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5 Ways to Get Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts



Out of all the social media platforms out there, Instagram is the most popular platform in the world.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has a huge audience base and offers a high engagement rate.

As a result, it has become a hub for creators, influencers, and brands to showcase their content, and products, and grow in no time.

Initially, Instagram offered two types of accounts to choose from – Personal and Business.

However, with the increasing demand for content creators and influencers, it introduced a third one called ‘Creator’ accounts.

If you are a creator, then you must go for Instagram Creator accounts as it will help you gain more Instagram followers by purchasing Instagram Followers from and engagement.

Below listed are 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Instagram Creator Accounts:

1. Select the Right Category

Creator accounts, unlike Personal and Business accounts, offer users to choose from a wide range of Category options for their account.

Therefore, to start with, you should choose the Category that describes you the best, belongs to your niche, and comprises your target audience.

We would suggest you not go for something random just for fun. It is because based on the category that you choose; you’ll need to plan strategies and create content.

By choosing the Category that defines you the best for your Instagram Creator account, you’ll look more professional, and attract more brands, sponsors, etc.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to connect with the right audience that will actually be interested in your work.

Specifying the type of content creator that you can increase engagements that you receive generally.

2. Fully Utilize the Growth Tools

Fully Utilize the Growth Tools

The best part about Instagram Creator accounts is that it comes with various powerful growth tools.

With a Creator account, you get exclusive access to in-depth insights about your page, posts, people who have followed and unfollowed you daily, the demographics of each type of follower, and many more.

Backed by these insights, you can plan and improve your Instagram content and strategies. Not only this, but you also get access to the Creator Studio, where you can view all your insights on a single dashboard.

Additionally, the Instagram Creator account gives users exclusive access to a unique feature known as ‘Stories About You.’

Using this feature, you can view the Stories where have your account been mentioned in the last 24 hours, all in one place.

You also get to easily turn on and off your contact details whenever you want to. You can choose to show your contact details when you require brands and sponsors to approach you.

You can easily turn them back off to avoid getting excessive messages from brands, spam emails, and calls.

3. Filter Messages for Better Communication

Being a creator, you’ll have thousands or even millions of Instagram followers. Similarly, you might be receiving hundreds of messages daily from your fans, brands, followers, other creators, etc.

Well, it is a daunting scenario and quite a time-consuming task to reply to all those messages. But, with Creator accounts, you need not worry, because you can filter the messages that you want to see on priority.

Messages in Creator accounts come in three categories –General, i.e., messages from users contacting you for the first time, Primary, i.e., messages that you mark important, and Requests, i.e., messages from users you don’t follow. By filtering messages, you get to save a lot of your time and effort.

It is one of the best features because it not only allows you to manage your Instagram account in a more organized way but also ensures that you don’t miss out on important messages, collaboration requests, sales inquiries, etc.

4. Utilize Instagram Shopping

Utilize Instagram Shopping

With a Creator account, you can create ‘Shoppable Posts’. By clicking on these ‘Shoppable Posts’, your audience can view and purchase products directly within the app using Instagram checkout or by directing them to the relevant website.

You can either sell your products or sell products for any other brand directly to your audience through such posts.

This feature was specially designed to facilitate Influencer Marketing. This feature helps to boost sales as it reduces the steps involved in customers’ buying journeys.

By using this feature, brands can easily turn their target audience or lead into customers of their products easily.

Also, as an influencer or creator, if you sell products through such shoppable posts, your credibility increases and instantly makes you appealing in front of brands, sponsors, etc.

5. Collaborate with Brands

The best way to leverage the true power and potential of Creator accounts is by affiliating with brands.

Not only does it help you monetize your content and earn money, but also takes up your Instagram reach, engagements, and popularity to do so, people get real active Instagram followers from

Moreover, if the brand which you are collaborating with, is well known, and has followers of millions, then it can be a game-changer for your Instagram Creative Account.

However, when it comes to collaborating with brands, almost all brands overall evaluate your content for quality along with other account analytics and not just the number of followers on your account. So, keep this in mind to get more collaboration opportunities.


It takes time to get the desired results and growth on Instagram. You just need to use these above-mentioned tactics, be consistent, disciplined, and most importantly, never quit.

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