How to Leverage Social Media

How to Leverage Social Media (and other Marketing) to Sell Real Estate



Ultimately the goal of marketing is to convert your audience into customers. Investing in marketing for your real estate business is an excellent strategy for generating more revenue and profitability for your company. While traditional forms of marketing still work in some instances, their reliance alone is not wise.

There is a paradigm shift from the traditional methods of advertising to accommodate online forms. Studies have shown that there are over 4 billion active users of social media daily. In a nutshell, one in every three people is using a social media platform.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media networks have been instrumental in entertainment, learning new trends and current news, and networking. Businesses are taking advantage of the large window of opportunity for marketing their products.

The most effective way to drive lots of traffic to your website is through social media. While no sale happens on social media networks, they have massive traction for your website. The more people visit your site and share your content online, the higher the chances of getting sales.

A great example of a team that leverage social media for its real estate business is The Kay-Grant Group, an experienced Realtor group in Scottsdale. Every time a transaction closes, they post on their Facebook page and show their followers how good they are at helping people buy homes.

People always get more confident about your company when you share testimonies of former buyers and tagging them. Potential buyers can be able to reach out to those former clients and verify your trustworthiness.

Many social media platforms are varying in their capabilities and the number of visitors that they attract. The two most used social media platforms with the highest potential for your marketing are Facebook and YouTube. Below are some tips that can help your business attain maximum returns.

Tips for Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

1. Be Relevant and Consistent

Ensure that you post content that is appropriate and in a consistent manner. Post educative content about how to make purchases, financing purchases, and why you use certain technologies in construction. This topic shows your audience that your brand gears towards adding value to them, thus gaining more trust.

Create regular content for your audience so that you can have more dominance in the platforms.

2. Create Geographical Targeted Ads

Using your target location in advertisement help in gaining more quality traffic to your social media accounts.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the use of the keyboard pound (#) sign to connect to a specific topic. Hashtags allow you to reach your target audience faster and efficiently. Applying hashtags before the subject of real estate, target locations, and your brand will enable the target audience to get you more quickly.

Hashtags are also useful during the launch of new projects for sale and doing promotions. The marketing technique allows you to monitor your marketing campaigns on social media closely.

4. Use Videos and Images

Posting appropriate high-quality photos and videos of your projects under construction or readily available for sale boosts sales. People tend to buy what they see. Attaching these multimedia files allows customers to visualize themselves and how the house is the right property for them.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The discoverability of your brand online matters means a lot in conversions. A high ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs) on the internet helps grow your business. The internet has become among the first places where people turn to when making any purchase.

Investing in Google Ads helps in the click-through rate and visibility of your website at the top of SERPs. Paying for the ads allows the search engine to display your website at the top of the search result pages. When a search is done based on keywords in the real estate market or your given area of interest, the search engine will return your organization before the organic search result.

It would be best to use search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help in your SEO rank. SEO ranking entails the classification of websites in the SERP based on a particular keyword. A high ranking in SEO for real estate means that your website will be featured at the top of the SERPs’ organic search.

Best practices for showing up in Google rankings

To have leverage in SEO marketing, you need to ensure the following:

  • Have high-quality content.
  • Seek to add value to your readers by providing informative and useful details relevant to your target keywords.
  • Ensure that you use catchy titles and give a brief explanation about your articles in the meta description.
  • Describe the images that you use in your articles.
  • Ensure that you use the keywords naturally, not in a spamming manner, to avoid getting penalized.
  • Use suitable headings and subheadings so that your content is easy to read.
  • Ensure that your website is responsive. A responsive website implies that it can be naturally adjusted to any screen on any device for ease of readability.
  • Have a periodic check on your website speed and performance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the digitized form of direct mail marketing. It entails sending your marketing campaigns to personal emails on your contact list. Email marketing is one of the cheapest marketing strategies with the highest return on investment.

Emails are cost-effective ways of marketing your business in a fast and efficient manner. It is so easy to monitor the delivery of your emails and knows how your campaign is fairing.

The following are a guide for a successful email campaign.

1. Build a Contact List

The easiest way to create a verified email list is to create opt-in forms on your website. Subscribers to your content will need to input their email addresses to receive more details about your company or products. Ensure that once a person feeds in their email address, you send them a welcome email.

2. Use Email Tools

There is numerous email software that will help you achieve more in your marketing campaign. The tools enable you to send customized automated messages to your subscribers in one go. The software also provides delivery reports which help you know how many people have received your emails.

3. Send Messages

Personalize the emails like a real person to another real person. Use the first name of your subscribers when sending the messages.

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