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1000+ Best Instagram Note Ideas: Funny, Cool & Motivational Notes For Your Followers



Have you ever used Post-it notes when you were in college or at the office? The Instagram notes are similar to that but on a virtual platform rather than on actual paper. 

Instagram notes are a great way to send messages to your close friends or followers as a way of interacting with them. 

This latest feature of Instagram is available on the DM section of the app. You can only add write up to 60 characters on the Instagram notes. 

Instagram Note Ideas For All Purposes

These are a few great options of Instagram note ideas that you can try anytime you want when you are updating your Instagram note, on your account. 

1.Instagram Note Ideas From TV Shows & Movies

  1. “Can I get an alcohol? – New Girl.”
  2. “Is butter a carb? – Mean Girls.”
  3. “Love that journey for me. – Schitts’s Creek.”
  4. “Nom, nom for us – Schitt’s Creek.”
  5. “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  6. “Sweet Davy Jones! What the heck is going on? – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  7. “Why must every 11 minutes of my life be filled with misery?  – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  8. “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  9. “Look at all the hip young people eating salads! – Spongebob Sqaurepants.”
  10. “Ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli. – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  11. “Fine dining and breathing are all I know how to do. – Spomgebob Squarepants.”
  12. “F is for friends who do stuff together. – Spomgebob Squarepants.”
  13. “I’m ready, I’m ready – Spongebob Squarepants.”
  14. “My life is an inconvenience – Schitt’s Creek.”
  15. “Ew, David – Schitt’s Creek.”
  16. “Can we just take a minute to celebrate me? – Schitt’s Creek.”
  17. “I will not feel shame about the mall pretzels – Schitt’s Creek.”
  18. “It’a feeling stick – New Girl.”
  19. “I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now – Schitt’s Creek.”
  20. “You just fold it in – Schitt’s Creek.”
  21. “Gum would be perfection – Friends.”
  22. “It’s my turn to take a selfish – Schitt’s Creek.”
  23. “Could I be wearing anymore clothes? – Friends.”
  24. “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? – Friends.”
  25. “We were on a break! – Friends.”
  26. “I’d pee on any one of you – Friends.”
  27. “I am Beyonce always – The Office.”
  28. “I understand nothing – The Office.”
  29. “I’m not Supertitious, but I am a little stitious. – The office”
  30. “I feel god in this Chili’s tonight – The Office.”
  31. “I am faster than 80 percent of all snakes.”
  32. “Fact: Bears eat beets, Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica – The Office.”
  33. “Hello, Newman – Seinfeld.”
  34. “I’m on no sleep. No sleep – Seinfeld.”
  35. “Yama hama. It’s fright night – Seinfeld.”
  36. “Yada yada yada – Seiinfeld.”

 2. Attitude & Savage Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “I’m not afraid of storms, I’m learning how to sail my ship.‘
  2. “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.”
  3. “Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous.”
  4. “I’m a boss, not a follower.”
  5. “If it’s not making you money, it’s not making you sense.”
  6. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  7. “Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up.”
  8. “Good things come to those who hustle.”
  9. “My future is bright, and so is yours.”
  10. “My time is valuable, don’t waste it.”
  11. “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.”
  12. “Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.”
  13. “Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.”
  14. “Don’t chase, attract.”
  15. “‘I’m not a princess, I’m a queen.”
  16. “I’m not a backup plan, I’m a priority.”
  17. “Keep it real or keep it moving.”
  18. “I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”
  19. “I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it.”
  20. “Success is the best revenge.”
  21. “Hustle hard, stay humble.”
  22. “My attitude is my superpower.”
  23. “I’m not cocky, I’m confident.”
  24. “Nothing can stop me but me.”
  25. “I’m not arrogant, I’m confident.”
  26. “Keep calm, and hustle on.”
  27. “Success is my only option.”
  28. “I’m not one in a million, I’m one of a kind.”
  29. “You do you, and I’ll do me.”
  30. “Don’t let anyone dim your light.”
  31. “I’m not here to please, but I’m here to succeed.”
  32. “I’m not for everyone, but I’m for me.”
  33. “Hustle and heart will set you apart.”
  34. “Stay classy, never tasty.”
  35. “Work hare, slay harder.”
  36. “I don’t do drama, I do business.”
  37. “My vibe attracts my tribe.”
  38. “I’m not perfect, but I’m worth it.”
  39. “Life’s a game; play to win.”
  40. “Confidence is key.”
  41. “Haters gonna hate, I’m gonna slay.”
  42. “I don’t follow, I lead.”
  43. “Not sorry for being me.”
  44. “I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.”
  45. “Life’s too short for BS.”
  46. “Keep it real or keep it moving.”
  47. “No time for fake ones.”
  48. “I do me; you do you.”
  49. “No filter, no apologies.”

3. Quotes For Instagram Notes

  1. “You got this.”
  2. “Choose happiness.”
  3. “Stay Curious.”
  4. “Never Stop exploring.”
  5. “Let it be.”
  6. “Keep on dreaming.”
  7. “Love Yourself.”
  8. “Live each day to the fullest.”
  9. “Keep shining.”
  10. “Be the light.”
  11. “Chase your passion.”
  12. “Life is too short for regrets.”
  13. “Good things come to those who wait.”
  14. “YOLO.”
  15. “Keep calm and carry on.”
  16. “Take the leap.”
  17. “Live, Laugh, Love.”
  18. “Be kind always.”
  19. “Enjoy the ride.”
  20. “Choose joy.”
  21. “Make it happen.”
  22. “Happiness is a choice.”
  23. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”
  24. “Take the risk.”
  25. “Life is beautiful.”
  26. “Dare to be different.”
  27. “Embrace the journey.”
  28. “Keep it simple.”
  29. “Stay true to you.”
  30. “Just breathe.”
  31. “Be the change.”
  32. “Follow your dreams.”
  33. “Life is a journey.‘
  34. “Carpe Noctem.”
  35. “All you need is love.”
  36. “Work hard, play hard.”
  37. “Take chances.”
  38. “Stay positive.”
  39. “Hakuna matata.”
  40. “Never give up.”
  41. “Believe in yourself.”
  42. “Live in the moment.”
  43. “Seize the day.”
  44. “Be yourself.”
  45. “Follow your heart.”
  46. “Life is short.”
  47. “Love conquers all.”
  48. “Keep moving forward.”
  49. “Dream big.”
  50. “Carpe diem.”

