a highly competitive industry. But, with the right skills and amount of creativity, you can stand out and open up multiple income streams.

If you’re looking for some proven ways to make money with photography, you’re at the right place.

Here’re nine proven ways to turning your skills and shots into cash:

1. Teach Photography Online

You can make lots of money by sharing your photography skills and knowledge with aspiring photographers. You can easily create and sell stock photography courses on sites like Skillshare and Udemy.

2. Sell Canvas Prints

 One easy way to earn money as a photographer is by selling canvas prints online. There are many websites or online art galleries that accept high-quality photographs or prints. For instance, you can make money with ElephantStock by selling your artwork.

Hanging canvas prints is a trendy way to decorate homes. So, they are in high demand, adding to your earning potential.

3. Become A Photography Blogger

If you love writing also, blogging can open up a profitable income stream for you. If you want to stand out among the pool of photobloggers, go with an exciting and unique angle for blogging.

For instance, choose a particular niche and curate helpful and informative blogs on that. You can post about:

  • Adventure and/or travel photography
  • Technical tips for photographers
  • Art photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Food photography

Photo bloggers can earn by placing ads on your blog, affiliate marketing; offering paid content upgrades, writing reviews, etc.

4. Sell Photos On Stock Websites

If you’re a photographer, you might have heard about stock photo websites, like Shutterstock, iStock, BigStock, etc. These websites pay a good amount of money for each photograph you sell to them.

To get noticed on these websites, you must learn the basics of search engine optimization and keywords.

5. Become A Freelance Photojournalist

If you’re a freelance photographer, you can work for local newspapers, travel magazines, photo agencies, etc. Once you gain significant experience and outstanding expertise, you may get hired by leading brands like National Geographic.

6. Sell Your Photos In Art Galleries

By selling your artwork in local galleries, you can make a decent amount of money. Photos that relate to local landmarks and fascinating views sell well. International landmarks, portraits of famous people, and popular landscapes also sell well to large audiences but not in local markets.

7. Become A Social Guru

Strive and create a nice empire of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Collaborate with online influencers to learn from them. On these platforms, you may receive lots of opportunities to connect with your target audience and brush up on your skills.

8. Enter Photography Contests

Some photography competitions may win you expensive equipment, cash, or other gifts. So, make sure you participate in as many photography contests as possible.

9. Edit And Retouch

Models often want to remove slight imperfections. Hotel owners need their resort to look more inviting. Ecommerce businesses want to make their products look even appealing to their target audience.

Find out businesses that might need your skills. You can work as a freelancer, full-time or part-time, depending on your mutual agreement. 

Do you know more secrets to make money with photography? Let us know.

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