Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook



Social media has changed the way enterprises market their products and services. One of the social media platforms that are on the lead in this trend is Facebook. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to increase organic reach on Facebook if you want to stand out in the market.

Facebook is one of the best places to develop a strong social media presence for your brand. The reason is that most of your target audience is already on this platform. Therefore, you need to increase organic reach on Facebook if you want to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Facebook has the most extensive customer base and hence can help you to build the right connections with your audience.  However, if you are not using the right strategies, it can be pretty challenging to funnel your target audience back to your site from Facebook. No wonder most brands are still struggling with Facebook marketing.

One reason why Facebook does not work for most brands is that they don’t stand out. Competition is so high on the Facebook platform because you are targeting the same audience with different similar businesses.

Every brand is fighting to find a portion of Facebook users. Therefore, you should have an approach that is different from others to connect with your target audience.

Increase Reach on Facebook: Why You Need This?

As the level of competition continues to increase, you should give your prospects a reason to leave Facebook and visit your site. Therefore, you should impress them with offers that are too hard to resist. You want to give them something that will create in them a desire to want to take action.

You can only make this possible by exposing your target audience to the offer that you have. At this point, Facebook organic reach comes in handy. It narrows down to the percentage of your target audience that gets an opportunity to see your update.

It can be pretty hard to boost your ad if you are not using Facebook ads. You should find ways to increase your reach and build a loyal set of audience on this platform. Let us start by defining this term before you can look at how to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Definition of Facebook Organic Reach:

Facebook Organic Reach

You cannot learn how to increase reach on Facebook without understanding the meaning of this phrase. The term Facebook organic reach is the number of individuals who get exposed to your content in the absence of any paid distribution or ads. Promotional posts and sponsored stories come in as paid reach. These are viewers who see your content because of paid promotion.

Nowadays, most brands try to depend on Facebook organic reach. You have to create a detailed marketing strategy that will make sure that you succeed. The challenge is that most of them don’t get the results they would like after publishing their content on Facebook.

You can put a lot of effort into creating and sharing great content but get no traffic to report or engage. If this happens, you have to look for a better social media marketing strategy to increase organic look on Facebook.

Where Does the Truth Lie?

In most cases, failing to increase organic reach on Facebook has nothing to do with your timing or content. The days when someone would post an update on his or her Facebook page and everyone gets to see it are over. Things work very differently nowadays.

The organic reach on Facebook keeps on evolving and changes in the newsfeed algorithm. Even some of the most popular brands are struggling to reach to their target audience.

60% of marketers believe that Facebook is steadily becoming a ‘pay to play’ platform. It means that most of your fans will not see your content unless you are buying ads on this platform. Research by SocialFlow shows that the organic reach on Facebook for various brands declined by 42% in the first and second quarter of 2016.

Data from the third quarter of the same year shows that the drop went down by 52%. Social@Ogilvy analyzed more than 100 Facebook pages of various brands and realized that these companies were only publishing 6% of organic reach content.

Some of the big pages that have over 500,000 likes had as low as 2% reach. Therefore, Facebook prefers brands to invest in paid advertisement and not rely on organic reach. However, you can still increase organic reach on Facebook as long as you know what to do.

organic reach on Facebook

Tips to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook:

1. Share Engaging and Native Video Content:

There has been a consistent decline in Facebook organic reach. Currently, Facebook gives a high preference for organic video content. The use of native video content on Facebook is on the rise, and it produces real engagement.

Therefore, most brands are focusing on the use of these videos. Native videos tend to perform better than other types of content such as photos and links. Facebook users watch more than 8 billion videos every day.

Research by BuzzSumo reveals that the higher viewership propels the number of videos that people share on this social media platform. There are two primary reasons why video content is performing well on Facebook.

In the past, most Facebook users preferred to view photos over any other type of content. The desire forced businesses to post astonishing pictures for them to stand out from the crowd. After all, the most important thing is to make sure that users are happy.

Native video is now the fresh new media that is trending on the market. However, very few brands create and share it because they find it hard to develop them. Therefore, it is best if you want to increase organic reach on Facebook.

The demand for video content is on the rise all over the world, and it will continue dominating the web. Therefore, Facebook will strive to outshine YouTube in sharing video content. Facebook videos reach more people than photo posts and link-based posts. Thus, choosing videos can help you to increase organic reach on Facebook.

However, not all Facebook videos will stand out. Create square videos because they perform better than landscape ones. The best video will grab the attention of the viewer on the first 3 to 5 seconds. You should also increase meaningful captions in the video because most people watch videos on Facebook without sound.