 4. Unpopular Opinion Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “Pineapples does not belong on pizza.”
  2. “Cats are better than dogs.”
  3. “Harry Potter is overrated.”
  4. “Friends is an awful TV show.”
  5. “Salad is overrated.”
  6. “Running is the best form of exercise.”
  7. “Money can buy happiness.”
  8. “Video games are a waste of time.”
  9. “Coffee is better than tea.”
  10. “College is not necessary for success.”
  11. “Reality TV is trash.”
  12. “Sushi is overrated.”
  13. “Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth.”
  14. “Country music is not good.”
  15. “Summer is not the best season.”
  16. “The Office is not a good TV show.”
  17. “NFL is boring to watch.”
  18. “The Beatles are overrated.”
  19. “Coffee is overrated.”
  20. “PB&J sandwiches are underrated.”
  21. “La Croix is not a good drink.”
  22. “Ketchup is gross.”
  23. “iPhones are overrated.”
  24. “Avocado toast is not worth the hype.”
  25. “New Year’s Eve is always overrated.”

5. Best Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “4 days until the weekend”
  2. “Live and die for Pizzas”
  3. “You will get there.”
  4. “Baby steps, my friend :)”
  5. “Girls just want to have fun.”
  6. “Too much Monday not enough coffee”
  7. “Want to be happy? Care less.”
  8. “I don’t make mistakes, I date them.”
  9. “Always traveling”
  10. “Don’t give up. Not yet.”
  11. “I got one less problem without you”
  12. “Meditate to elevate”
  13. “Rising higher than the sun”
  14. “Coffee cannot save you”
  15. “You are always on my mind”
  16. “Shine bright like a diamond”
  17. “Hustler”
  18. “Life is giving, receiving, taking, and sharing”
  19. “Work Hard, Hustle Harder”
  20. “Attitude of Gratitude”
  21. “Peace over Pleasure”
  22. “I don’t want peace, I want problems”
  23. “Life is more about giving”
  24. “pleasure over stress”
  25. “Is in desperate need of funds for his next trip”
  26. “Get busy living or get busy dying.”
  27. “The solution to every problem is LOVE”
  28. “Life’s a beach.”
  29. “You are doing your best!”
  30. “All I really need is a passport.”
  31. “No job is complete until a selfie is posted.”
  32. “It’s a beautiful day to start over”
  33. “Day Dreaming?”
  34. “My favorite part of the day is dessert.”
  35. “When will it be Friday?”
  36. “Be your own reason to smile.’

6. Cool & Sassy Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “Let me distract you.”
  2. “lost in my thoughts”
  3. “Don’t just exist, live.”
  4. “Be a warrior in a room of worriers.”
  5. “To make time fly, throw your watch out the window.” 
  6. “For extremely smart advice, DM me.”
  7. “Do I run? Yes, Out of time, patience, and money.”
  8. “He who keeps his cool best wins.”
  9. “How can I help you?”
  10. “Drop it like it’s hot”
  11. “Keep your head held high”
  12. “To note or not to note?”
  13. “Rollin’ with the homies”
  14. “Goal: Being more happy”
  15. “ain’t got no worries”
  16. “Trying to keep it real”
  17. “Sometimes all I think about is you”
  18. “Take a chance”
  19. “Overthinking kills your peace”
  20. “Great day to meditate”
  21. “Live, Learn, Work, Play”
  22. “Work Hard, Rest Equally Hard”
  23. “Life is all about letting go”
  24. “Living life at (age)”
  25. “Not a fool”
  26. “Limited Edition”
  27. “No paparazzi, please”
  28. “This is a sign that cute girls should DM me.”
  29. “Letting nature take its course.”
  30. “More ways to slide into my DMs”
  31. “Stay Strong”
  32. “DND”
  33. “Smile big, laugh often.”
  34. “Be unapologetically YOU”
  35. “Keep your head high”
  36. “Meditate.”

7. Happy Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “Currently on energy-saving mode.”
  2. “Why so serious?”
  3. “All Problems, One Solution: COFFEE”
  4. “Scrolling through Instagram for all the dogs”
  5. “Busy setting goals and crushing them”
  6. “Waiting for the weekend”
  7. “Positive Vibes Only”
  8. “Today is an opportunity to begin again”
  9. “Look at me taking selfies and stuff.”
  10. “Friday, my second favorite F word.”
  11. “Judging every other Instagram Note”
  12. “So grateful for this moment”
  13. “Wild and free”
  14. “Another day to be kind”
  15. “One smile can turn your day better”
  16. “Everyone needs a little guiding light”
  17. “Dogs are my kind of company”
  18. “Always want to spread love and happiness”
  19. “Don’t envy people”
  20. “Live life king size”
  21. “I eat like there is no tomorrow”
  22. “Exhale other people’s bullshit”
  23. “Don’t consider yourself any less from anyone”
  24. “Spreading love like confetti”
  25. “Be nice but not too nice”
  26. “An open mind and an open heart”
  27. “Happy to see people suceeding”
  28. “A great day to be awesome”
  29. “How you doin?”
  30. “Smile, it confuses people.”
  31. “Sending you positivity and Happiness”
  32. “Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.”
  33. “Life is something to do when you can’t get to sleep”
  34. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”
  35. “Be a voice, not an echo.”
  36. “I’m not just a vibe. I’m the whole mood.”

