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10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Content for Higher Engagement



At some point in your growth as a business, you encounter the need to increase your follower numbers and engagement rates.

This area remains a ‘grey zone’ among marketing experts as they advise you to ‘set and measure your KPIs’ or ‘work on the quality of your content’. These recommendations are inherently blurry since they do not outline the practical steps you can take right away to boost your results.

Any person knows that using a quality grammar checker improves the quality of their marketing texts. However, few business owners understand how different elements of their content creation strategy contribute to engagement rates and create financial flows fuelling their business.

10 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Content

In this article, we will provide 10 practical recommendations allowing you to achieve tangible results in this sphere.

1. Work on Your Naming

Whether you are using short videos or long articles, the name of your content is crucial for engagement figures. A shiny (but not clickbait) designation may lure some viewers into seeing what your brand has to offer.

However, a name that is easy to remember allows them to cite it in online and offline conversations. Show your content to 3-4 persons and ask them to recall its heading in 2-3 days. If you can use the guidelines obtained from them to find your materials on Google, you have done a great job in this sphere.

2. Have a Content Marketing Plan

The key to running a popular restaurant is to encourage repeat visits and to have something new in stock for repeat clients at all times. A content marketing plan allows you to accustom your clients to regularly published materials.

They will return to your social media pages during specific times allowing you to always maintain readiness and to investigate your customer demographic and psychographic profiles more effectively. A clear plan may also force you to prepare quality content in advance and will give you sufficient time to properly revise it before its publication.

3. Know Your Customer

Few firms are capable of creating content liked by everyone. In most cases, you will be targeting a certain niche of consumers sharing some background characteristics or preferences.

Use Customer Insights from your favorite social media platform to learn more about your followers and experiment with different types of content and topics to ensure that you are actually giving them what they desire. Additionally, you may experiment with such parameters as:

  • Publication times.
  • Publication frequency.
  • Types of content.
  • Different calls to action.

These experiments will identify what customer demographic and psychographic characteristics match the highest engagement rates. Afterward, you can prioritize these audience segments and adjust these parameters to meet their needs more effectively.

Your Customer

4. Be Unique

Creating unique content is a tiresome activity. However, you must produce high-quality materials on a regular basis in order to build credibility and achieve high engagement rates. If you cannot manage it on your own, you may choose to employ some professional writers and content creators or invite some guest experts to ‘fill the gaps’.

This may be a good idea even if you manage to keep up with your content marketing plan at the moment to get a new perspective on your strategic goals.

5. Improve Your Visuals

If you are using photos and videos as a part of your marketing, investing some money in a quality camera and lighting may be a good way to boost your engagement rates. Professional-grade images can make the content of any brand look ‘more premium’ and increase your perceived trustworthiness and brand power. If you are willing to generate instant sales, you need to ensure that your offerings look sufficiently appealing to stimulate spontaneous purchases and/or convince your followers to repost your materials.

6. Develop Your Style

Do you remember Steve Jobs using the Columbo line ‘one more thing’ to present some of the most iconic products of the 2000s? This is a perfect example of a hook’ that makes a certain individual, brand, or product instantly recognizable.

Using some ‘catchphrases’, interesting logos or memorable video hosts may be a good way to develop your unique style and increase your online reach. Reading the ‘Comments’ section may be a good way to see such elements cited by your own audiences as memorable quotes or positive reactions to your visual elements.

7. Cite Reputable Data

Citing reputable data as infographics increase your perceived trustworthiness and make your statement look more substantiated. You can use a variety of sources such as Statista to find statistical information in your area of interest and incorporate it into your content.

This may be a good way to demonstrate that the problems you are aiming to solve with your products and services are serious ones and are encountered by thousands of people.

Reputable Data

8. Use Examples

Practical examples are a fantastic way to define the value of your marketing propositions. Your customers want to know how your recommendations may benefit them and help them solve their unique problems. Your goal is to create value with your materials, which will transform your followers into your buyers or agents of influence spreading the information about your brand among their social contacts.

9. Set Clear Internal Standards

If you are a growing brand, many processes including content development are undergoing regular scaling-up phases. This may affect quality at times as new employees/contractors misunderstand some of your guidelines or the tastes and needs of your target audiences change.

Develop a comprehensive FAQ covering all critical areas as soon as possible and update it on a regular basis. This will keep all your content in line with your internal requirements and will ensure stable engagement rates.

10. Be Personal

Including some posts developed by your staff members may be a fantastic way to personalize your brand experience. If you want to develop a human connection with your customers, giving your company a face may be a good start.

For example, your main product development expert may publish weekly blog entries about your new offerings while your production office may upload photos and videos of your manufacturing premises.



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