The video that you create should be around one central point and not multiple ones. Keep the title of your video as clear and as descriptive as possible. Include a strong call to action that will help you get a high level of response. You will find it hard to increase organic reach on Facebook unless you implement these tips.

2. Leverage the Power of Facebook Live:

Facebook LiveFacebook Live videos have been around from April 2016. The platform has been helping several businesses to connect with their clients than any other type of content. Facebook Live can help you to get a very high level of engagement. It is one of the best ways to increase organic reach on Facebook.

People spend more time-consuming content broadcast via Facebook Live than even videos. Therefore, it is among the best broadcasting tools that you can find online. Most users like Facebook Live and hence it can fetch a high engagement rate. Therefore, Facebook puts it top on priority in the newsfeed.

Most of the brands that use Facebook Live report a high increase in their organic reach. However, you need to learn a few tips before you begin to use Facebook live if you want to succeed.

First, the topic for your live video should be interesting and relevant to your audience. Create an event on Facebook to spread the word about the upcoming live video with dates and time for the session. Download the Facebook Pages application for live broadcast streaming.

Prepare an outline for the live video so that you are sure about what you will be sharing in the production. Organize the camera equipment that you will need and test in advance. You don’t want disappointments between the session as it will make you lose your audience.

The room you choose should have ample lighting with no shadows or glares. Once you have all this in place, you can open the Facebook page app and click on the ‘Live’ button to start recording.

3. Study What is Working for Your Competitors to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook:

You can focus more on analyzing how your content is performing and forget to look at the competing businesses. It is good to monitor your content, but you can get an edge by looking at what your competitors are doing. It is one of the best ways to upgrade your marketing strategy and increase organic reach on Facebook.

It is easy to do this as long as you know your competitors on Facebook. You need to pay a close look at how the content of your competitors is performing in terms of engagement. If the site is targeting the same audience as yours, you can use their strategy to improve your performance.

Analyze the topics they are using for their content, type of posts that produce results, and the tome or style of their content. However, don’t blindly copy what your competitors are doing. Get the inspiration you need and add your unique insights to the findings. You need to offer something better than what your competitors are offering.

4. Don’t Use ‘Engagement Bait’ Content-Type:

It is easy to engage your audience when you type excellent and relevant posts on Facebook. These are the natural conversions that Facebook values. The comments on Facebook are part of the natural conversations that can assist you to boost the organic reach. It allows you to add work and value in the newsfeed algorithm.

The secret here is creating natural discussions. However, these discussions should be on topics that will help to elevate your brand. These topics will help you to increase organic reach on Facebook. The use of natural conversations is the best for your strategy.

Therefore, don’t ask your followers to comment on your posts or tag it. The algorithm of Facebook works against engagement baiting or ‘forced engagement.’ Even most fans on Facebook don’t like it when you tell them the actions to take. Generating natural conversions will make the page more human and meaningful.

Also, avoid content that can set up a heated debate or are controversial. Make sure you are taking a unique approach that leads to the right direction. Motivate more people to talk on your page, and you will increase organic reach on Facebook.


5. Choose High-Quality Content Over Quantity:

Most brands strive to share more content than ever because of the increasing competition on the social media platform. When Facebook was still unpopular, it was wise to post more content as this would help you to get more views. Currently, paying more attention to quantity at the expense of quality isn’t a smart move.

Facebook is a highly competitive platform, and this explains why its organic reach has been on the decline. The number of people you can reach keeps on declining over time. Don’t saturate your Facebook page with content but rather concentrate on offering quality to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Several businesses are using Facebook for marketing purposes, but some of them are shying away because of poor results. The reason is that these brands are not taking the right steps when using Facebook for marketing purposes.

You should outshine your competitors when determining what to post on your Facebook page and when. Trying to do what everyone else is doing will lead you to failure. The best way to reach to more people is by taking a different direction.

You can increase the number of posts that you publish every day, but your organic reach continues to go down. The trick is changing your content strategy to suit the algorithm of Google. The secret is sharing less but high-quality content on your Facebook page. It will help you to increase organic reach on Facebook.


Facebook is increasingly becoming a ‘pay-to-play’ platform. The challenge that most people have is that they don’t know the secret to increase organic reach on Facebook. You have to make sure that you are providing the best user experience. You will get better results by using organic content. The above tips will make sure that you stand out from the competition.

In case you would like to increase organic reach on Facebook, don’t hesitate to get in touch with [email protected] for support.

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