8. Witty Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “Just want to be a part of the trend”
  2. “Life is a party and I am a teetotaler”
  3. “*inserts something very smart*”
  4. “I can teach you to have fun”
  5. “Always up for drinks”
  6. “Run from everything, towards your problems”
  7. “Rethinking my whole life”
  8. “Cooler than your kids”
  9. “My hobby is drinking”
  10. “60 characters is not enough to note anything”
  11. “I’d keep my note to myself”
  12. “Always happy in a bar”
  13. “It’s a party and you are not invited”
  14. “Busted”
  15. “We will rock you”
  16. “Self love”
  17. “*insert very funny joke here*”
  18. “*Eyeroll*”
  19. “Nine is wine time”
  20. “If the sun’s out, so am I.”
  21. “Regret will not take you where you wish to be”
  22. “Hustlin’”
  23. “Looking for a sugar daddy.”
  24. “Men will be men”
  25. “This is to remind you that it’s a bad day, not a bad life”
  26. “KEEP GOING!”
  27. “I would rather text you”
  28. “It’s time to pursue my purpose.”
  29. “Don’t stop believing”
  30. “Extra fries over exercise”

9. Smart Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “To generalize is to be an idiot”
  2. “Live a good story”
  3. “Don’t crib over the past, focus on the present”
  4. “Rejection is just redirection”
  5. “Always know your worth”
  6. “Life is short.” False — it’s the longest thing you do.”
  7. “Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced”
  8. “Smile a little more, regret a little less.”
  9. “Better an “oops” than a “what if.”
  10. “My favorite subject in school was recess.”
  11. “Be the best version of yourself.”
  12. “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
  13. “Don’t chase. Get Chosen.”
  14. “Choose to Grow”
  15. “Don’t dim your light for others”
  16. “Lift everyone with you”
  17. “If you don’t see your worth, nobody will”
  18. “Stay Focused”
  19. “Partying won’t get me anywhere”
  20. “Stay away from negativity”
  21. “Life is short; live every day like it’s your last”
  22. “Simple and Elegant”
  23. “Value yourself first”
  24. “Make an impact”
  25. “Always the exception”
  26. “Choose peace”
  27. “Life is way too short for bad “
  28. “Brains are an awesome tool. I wish everybody had one.”
  29. “History is made by rule breakers”
  30. “Live every day like there is no tomorrow”
  31. “Be you. That’s your superpower.”
  32. “Grow through what you go through”
  33. “Life is simple. It’s just not easy.”
  34. “Seize the day”
  35. “Namaste.”

10. Inspirational & Motivational Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “Time makes you stronger and bolder”
  2. “Catch flights, not feelings.”
  3. “Sad birds still sing”
  4. “You got this.”
  5. “Make it happen.”
  6. “Choose your own path.”
  7. “Create your own happiness”
  8. “Be the energy you want to attract.”
  9. “Never look back”
  10. “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”
  11. “Today is your day, beautiful!”
  12. “Take it one day at a time.”
  13. “I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT!”
  14. “Reality called, so I hung up.”
  15. “The little things in life matter.”
  16. “Tomorrow becomes never, soon.”
  17. “Work Hard, Party Harder”
  18. “Keep going, keep growing.”
  19. “Resilience”
  20. “If you fall, get back up”
  21. “Crying is not a sign of weakness”
  22. “Begin every day with a bang”
  23. “Never underestimate your power”
  24. “You never fail, you try or you win”
  25. “Manifest success”
  26. “Take the risk or lose the chance.”
  27. “Just another dreamer”
  28. “No pain, No gain”
  29. “Seize the day”
  30. Today is a “present”
  31. Every fall is a chance to rise”
  32. Do what you love. Everything else will follow”
  33. Time Heals”
  34. Look in the mirror and smile”
  35. You are you, and that is your power”

11. Unique Instagram Note Ideas

  1. “I had fun once, it was horrible”
  2. “No guts, no story.”
  3. “Too lit to quit”
  4. “I am going to do everything as per m y followers’ DMs”
  5. “50 shades of dark circles”
  6. “So blunt, you can smoke my truth.”
  7. “Candles just want to get lit”
  8. “Every day is your birthday if you live like it”
  9. “Don’t just look at my note, DM me.”
  10. “tw: my existence”
  11. “Happiness looks good on me.”
  12. “Ask the right questions”
  13. “I have the wrong life subscription”
  14. “Count your blessings”
  15. “Stay the hell away from me”
  16. “Me and who?”
  17. “Is there a life doctor”
  18. “Stretch your stress away”
  19. “time sure flies by doesn’t it?”
  20. “Don’t quit your daydream”
  21. “I will say yes to everything today.”
  22. “Creating history”
  23. “You make me melt.”
  24. “Be savage, not average.”

