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Stylish, Powerful, And Affordable: Huawei Watch Fit



If you are looking for an entry-level smartwatch that is light (in terms of weight), comes packed with fitness features, has breezy software, and is affordable, then Huawei’s Watch Fit is a device you should check out.

With health and fitness becoming a major issue (especially in the aftermath of the pandemic) most of us are trying to start leading more active lives. To be honest, if you are someone that wants to start running or cycling, you might not need anything apart from Huawei fit.

While many would say that Watch Fit is essentially a smartwatch and a fitness tracker rolled into one, we feel that it hinges more on the side of the latter. It should be pointed out that with its AMOLED screen and build quality, it does not look ‘budget’ in any which way.

With the Watch Fit, Huawei is taking on the likes of Garmin’s Vivosport and Fitbit’s Charge. Let us see how it compares to its competitors in the following sections of the article.

The Comfort Factor in Huawei’s Watch Fit

If you want a smartwatch that will help you ace both the professional boardroom as well as the cycling track, you want it to be comfortable. Huawei’s Watch Fit does exactly that.

With a light and sturdy construction that weighs in at just 21 grams, there will be times when you feel that you do not have anything on your wrist.

Assessing comfort also means whether you will be able to use it everywhere. With a 5 ATM water resistance level, you can wear it in the shower or go swimming easily.

The use of materials is also top-notch. Thankfully Huawei has not cut any corners there. You get a solid metal case back, along with premium quality silicone straps. Aesthetically, it is a sight to behold and bears a striking resemblance to products that come out of Cupertino.

The Performance Factor in Huawei’s Watch Fit

The Performance Factor in Huawei’s Watch Fit

We use a smartwatch simply because it packs in a host of features. To run those, you need two major things- great software and long battery life.

On Huawei Watch Fit, both these issues or concerns are addressed with ease. Out of the box, Watch Fit runs Huawei’s Lite OS. This is a good thing since you get a very fluid interface that is responsive and changes app screens and data with ease.

On the battery front, you get a very powerful (almost unheard of at this price point) 180 MAH battery. The thing is that we constantly worry about a smartwatch that has an AMOLED display and tons of features to go dry pretty soon.

Not here. Huawei claims that the battery is good enough to last ten days. Their claim has been substantiated by leading reviewers who were left pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting battery life on the device.

If you go nit-picking about the software, it is true that third-party apps are not supported. But you have GPS tracking and Huawei’s very own Health App that you will find on both Android and iOS. This allows you to sync your smartphone to the Watch Fit.

The Fitness Factor in Huawei’s Watch Fit

The Fitness Factor in Huawei’s Watch Fit

First things first. One of the coolest things that we found on the smartwatch/fitness tracker is the availability of a virtual physical trainer. The figure does several fitness and exercise routines which you can easily imitate.

Secondly, you get all your customary fitness things like a calorie counter, steps walked, activity tracking, and even get nine workout modes. As we said, if you want to start leading a fitter and healthier life, you will be satisfied with what Huawei has to offer.

Thirdly, Huawei has thrown up some other rather useful things. You get a heart rate monitor, SP O2 tracking, stress calculator, and more. This means that Watch Fit even helps you with some of the more premium things that you find on more expensive devices.

The Bottom Line

There are some critics that have pointed out that the non-availability of third-party apps means that serious athletes might have to look elsewhere. We feel that is too far-fetched of a criticism. Huawei’s Watch Fit ticks all the right boxes and is an amazing device, especially at its price point. It is more than a value-for-money proposition in this highly competitive ecosystem.

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