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Is Social Media Marketing Worthwhile?



Social media is widespread, and mainstream platforms have billions of active daily users.

This has prompted business owners to explore the possibility of generating leads there. However, some are still skeptical about whether spending money on social media ads will give them a worthwhile return on investment.

Social media marketing is worth it if appropriately implemented and supported by an adequate ad budget. Posting advertisements and relatable content regularly on social networks will likely attract people to businesses and increase their sales.

People tend to engage with content they can relate to, so the ad content should address the concerns of the target demographic.

However, managing social media can be difficult, especially when running multiple marketing campaigns, which is why marketers use tools like Gain to make the process easy and efficient.

Reasons To Use Social Media Marketing

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Many companies have their potential customers on social media. These platforms have large consumer databases that companies can leverage to target demographics likely to be interested in their product or services. Social media marketing is beneficial to most businesses that use it in the following ways:

1. Consumer Targeting

Since popular social media platforms already have large customer bases, companies do not have to search for new people to view their ads.

When putting out new ads, they have options to target the demographic they want it displayed to. Some of these filter options include location, age, and gender.

2. Increased Brand Visibility

New businesses can leverage a high social media user base to promote their brand. With a sound marketing strategy, they can attract people interested in their products and services and make them follow their social media accounts.

Afterward, the business will regularly share posts about itself to familiarize the new followers with the brand. Brand familiarity builds trust, and trust leads to sales and profit.

3. Worthwhile Return on Investment

Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing allows you to tailor your advertisement to a chosen audience instead of displaying it to anybody that comes across it.

In most cases, businesses are only charged when an internet user clicks their ad. Meanwhile, traditional advertising has a fixed rate regardless of how many leads and conversions a campaign generates.

This streamlined digital marketing model and cost-effective payment often give companies a suitable return on their ad spend.

4. Improved Consumer Satisfaction

Social media facilitates a direct connection between companies and their customers. This enables them to receive direct feedback and customer complaints so they can respond and improve their products or service offerings.

Customers appreciate being listened to, so this direct communication will make them happier with the business in question.


Advertising on social media is worth it, especially if a company picks the right platform, posts new content regularly, and responds to its followers when they engage with its content.

It has advantages over traditional forms of advertising, and it is kind on ad budgets. It will be wise to use social media management tools like Gain to plan marketing campaigns and content releases to take advantage of social media marketing fully.

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