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12. Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “You see that? That’s my patience leaving.”
  2. “Don’t worry, Be-yonce.”
  3. “Not lazy, just in energy-saving mode.”
  4. “At least my pizza still loves me”
  5. “My phone is smarter than your face”
  6. “If you are having a bad day, I can be funny”
  7. “My excuse is that I’m young.”
  8. “If I was a bird, I know who I’d shit on.”
  9. “When nothing goes right, go left.”
  10. “Trying to be funny”
  11. “If I were funny, would you text me back?”
  12. “I put the fun in funny”
  13. “I am not sure which personality you are talking about”
  14. “Drive people crazy every day”
  15. “I cry like it’s my job”
  16. “Aways feels like Monday around me”
  17. “I run only if I want to catch the bus”
  18. “When you’re downie, eat a brownie.”
  19. “Busy putting the ‘pro’ in procrastinate”
  20. “If this were Tinder, I’d swipe right”
  21. “Funny is what you need”
  22. “I’d be a joker if you like funny”
  23. “Jokes don’t have to come from someone with a red nose!”
  24. “60 characters? I’ll give you 5 personalities”
  25. “Looking for funny? Get high”
  26. “High in love”
  27. “*Insert something funny*”
  28. “If I was drunk, I didn’t do it.”
  29. “Always at work, never working”
  30. “tight jeans, loose morals”
  31. “I’ll have one shot if four people DM me”

13. Cute Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.”
  2. “To-do list: eat, drink, nap.”
  3. “Maybe she’s born with it.”
  4. “forever a city girl”
  5. “Keep smiling and shining”
  6. “Note this note.”
  7. “Vodka, Rum… Adds a little fun!”
  8. “You are the Vibe that I don’t need”
  9. “Certainly over this sh*t”
  10. “The only thing I read is IG Notes”
  11. “What you do NOW is important”
  12. “The country is calling me”
  13. “I make the rules, you break them”
  14. “My socks are the cutest thing in my life”
  15. “I only need dogs”
  16. “How many frogs do I kiss?”
  17. “Looking for happily ever after”
  18. “No uterus, no opinion”
  19. “And the rest is history”
  20. “Smile More, Worry Less”
  21. “Keeping it classic and sassy”
  22. “Reminder: You are pretty!”
  23. “My therapist knows every one of you”
  24. “Will text you back in 7-14 business days”
  25. “I was born on my birthday”
  26. “All you need is ice cream.”
  27. “When all else fails, smile.”
  28. “Stress less, enjoy the best”
  29. “Hakuna ma-vodka”
  30. “No rain, no flower.”

14. Instagram Note Ideas Girls

  1. “Lost in a world that doesn’t exist”
  2. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”
  3. “Keep your head high and your heels higher”
  4. “More issues than Vogue.”
  5. “She who dares, wins.”
  6. “Own it.”
  7. “Mimosas in the middle of the day”
  8. “Cosmos and Bikinis”
  9. “On Wednesdays we wear pink”
  10. “Waiting for that one boy’s message”
  11. “Lipgloss is more fun”
  12. “Don’t judge someone by their social media”
  13. “Highest in the room”
  14. “You have to be kidding me”
  15. “I have never finished one lip gloss”
  16. “Finding happiness like lost bobby pins”
  17. “I am more social on social media”
  18. “But you can’t even text back…”
  19. “Livin’ your dream”
  20. “On the way to success”
  21. “Divas don’t do drama. We do business”
  22. “Go live your dream”
  23. “Chillin with the ladies”
  24. “Anyone up for brunch?”
  25. “Lipstick, always”
  26. “Curls run the world”
  27. “all I do is upgrade”
  28. “Like a boss”
  29. “Being happy never goes out of style.”

15. Instagram Note Ideas Boys

  1. “Hangin’ with the bois”
  2. “Homies, wya?”
  3. “Let them hate”
  4. “I am not afraid to be who I am”
  5. “At the gym”
  6. “Your past does not equal your future.”
  7. “Hustlin’ Hard”
  8. “Down to earth, still above you”
  9. “Peace of mind”
  10. “Walking Green Flag”
  11. “Travel on my mind”
  12. “Party all night”
  13. “Only into racing”
  14. “Chicks can wait”
  15. “Building my life one day at a time”
  16. “My biceps are bigger than…”
  17. “Beer and some chicken”
  18. “In a mood to wreck everything”
  19. “Goosebumps”
  20. “Never at the gym”
  21. “In your girlfriend’s DMs”
  22. “Trekking my way to the top”
  23. “Count your blessings”
  24. “Always running”
  25. “I got my car, I don’t need anyone”
  26. “Minding my own business, do the same”
  27. “Your girl in my DMs”
  28. “GOAT”
  29. “You, me and my bike?”
  30. “Legen… wait for it.. dary”
  31. “Out of office…”

16. Creative Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. “I am like sunshine on a cloudy day! “
  2. “Victoria’s Secret models, we are comin’ for your careers.”
  3. “Grow through your experiences.”
  4. “My own savior, the knight in shining armor.”
  5. “The mountains are calling”
  6. “I think about food every second.”
  7. “Be your own kind of beautiful.”
  8. “Entrepreneur life”
  9. “Bon voyage!”
  10. “Walking ball of sunshine!”
  11. “Mind and Body Positivity”
  12. “Get in all the sunshine”
  13. “Aloe vera gel can fix all your problems”
  14. “Business-ing life away”
  15. “Thrift stores are the best”
  16. “Don’t be average”
  17. “Stand tall and don’t let your crown fall”
  18. “Positivity only.”
  19. “You don’t know how much time you got”
  20. “Love helps everything grow”
  21. “Beauty is what you see in my DP”
  22. “Every journey is beautiful”
  23. “Sprinkling sparkle everywhere I go”
  24. “Just a little bit of sunshine”
  25. “See you after my vacation”
  26. “Call it what you want”
  27. “livin’ the good life.”
  28. “Make a Wish. Take a Chance.”
  29. “Destination: isolation.”
  30. “Nature is calling”

