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Instagram Sneaky Post: A New Feature To Help Self-Conscious Users

Have you heard of Instagram sneaky post feature of late? Well, it’s quite a change in the grid post culture of Instagram. Also, it’s going to help you if you are always anxious about getting the most likes and comments.

Further, with this new feature, you will not have to worry about whether you have posted lately. You don’t even need to think if your friends are commenting on them.

You can now use the archive function of Instagram to use the sneaky post feature. Apparently, the process to add your photos looks a little crazy. But trust me and the users who are already doing it. It’s a much stress-free way to use your Instagram profile.

With this feature, the photos you add will not be there in the primary feed. So, the process works like this.

  • You add a photo and archive it quickly.
  • Then, unarchive it after a few days or weeks or when you want.
  • If you unarchive the photo, it will appear on the app’s primary feed.

The photo will appear in the grid or layout set by you. You can curate it according to the persona you want to project.

But how is this feature related to self-conscious posting? Everyone uses their social media account with a different intent. You may see your profile as an expression/extension of yourself. At the same time, your friend may think of the profile as a platform to project his/her personality self-consciously.

Users like your friend can now use the Instagram sneaky post feature as a photo dump. To put it simply, the feature helps to safeguard the online personas of self-conscious IG users.

In addition, if you have an Instagram profile with a handsome follower base, the sneaky post feature allows you to control what you want your followers to see on your profile.

Quite a smart feature! Don’t you think the same?

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