Improving Your SEO - How Call Tracking Can Help

Improving Your SEO – How Call Tracking Can Help

How you manage your local search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important components when it comes to boosting your marketing.

That being said, many businesses struggle with various aspects of SEO and find it tricky to implement the right strategies for optimising their campaigns, web pages, and brand visibility as a whole.

This is why call tracking software is the perfect tool to consider.

Let’s look at what problems businesses are facing with SEO and how call tracking can help.

The Main Problems Businesses Have With SEO

The Main Problems Businesses Have With SEO

There are several problems businesses are facing today when it comes to optimising SEO, but some of the most common are:

  • Poor measurement and monitoring tools – Not having sufficient software to monitor leads, conversions, and visitor interactions
  • Multiple numbers on your online profiles – Confusing search engine crawlers with multiple phone numbers on your online profiles
  • Ignoring call conversions – Not taking into account the importance of calls in a customer journey when conversion rate testing
  • Inaccurate marketing budget split – Having an inaccurate idea of where to invest resources to improve SEO
  • Not using a Google Business Profile – Not taking advantage of a Google Business Profile to increase calls and conversions.

Using Call Tracking Software To Enhance Your SEO

With the right call tracking software, you can effectively tackle these challenges and ensure you optimise your SEO in the right way:

Advanced Analytics And Reports

Call tracking software provides intricate reports and analytics that can help you monitor important aspects of your local SEO.

For instance, you’ll know the specific number of leads and visitors from  each campaign and webpage, to help you understand how effectively each marketing source is driving traffic.

As well as this, you can also find out whether online and offline conversions originate from organic searches or via Google Business Profile. You can then view the specific search engines people use.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Using dynamic number insertion means every single visitor to your site sees a different number depending on the campaigns and channels they visit from.

Multiple static numbers on your website can impact crawlability, but with dynamic number insertion crawlers will only see your ‘regular’ number, thus improving your SEO.

Call Conversion Data

Call tracking can easily show you how many call conversions are generated at each touchpoint in your marketing. This can also reveal at which point visitors are most likely to call or fill out a form.

If you want to improve useability, the software can show you conversions from different devices to help you understand what devices are accessing your website the most, and therefore, help you know how best to structure your page.

Marketing Insights For Your Budget

The software will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of various areas in your marketing. Therefore, you’ll have a clearer idea of where to direct your resources to improve SEO.

The detailed report from your software can act as accurate evidence to justify spend in certain areas – such as optimising content on your pages to improve keyword ranking, for example.

Google Business Profile management

Call tracking can also help you monitor your Google Business Profile, by showing you the number of customers who visit your site through your profile, or the calls made directly from the number on your profile.

Also, the unique static number on your profile can still be used to track customers who don’t visit your website, whilst you also add multiple numbers in the contact information. This can help keep the Google name address phone number (NAP) signals consistent.

With these simple steps when using call tracking software, you can significantly improve local SEO for your business and start receiving the engagement you deserve.

To enhance each area of your SEO most effectively, ensure you choose the right software from an expert provider.

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