17. Instagram Note Ideas For Couples

  1. “I’m yours, forever and always.”
  2. “Love is a beautiful adventure.”
  3. “Every day is a new adventure with you.”
  4. “You and me, always and forever.”
  5. “My forever Valentine.”
  6. “You complete me.”
  7. “Together we are unstoppable.”
  8. “Every day with you is a blessing.”
  9. “You’re the missing piece to my puzzle.”
  10. “Falling in love with you every day.”
  11. “You are my happily ever after.”
  12. “My best friend and my better half.”
  13. “Happiest with you.”
  14. “Forever and a day with you.”
  15. “I’m so lucky to call you mine.”
  16. “The best part of my day is you.”
  17. “Our love story is my favourite.”
  18. “My heart is full when I’m with you.”
  19. “I love being your partner in crime.”
  20. “Forever and always, my love.”
  21. “You make every day brighter.”
  22. “I can’t imagine my life without you.”
  23. “I’m so lucky to call you mine.”
  24. “Forever and a day with you.”
  25. “My love is unconditional for you.”
  26. “You are the apple of my eye.”
  27. “You are such a blessing”
  28. “You are my today and forever.”
  29. “My heart is full when I’m with you.”
  30. “You make me a better person.”
  31. “Our love story is my favorite.
  32. “My heart belongs to you.”
  33. “You’re the missing piece to my puzzle.”
  34. “I love being your partner in crime.”
  35. “I love you to the moon and back.”
  36. “My heart belongs to you.”
  37. “Fall in love with you daily.”
  38. “You make my world better.”
  39. “Every day with you’s a blessing.”
  40. “You’re beautiful inside/out.”
  41. “I love the way you make me feel.”
  42. “You’re my safe haven/home.”
  43. “Can’t wait to grow old together.”
  44. “You’re my best friend/soulmate.”
  45. “You make my heart skip a beat.”
  46. “Grateful for you in my life.”
  47. “Love you more than anything.”
  48. “You’re the light of my life.”
  49. “You make everything better.”
  50. “Proud to call you my partner.”
  51. “You are my everything.”
  52. “You bring out the best in me.”
  53. “Grateful for your love/support.”
  54. “You make my heart race.”
  55. “You’re my dream come true.”
  56. “Love you more than words.”
  57. “You are my one and only.”
  58. “You complete me.”
  59. “Can’t imagine life without you.”
  60. “You make my world brighter.”
  61. “I love the way you laugh.”
  62. “You’re my reason for waking.”
  63. “You are my heart’s desire.”
  64. “Grateful for the memories.”
  65. “You are amazing/loved by me.”
  66. “You make me feel alive.”
  67. “I love the way you look at me.”
  68. “You are my forever.”
  69. “Grateful for the love you bring.”
  70. “You’re the missing piece.”
  71. “You make me feel special.”
  72. “You’re beautiful/make me feel.”
  73. “You make me feel lucky.”
  74. “Love you more than anything.”
  75. “You’re my forever love.”

18. Instagram Note Ideas In Hinglish

  1. “Swag swaad anusaar”
  2. “Akad aukaad anusaar”
  3. “Aaj Friday hai!”
  4. “Lag gaye”
  5. “Dekho magar pyaar se”
  6. “You are very chalaak bro”
  7. “Stalk nahi kiya toh kya pyaar kiya”
  8. “Tu 13 dekh”
  9. “Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai”
  10. “Wanna be my chammak challo?”
  11. “Tu rehne de”
  12. “Chai-Sutta”

19. Good Morning Instagram Notes

  1. “Rise and shine, new day!”
  2. “Good morning, let’s make it amazing.”
  3. “Beautiful morning, great day ahead.”
  4. “New beginning, make it count.”
  5. “Good morning, chase your dreams.”
  6. “Smile, be positive, good morning!”
  7. “Enjoy the little things, good morning!”
  8. “Every morning, chance to do better.”
  9. “Good morning, you’re winning!”
  10. “Let go of worries, be happy.”
  11. “Wake up, be awesome! Have a great day.”
  12. “New day, chance to make things right.”
  13. “Embrace positivity, good morning!”
  14. “Good morning, amazing and capable.”
  15. “Life is short, make it count.”
  16. “It’s a beautiful day, good morning!”
  17.  “Don’t fear failure; good morning!”
  18. “Wake up, new opportunities.”
  19. “Good morning, be grateful.”
  20. “Positive mindset changes day, good morning!”
  21. “Today is a gift, good morning!”
  22. “Good morning, loved and appreciated.”
  23. “Believe in yourself, good morning!”
  24. “Don’t let mistakes ruin happiness, good morning!”
  25. “Take a deep breath, good morning!”
  26. “Capable of great things, good morning!”
  27. “Take care of yourself, good morning!”
  28. “Every day is a new chance, good morning!”
  29. “Life is short, make it count.”
  30. “Let’s make today memorable, good morning!”
  31. “Morning sets tone, good morning!”
  32. “Chase your dreams, good morning!”
  33. “Good morning, love! My sunshine.”
  34. “Time to be awesome! Good morning.”
  35. “Conquer challenges, good morning!”
  36. “Appreciate little things, good morning!”
  37. “Believe in yourself, good morning!”
  38. “Wake up and shine, good morning!”
  39. “Every morning, start again.”
  40. “Good morning, new opportunity!”
  41. “Stay positive, good morning!”
  42. “Grateful heart, good morning!”
  43. “Let’s make today memorable, good morning!”
  44. “New chance to be better, good morning!”
  45. “Smile, it’s contagious, good morning!”
  46. “Wake up, beautiful day, good morning!”
  47. “Good morning, make it count.”

