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Later Vs Hootsuite 2022 – Which One Is Better And Why?



When you are an owner of a small business or a large corporation, you need to have social media accounts to be relevant. But when it is not possible to handle and manage all the social media platforms on your own, you need help. 

It is obvious that you need a social media manager, but also you need to have a social media management platform. But how will you choose the best platform? There are many different types out there in the market. 

Today we are going to help you compare two of the best platforms in the market, which are Later vs Hootsuite. 

What Is Hootsuite?

what is hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best user-friendly social media management platforms; that is really easy to use and well integrated with other software. It is great for tracking your social media performance, scheduling your posts, and even interacting with your followers. 

The main features of Hootsuite are:

  • Social media advertising.
  • Social inbox.
  • Publishing and content curation.
  • Social listening.
  • Reporting and Analytics.

What Is Later?

What Is Later

Later is an all-in-one social media management software that helps you to do everything from analyzing, planning, improving, and publishing your content. The main goal for Later is to help grow your business with the help of social media. 

If you have already decided between Later vs Hootsuite, then you don’t have to type on Google; the difference between the three is like later vs buffer vs Hootsuite.

The main features of Later are: 

  • Reporting.
  • Analytics.
  • Scheduling.
  • Curation and content planning.
  • Hashtag performance.

Pros And Cons Of Later

Pros And Cons Of Later 

To compare two software such as Hootsuite vs later, it is important to know the pros and cons of each. So let’s start with the pros and cons of Later. 

Pros Of Later

Here are the advantages of Later.

  • Usability

The management software Later is visually pleasing, and it is a visual platform. The platform has a user-friendly interface. Even for beginners, it is easier to track down. 

  • Great For Instagram

Later is a social media management platform that integrates highly with the social media platform Instagram. It works great in tracking Instagram hashtags. 

Cons Of Later

Here are the disadvantages of Later.

  • There are limited features on the free plan

The free plan here on Later is forever, but these free features are limited as well. The features are.

  • Media Editing.
  • Multi-profile content scheduling.
  • Linkin. bio.
  • Visual Instagram planner.
  • Instagram analytics.
  • Multi-profile content scheduling.
  • Not great at integration

It is quite a disadvantage that Later doesn’t integrate with other software such as Canva, and also it provides only saved captions and Hashtags. 

It is very important that your social media management software integrates with other software such as Canva and also Lightroom. 

Pros And Cons Of Hootsuite

Pros And Cons Of Hootsuite

Now that we know the pros and cons of Later, let’s check out the pros and cons of Hootsuite. So that you don’t have to confuse yourself with other platforms such as later vs Hootsuite vs buffer.

Pros Of Hootsuite

Here are the advantages of Hootsuite.

  • Scheduling

Hootsuite is great if you want a platform to schedule all your social media content at once. The planning features of Hootsuite are great, and you can schedule social media content across multiple platforms. 

  • Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Hootsuite has the ability to integrate more than 20 social media platforms at once. And the most popular of these platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

Cons Of Hootsuite

Here are the disadvantages of Hootsuite.

  • Limited features on the free plan

While Hootsuite is great for its users, it is worth the value. But for the free plan, there are not many features available for it. The choices in features are quite limited for the free plan on Hootsuite. 

  • Bugs and errors

Like any other SaaS software, Hootsuite is not a perfect one without any bugs or errors. These bugs and errors are not always constant, but Hootsuite tries to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Features Of Later

Features Of Later

As I have mentioned before, it is important to know the features of Later vs Hootsuite. Later management software has a lot of great features. Although it can manage many other social media tools, most of these features revolve around Instagram. 

  • Scheduling

By using Later, you can easily schedule all your content for all the social media platforms quite easily. For social media platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and most importantly, Instagram. 


Through Later, you can easily link your websites with online shopping. With the use of, you are able to redirect any buyer to the online shopping website. There are clickable images and videos through which you can redirect to your website. 

The advantages of this is.

  • Go past social media.
  • Track purchase.
  • It helps drive sales.
  • User-generated Content

Through Later, you are able to get more user-generated content that is more popular and trending with relative hashtags. With the use of user-generated content, it is great to generate more traffic and engagement. 

  • Instagram Hashtags

Later is highly capable of tracking trending and engaging hashtags on Instagram. Tracking these hashtags helps in engaging more traffic and visibility. 

This feature of Later includes certain tools such as.

  • Instagram First Comment.
  • Saved Captions.
  • UGC Search.
  • Hashtag Suggestions.
  • Instagram Hashtag Analytics.

Features Of Hootsuite

Features Of Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a lot more features than any other social media managing tool. These are the features that make Hootsuite unique. Let’s check out these features of Hootsuite. 

  • Publishing And Content Curation

The drag and drop interface of Hootsuite makes it easier to create a social media content calendar quite easily. You can even review all your content before publishing them all. 

  • Social Inbox And Engagement Tools

Through Hootsuite, it is easier to interact with your audience on each social media platform. You can chat with your audience and track your followers and followings. 

  • Advertising

Hootsuite is very popular as this is one of the few platforms where you can give advertisements. Through this, you are able to run great ad campaigns with low budgets. 

  • Monitoring 

Hootsuite is great for monitoring all your social media analytics. Here you can track all the social media trends and latest hashtags. You can even set alerts of popular and niche topics of your liking. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Now probably, you can understand which social media management software is better for you. But if you are still unclear, then here are a few queries others have. 

  • Who Is Hootesuite Best For?

Hootsuite is best used by most businesses that require all-in-one social media management. The starter packages of Hootsuite offer a good price for even smaller businesses. These entry-level packages offer monitoring and publishing content on social media. 

  • How Many Companies Use Hootsuite?

According to the data given by Hootsuite, the software is used by 49,861 companies in the United States and the marketing and advertising industries. Hootsuite is used in many companies and gathers over 1M-10M in revenue. 

  • What Makes Hootsuite Unique?

One of the things that make Hootsuite unique is that its analytic features give you an in-depth view and research of how your social media strategies are working. Through Later, you can get proper analytical graphs and charts. 

Wrapping Up!

Well, now you know everything about the difference between Later vs Hootsuite. Now it is totally up to you which social media management tool to use. It is my job to provide a comparison to you so that you can make an informed decision.

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