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Inzfy: 11 Instagram Features That Marketers Can Try In 2023

Instagram has a massive user base and is one of the top-rated social media platforms online. To keep up with the other social media platforms, Instagram is constantly rolling out new features. Every time you log on to the platform, you might see a new feature that helps you to create, organize and promote your content.

Only the content speaks louder on the Instagram platform. Although the platform’s features include stories, posts, reels, etc., to get more online exposure, you should buy Instagram video views and gain more popularity.

Every time the app creates an opportunity to develop your business. Moreover, in recent times, the app has launched more new features. So marketers must brush up their knowledge to effectively utilize these Instagram features. Similarly, as per the statistics, nearly 44% of Instagram active users use the platform to discover brands. So with all these features, an app is a good place for marketing.

This article is a complete guide to Instagram’s new features, and the marketers shall try it out and include it in their different marketing strategies. So let’s get deep to know about the features.

11 Fascinating Instagram Features

1. Reels Template

As per recent statistics, nearly 91% of active Instagram users watch videos weekly. So reels have become one of the most excellent marketing video strategies. However, it would be an incredible task to create the reels regularly. So one of the best ways to develop reels is to use templates. These are pre-built templates that anyone can use to generate quicker reels. To access the Template, the following are the steps that have to be followed.

  • First, you have to select a reel with music on the platform and tap on the three dots button on the top right of the reel you want to post.
  • Now tap use as a template.
  • Next, click media at the bottom and select the desired photos and videos to use in the reels. These images will replace the original ones.
  • If you are satisfied with the Template and click done and post it, you can preview your reel before posting.

2. Dual Camera

Instagram’s new dual-camera feature lets users record their video content with front and back-facing cameras. With this feature, the back-facing camera covers the entire screen, whereas the front one will appear with a small screen on the top. It is available only for reel creation. For example, users can use the dual camera option to take a tutorial or demo of any product to convey the information very well.

3. Remix Reels

In the past, the remix feature is available for videos only. Now it is available on Instagram photos as well. On the Instagram platform, you can attach your photo or video with other reels and upload it as your own. Even include an exciting factor. You can add stickers, polls, and texts to remix your content.

4. Utilize Interactive Stickers

Most Instagram stickers are available for the stories alone. However, most marketers are utilizing it for better engagement with the audience. Instagram polls are where you get the opinions of the audience. Quiz options are where you can test your audience, the knowledge of your products, or teach something new to them. Emoji sliders help the audience to show their likeliness in their content. Furthermore, to increase your views for your stories, you can use Inzfy and reap better results.

5. Grid Pinning

Grid pinning is picking your favorite reels or posts and then pinning them onto the profile. So the selected post will appear on top of the grid. Most of the pinned posts would be top-ranked ones. If you do Grid pinning, it drives attention toward ongoing promotions like events, shows, etc. Furthermore, it highlights the fascinating content from your posts.

6. Partnership Inboxes

Nowadays, brands and businesses are efficiently managing their communications in a single place with partnership messages. Under the direct messages, there is a subfolder called partnership messages. These partnership messages make communications easy between the brands and influencers too.

7. Find Creators

Instagram allows users to include brands in a preferred brand list. So when the brands search for the creators can easily find them on Instagram. Those who have shown prior interest will be shown on top of the search results. It would be easy for brands to find the perfect creator for their brand. In addition, brands shall filter the creators based on age, gender, location, etc.,

8. Auto-Captions

Instagram’s auto-caption sticker is available for both reels and stories. This feature will automatically convert the speech of the user to written captions. So that by using this feature, it is possible to make Instagram content more accessible. So more audience will watch out your videos as well as it drives more traffic to your site.

9. Calendar Tool

On Instagram insights, it is possible to track the insights for about 30 to 60 days. So marketers need not search for third-party apps to check out the Instagram results. The information is readily available within the insights. So the marketers shall take up the points from the insights and further improve their marketing strategies. Marketers should leverage Inzfy for improved reach.

10. Instagram Subscriptions

It is a recently launched feature where users subscribe to Instagram accounts. With subscriptions, users can get early access to view posts and videos. In addition, subscribers can have access to exclusive live streams and stories. This feature will help creators to develop deep connections with their followers.

11. Visual Replies On Reels

Another inspiring feature is visual replies on Instagram. It is possible to make comments on Instagram reels, which will be displayed in a lively way. So it makes the audience highly engaging and interactive. It also helps to generate more leads. Additionally, you can use Instagram visual replies, which increases your rank on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is constantly growing and evolving. The new features are becoming a game changer in the online market. To keep brands on top of the platforms, marketers should keep an eye on the new features and then wisely take the business to the next level. We hope this article has become a quick guide to Instagram features that you can refer it for your future projects. So to have a long presence on the platform, it is essential to think creatively and uniquely. So have a happy Instagramming with the great features!


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