20. Good  Night Instagram Notes

  1. “Sweet dreams, sleep tight.”
  2. “Good night, world.”
  3. “Rest and recharge, good night.”
  4. “Time to rest, good night.”
  5. “Tomorrow is a new day, good night.”
  6. “Sleep well, sweet dreams.”
  7. “Dream big, good night.”
  8. “Sleep tight; see you tomorrow.’
  9. Good night.”
  10. “Good night, love.”
  11. “Relax and unwind, good night.”
  12. “Rest up, good night.”
  13. “Dreaming of a better tomorrow, good night.”
  14. “Good night, sleep well.”
  15. “Night time is for rest, good night.”
  16. “Sweet dreams, good night.”
  17. “Good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite!”
  18. “Wishing you a peaceful night, good night.”
  19. “Time to shut off; good night.”
  20. “Dreaming of a brighter future, good night.”
  21. “Good night, see you in the morning.”
  22. “Let go of worries; good night.”
  23. “Close your eyes and sleep; good night.”’
  24. “Good night, wishing you happiness.”
  25. “Rest well, good night.”
  26. “Time to recharge; good night.”
  27. “Good night, love and light.”
  28. “Sweet dreams, have a good night.”
  29. “May your dreams be as beautiful as you are; good night.”
  30. “Good night, and may tomorrow be kinder.”
  31. “Rest well; tomorrow is a new day.”
  32. “Time to recharge and reflect; good night.”
  33. “Good night; tomorrow is a fresh start.”
  34. “Sleep tight; let go of worries.”
  35. “Good night, may you wake up refreshed.”
  36. “May your dreams be filled with joy, good night.”
  37. “Rest easy, good night.”
  38. “Good night, may your heart be at peace.”
  39. “Dream of all the good things, good night.”
  40. “Sleep well, have a great day tomorrow.”
  41. “Good night, let the stars guide you.”
  42. “Let go of stress; good night.”
  43. “Rest and relax; good night.”
  44. “Good night, may you wake up feeling grateful.”
  45. “Sweet dreams, love, and light.”
  46. “Good night, may you find inner peace.”
  47. “Wishing you a good night’s sleep, good night.”
  48. “Rest up; tomorrow is a new adventure.”
  49. “Good night, may your soul find rest.”
  50. “Time to unwind and relax; good night.”
  51. “Let go of the day, good night.”
  52. “Sleep well, sweet dreams.”
  53. “Good night, wishing you happiness and joy.”
  54. “May your dreams be filled with love; good night.”
  55. “Rest easy, good night.”
  56. “Dream of all the wonderful things, good night.”
  57. “Good night, may your heart be filled with love.”
  58. “Sleep tight; may you find peace.”
  59. “Good night, may tomorrow be full of opportunities.”
  60. “Rest up, good night.”
  61. “Good night; wishing you a great day tomorrow.”
  62. “Sweet dreams, let go of worries.”
  63. “Dream of all the good things, good night.”
  64. “Sleep tight; let your worries fade.”
  65. “Good night, may you wake up feeling refreshed.”
  66. “Rest well, good night.”
  67. “Time to recharge and renew; good night.”
  68. “Good night, may your dreams come true.”
  69. “Sleep tight; may your soul find rest.”
  70. “Good night, may you find comfort in sleep.”
  71. “Let go of the day, good night.”

21. Instagram Note For Happy Mood

  1. “Smile; it looks good on you.”
  2. “Smile, it’s contagious.”
  3. “Find joy in every moment.”
  4. “Keep shining; you’re amazing.”
  5. “Happiness is a choice; make it.”
  6. “Happy vibes only, always.”
  7. “Life is beautiful; enjoy it.”
  8. “Life is short, be happy.”
  9. “Positive thoughts, positive life.”
  10. “Spread love and joy.”
  11. “Happy heart, happy life.”
  12. “Keep smiling; it’s worth it.”
  13. “Every day is a fresh start.”
  14. “Choose joy, always.”
  15. “Choose to be happy today.”
  16. “Happiness is within you.”
  17. “Happiness looks good on you.”
  18. “Keep calm and be happy.”
  19. “Choose happiness every day.”
  20. “Happiness is a journey; enjoy it.”
  21. “Life is too short to be unhappy.”
  22. “Be happy and keep shining.”
  23. “Life is full of blessings; appreciate them.”
  24. “Find happiness in the little things.”
  25. “Choose happiness over everything.”
  26. “Happy soul, happy life.”
  27. “Happiness is a state of mind.”
  28. “Happy mind, happy life.”
  29. “Find joy in every day.”
  30. “Keep smiling; it suits you.”
  31. “Choose happiness; it’s worth it.”
  32. “Choose to be happy every day.”
  33. “Keep positive, keep happy.”
  34. “Happiness is contagious; spread it.”
  35. “Life is better when you’re happy.”
  36. “Life is a beautiful journey; enjoy it.”
  37. “Happy thoughts, happy life.”
  38. “Find the joy in every moment.”
  39. “Happiness starts with you.”
  40. “Keep happy, keep shining.”
  41. “Be happy and enjoy the ride.”
  42. “Keep smiling and be happy.”
  43. “Keep smiling and stay happy.”
  44. “Choose happiness, it’s a superpower.”
  45. “Happiness is the key to a beautiful life.”
  46. “Enjoy the simple things in life.”
  47. “Keep calm and stay happy.”
  48. “Life is too short for negativity.”
  49. “Choose happiness and be free.”
  50. “The best things in life are free.”
  51. “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”
  52. “Keep smiling, it’s good for you.”
  53. “Life is better with a positive attitude.”
  54. “Happy people are the prettiest.”
  55. “Find happiness in the present moment.”
  56. “Choose happiness, it’s a good look.”
  57. “Keep positive and stay happy.”
  58. “Life is full of possibilities, enjoy it.”
  59. “Happy thoughts, happy life.”
  60. “Keep it simple and stay happy.”
  61. “Happiness is the best makeup.”
  62. “Choose to be happy, it’s empowering.”
  63. “Life is a precious gift, enjoy it.”
  64. “Find joy in the journey.”
  65. “Keep smiling, it makes a difference.”
  66. “Happiness is a state of mind, choose it.”
  67. “Life is too beautiful to be unhappy.”
  68. “Keep happy and spread the love.”
  69. “Happiness is a choice, make it yours.”
  70. “Be the reason someone smiles today.”
  71. “Happy mind, happy life.”
  72. “Keep it positive and stay happy.”
  73. “Life is too short to waste on negativity.”
  74. “Choose happiness, it’s a vibe.”
  75. “Keep smiling and keep shining.”
  76. “Happiness is contagious, spread it around.”
  77. “Life is better when you’re happy.”
  78. “Find the beauty in every day.”
  79. “Choose joy, it’s a game-changer.”
  80. “Keep it light and stay happy.”
  81. “Happiness is an inside job.”
  82. “Keep happy and enjoy the ride.”
  83. “Keep it positive and keep shining.”
  84. “Life is a journey, make it a happy one.”
  85. “Choose happiness, it’s a lifestyle.”
  86. “Keep smiling, it’s the best accessory.”
  87. “Happiness is a choice, not a result.”
  88. “Life is too short for anything but happiness.”
  89. “Keep happy and keep growing.”
  90. “Choose to be happy, it’s a power move.”

