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How To Run Linkedin Ads? A Step By Step Guide



LinkedIn is the best website if you are a marketer trying to generate new business leads using social media. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the social gathering hub for businesspersons and professionals to market their products and services. However, the primary use of LinkedIn is to recruit new talent.

Advertisements are one of the best marketing tools businesses make use of. Fortunately, when it comes to advertising, LinkedIn is no slouch. You can post LinkedIn Ads through this platform for hiring new employees and promoting your products and services.

But how do you run LinkedIn Ads? Read on to find out a step-by-step guide presented below.

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

What Are LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads refer to advertisements that you can place on LinkedIn. These ads can be placed on your LinkedIn page for all businesses and professionals to see.

LinkedIn is a social media platform made specifically for professional job seekers and businesses. Therefore, it has become a necessity for companies to post and promote themselves on LinkedIn since they understand the benefits of social media management tools.

Types Of LinkedIn Ads

Types Of LinkedIn Ads

There are four primary types of LinkedIn ads examples that users can run, They are:

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content refers to any content or promotional material on LinkedIn that can appear on the feed of any LinkedIn user. These are the ads you will typically see when you scroll through LinkedIn posts on both smartphones and computers.

These advertisements are marked with the Promoted tagline beside them on your news feed. These LinkedIn paid ads can contain simple text or be accompanied by a photo or video with external and internal links.

2. Sponsored Messaging

 If you ever thought about what is InMail on LinkedIn, then know that they are simply direct text messages sent to various LinkedIn users. Depending on the amount of money you have paid, the number of promotional text messages sent directly to users will differ.

However, LinkedIn restrictions are placed on the maximum amount of texts that you can send this way. Also, the same users cannot receive the same ad from you more than twice in three days.

Statistics have estimated that 88% of LinkedIn users prefer businesses to send them sponsored messages, but only around 48% of businesses on LinkedIn do so.

3. Text Ads

Sometimes, you will see promotional text messages appear on the top right side of your LinkedIn feed when you scroll through some posts. These are paid text ads by businesses that you can place to get quick views that often lead to generating unexpected leads.

4. Dynamic Ads

Considered to be the best form of ad by many LinkedIn users, dynamic ads add a personal flavor that Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing cannot.

When these ads appear in your feed, it will also show your image and name in the tagline, recommending you to do some action like following them back or checking out what vacancies the company has currently.

How To Run LinkedIn Ads?

How To Run LinkedIn Ads

If you have decided to run your first LinkedIn ads for your business to make great progress, then follow the steps explained down below:

1. Strategize Using Linkedin Ads Manager

Strategize Using Linkedin Ads Manager

First, you should ensure that you have a LinkedIn company profile page for your business. This is super important as this will be the face of your business. It should be regularly updated, posted with all the latest company details, and even have connections with current employees.

After you have done so, head over to the advertising menu, where you will find the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Learn the uses of social media management tools like this since all your ads will require it.

In this campaign manager, you will get to set a name for your advertising campaign and the target audience’s age, professional, and geographic demographics.

2. Select The Format Of Your Linkedin Ad

Based on the types of formats available for LinkedIn ads explained before, you have to select the best format based on the target audience and scope. If you want to target younger professionals and freshers, then using attractive sponsored content, sponsored texts, and dynamic ads will best suit your purpose.

3. Design Your LinkedIn Ad

The next step involves designing your LinkedIn ads. You must hire and take the advice of a graphic designer and a social media consultant on deciding upon the perfect ad to show. Whether it’s only text, picture, or video, it must be presented well with the target audience kept in mind for maximum clickability.

4. Set Target Viewers

After you have designed the advertisement, it is now time to set the target demographics. The option for doing so is already found in the Create Ad tab on LinkedIn. Here, you need to mention the age group that your ad is targeting.

This is important because almost no products are meant for people of all ages and genders. Therefore there is no point in showing your ads to them on LinkedIn, or else you will have to learn how to block someone on LinkedIn.

5. Plan And Set Your Advertising Budget And Schedule

Plan And Set Your Advertising Budget And Schedule

After you are done with everything, it is now time to allocate your budget for your LinkedIn Ads. Depending on your budget, the number of users who will be shown your ad will be calculated. Therefore, the more you pay the higher will be its reach.

If this is the first ad that you are posting, then we recommend not setting the budget too high. Try to get a feel of how ads work and how to make them perfect before spending a large amount on them and then learn how to cancel LinkedIn premium.

After you are done budgeting your ad, it is time to schedule it. Here, you will decide on what times and for how long your ads will be shown to LinkedIn users. Set the timer on and relax to see what happens next.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Types Of Ads Do Best On LinkedIn?

Ads that have images and videos in them do best on LinkedIn.

Q2. What Is New With LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads now allow users to see how many job applications have come in after other users clocked on your ads, a form of conversion metric.

Q3. How Do I Pay For LinkedIn Ads?

You pay for LinkedIn ads using your debit or credit card.

Q4. Are LinkedIn Ads Worth?

Yes, LinkedIn Ads are worth it.


The use of LinkedIn Ads has been successful over the years because of how well it is integrated with the application and the website itself. This has made it super easy for job seekers to find the job they are looking for, and vice versa.

This is why creating a good ad is necessary by following the aforementioned process. From targeting your audience to creating an ad and budgeting its schedule, everything can be done using LinkedIn Campaign ManagerIf you are ready to create LinkedIn ads after reading this article, then check and share our other articles also!

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