22. Instagram Note For Best Friends

  1. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel alive.”
  2. “You’re my person, my forever friends.”
  3. “Best friends, the ones who knows your soul.‘
  4. “Me ride or die.”
  5. “Friends who lift you up.”
  6. “Best friends make you feel like you matter.”
  7. “Best friends make you feel like you have a purpose.”
  8. “Best friends make you feel like you can conquer anything.”
  9. “Best friends, make you feel like the world is a better place.”
  10. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel like you belong.”
  11. “Best friends, the onee who know you better than yourself.”
  12. “Best friends, the ones who make the tough times easier.”
  13. “Best friends, seen you at your worst and still love you.”
  14. “Best friends, the ones who make every day better.”
  15. “The greatest gift in life is a true friends.”
  16. “Bets friends, the ones who makes you feel at home.”
  17. “You’re the Mary Kate to my Ashley.”
  18. “Best friends, the ones who knows you better than yourself.”
  19. “Frineds who support each other, always.”
  20. “You’re the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope.”
  21. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel like the world is yours.”
  22. “You’re the Blair to my Serena.”
  23. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel like anything is possible”
  24. “Best friends, the ones who make life worth living.
  25. ”You’re my soul sister.”
  26. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel like home.”
  27. “Best friends, the ones who make life an adventure.”
  28. “Best friends, the ones who make you feel alive.”
  29. “You’re my favorite human.”
  30. “Best friends, the ones who make every moment unforgettable”
  31. “Best friends, the ones who make life sweeter.”
  32. “You’re my sunshine on a cloudy day.”
  33. “Best friends, the ones who always have your back.”
  34. “You’re my partner in crime.”
  35. “Best friends, the ones who make the good times great.”
  36. “You’re my go-to person.”
  37. “We finish each other’s sentences.”
  38. “Best friends are the spice of life.”
  39. “You’re my person, my soulmate.’
  40. “Best friends, the ones who never judge.”
  41. “A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.”
  42. “Best friends, the ones who make you laugh.”
  43. “Best friends, the family we choose.”
  44. “Friends make life better.”
  45. “Always by my side, forever in my heart.”
  46. “We go together like PB&J.”
  47. “Laughter and memories with you.”
  48. “The yin to my yang.”
  49. “Best friends, better together.”
  50. “Friends who slay together, stay together.”
  51. “The Bonnie to my Clyde.”
  52. “Forever grateful for our friendship.”
  53. “Friends forever, never apart.”
  54. “Besties for the resties.”
  55. “My person, my best friend.”
  56. “Sisters from another mister.”

23. Powerful Quote Ideas For Instagram Notes

  1. “Be kind.”
  2. “You are the master of your fate.”
  3. “The universe is full of possibilities.”
  4. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  5. “Believe in your own magic.”
  6. “Follow your passion.”
  7. “Let go of what doesn’t serve you.”
  8. “Believe in the power of your dreams.”
  9. “Life is precious, enjoy every moment.”
  10. “Keep going, don’t give up.”
  11. “Don’t settle for less.”
  12. “Don’t let your past define your future.”
  13. “Make memories, not just plans.”
  14. “Embrace the journey, not the destination.”
  15. “Stay humble, just hustle hard.”
  16. “Love is all you need.”
  17. “You are enough.”
  18. “Life is an adventure.”
  19. “Dream, believe, achieve.”
  20. “Be a game changer.”
  21. “Don’t let fear stop you.”
  22. “Life is full of surprises.”
  23. “Believe in miracles.”
  24. “Make it happen.”
  25. “Seize the day.”
  26. “Choose joy.”
  27. “Life is too short to worry.”
  28. “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”
  29. “Future belongs to believers.”
  30. “Focus on what you can do.”
  31. “React positively to life’s challenges.”
  32. “Life is a journey, not a destination.”
  33. “Enjoy every moment, it’s a gift.”
  34. “Love what you do, do great work.”
  35. “Live in the present moment.”
  36. “Tie happinessto goals, not things.”
  37. “Action leads to happiness.”
  38. “Be the reason someone smiles.”
  39. “Believe and you’re halfway there.”
  40. “Never give up on what you love.”
  41. “Life is too short to be unhappy.”
  42. “Happiness is the secret to beauty.”
  43. “Imagination makes is infinite.”
  44. “Dance in the rain.”
  45. “Be a warrior, not a worrier.”
  46. “Life is too short, make it sweet.”
  47. “Live, don’t just exist.”
  48. “You’re the creator of your own destiny.”
  49. “Be fearless, be authentic, be unforgettable.”
  50. “Life is tough, but so are you.”
  51. “Believe in yourself, obstacles can’t stop you.”
  52. “Do more of what makes you happy.”
  53. “Your mind is your limit.”
  54. “You’re never too old to dream.”
  55. “Love yourself first, the rest follows.”
  56. “Every moment is a fresh start.”
  57. “Be the light in someone’s day.”
  58. “Balance holding on and letting go.”
  59. “Don’t dwell in yesterday, make today count.”
  60. “Dream big, work hard, stay focused, be with good people.”
  61. “The best is yet to come.”
  62. “Be the chagne you wish to see.”
  63. “You are your only limit.”
  64. “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”
  65. “Don’t stop until you’re proud.”
  66. “Believe and you’re halfway there.”
  67. “Life is short, don’t wait.”
  68. “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”
  69. “Be fearless in your pursuits.”
  70. “Hustle for the best.‘
  71. “Chase dreams, not fears.”
  72. “Create your own dreams.”
  73. “Make your years count, don’t predict it.”
  74. “Live life to the fullest.”
  75. “Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.”
  76. “Create your own future, don’t predict it.”
  77. “Create opportunities, don’t wait for them.”
  78. “Follow your heart, chase your dreams.”
  79. “Stay true to your dreams.”
  80. “Be yourself, every one else is taken.”
  81. “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.”

24. Instagram Notes For Birthday

  1. “Let the birthday festivities begin!”
  2. “Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I know.”
  3. “Wishing you a year full of blessings and happiness.”
  4. “Another year of living life to the fullest.”
  5. “Keep calm and party on.”
  6. “You’re an inspiration to us all.”
  7. “Happy birthday, superstar!”
  8. “May your day be filled with all your favorite things.”
  9. “Celebrate the amazing person you are.”
  10. “Have a blast on your special day!”
  11. “Here’s to a year of amazing adventures.”
  12. “You’re a shining star, happy birthday!”
  13. “A day to be celebrated!”
  14. “The world is a brighter place with you in it.”
  15. “Birthdays are the best excuse for cake.”
  16. “Wishing you a year full of laughter and joy.”
  17. “Happy birthday, Beautiful!”
  18. “Let the good times roll!”
  19. “May your day be as fabulous as you are.”
  20. “Another year, another chapter in your book of life.”
  21. “Life is a journey; enjoy the ride.”
  22. “Happy birthday to my partner in crime.”
  23. “Wishing you all the happiness in the world.”
  24. “Your birthday is a reminder of how loved you are.”
  25. “Make a wish and blow out the candles.”
  26. “A birthday is a time to shine.”
  27. “Happiest birthday to my favorite person.”
  28. “Wishing you a year full of love and adventure.”
  29. “You deserve the best, today and always.”
  30. “Let the celebrations begin!”
  31. “You’re one of a kind.”
  32. “A birthday is a time to reflect on life’s blessings.”
  33. “You’re aging like fine wine.”
  34. “Happy Birthday, my love!”
  35. “Here’s to a year of dreams coming true.”
  36. “The world is your playground, enjoy it.”
  37. “Happy, happy birthday!”
  38. “Wishing you a year full of happiness.”
  39. “Another year of making memories.”
  40. “May your day be as wonderful as you are.”
  41. “Happy birthday, you amazing human!”
  42. “Life begins at your age.”
  43. “Keep calm, and birthday on!”
  44. “Celebrate the person you are today.”
  45. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”
  46. “Another trip around the sun.”
  47. “Birthdays are the best days!”
  48. “Cheers to another year of blessings.”
  49. “You deserve the world and more.”
  50. “The best is yet to come.”
  51. “Wishing you all the best on your special day.”
  52. “Happiest birthday to you!”
  53. “A toast to you, my friend!”
  54. “It’s your day, have some cake!”
  55. “Celebrate like it’s your birthday!”
  56. “Life is a gift; enjoy every moment.”
  57. “Growing older, but never growing up.”
  58. “The world is a better place with you in it.”
  59. “Have the best birthday ever!”
  60. “Another year, another adventure.”
  61. “Age is just a number.”
  62. “Happy birthday, my friend!”
  63. “Birthday hugs and wishes.”
  64. “Cheers to another year!”

25. Sad Instagram Notes

  1. “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible.”
  2. “Life is tough, but so are you.”
  3. “The hardest thing is to act okay.”
  4. “Broken crayons still color.”
  5. “Memories are bullets.”
  6. “The hardest part is waking up.”
  7. “The best way to move on is to let go.”
  8. “Goodbyes are not forever.”
  9. “Not all wounds heal.”
  10. “You were my lesson.”
  11. “It’s not a goodbye; it’s a see you later.”
  12. “Sometimes, we need to be alone.”
  13. “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
  14. “Sometimes love just ain’t enough.”
  15. “Pain is inevitable.”
  16. “It hurts to love someone back.”
  17. “A heartbreak is a blessing.”
  18. “It’s okay to be sad sometimes.”
  19. “Time teaches us to live with pain.”
  20. “Pain demands to be felt.”
  21. “Every heart has a pain.”
  22. “It’s hard to forget someone.”
  23. “Sometimes you just need to cry.”
  24. “Broken hearts still beat.”
  25. “Life goes on, memories stay.”
  26. “Pain changes people.”
  27. “Sometimes good things fall apart.”
  28. “Tears are words the heart can’t express.”

Wrapping Up!

So there you go; these were a few of the Instagram notes that you might find useful and helpful while you are adding an Instagram note for yourself. 

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