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What Is Mobile Services Manager? Is It A Threat? How To Fix It?



What is mobile services manager? Is mobile services manager a threat? If these are the questions that are haunting you, then you have come to the right place.

Don’t get panicked and breathe deep. Here you will get to know what actually mobile services manager is, how does it harm your mobile phone, and how to fix this problem. 

What Is A Mobile Services Manager?

What mobile services manager do

Mobile services manager app is an android app that is pre-installed on your android mobile phones. It is sometimes also called an android mobile services manager or DT Ignite. 

It is android’s internal system app and is loaded by the manufacturer at the time of factory resetting. At the time of first use of a mobile, the user has to go through some basic set-up where he/she has to allow some permissions.

This is the time when this mobile services app gets installed automatically. After the installation, this app runs in the background without the user’s concern.

Most of the android mobile users don’t even know about this app that it is running automatically and what harm can it cause his/her your mobile?

Location Of The Mobile Services Manager  

The mobile services manager app is present on the internal system of Android, that is, it comes preinstalled on the Android system. This system makes use of a lot of mobile data, without you even knowing about it. This does not take your permission and does not even notify you about its presence.

According to a tech-based website, Techycoder.com, “Big cellular companies use mobile services manager app, and they promote sponsored applications. And those application gets installed in your android device making your phone slower due to lots of unnecessary apps installed in your android device.”

Furthermore, this system automatically updates the default mobile services manager that comes preinstalled on your phone. Furthermore, this update too does not show any notification on your phone, and hence you fail to notice where your unused data went away.

The app is also known as DT IGNITE in some cases, and, as you already know, it comes as a part of the installation process of Android. It is present in all devices that run on any version of the Android operating system. In addition to that, there are some mobile carriers who earn money as a result of promoting the mobile services manager app and installing the app on your phone.

What Does Mobile Services Manager Do?

Mobile services manager is a pre-system installed software in the android OS. It comes with several features and abilities like auto-updating of software or apps, settings control, accessing information, etc.

Mobile services manager apps automatically update or install apps without even notifying the user. In many cases, these app makers actually pay money to the mobile carrier for such downloads.

On the other hand, these service managers access to and use personal data, info, traffic, chat rooms, news related to the user-activities. It thus helps to categorize the users based on their interests, consumptions of data, content, etc.

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Is Mobile Services Manager A Threat?

Does mobile services manager harm your android mobile? You have to have the answer being a user. 

First of all, the mobile services manager app auto-updates or auto-installs unwanted apps without the user’s permission, which is neither ethical nor good for the mobile phone. 

Mobile services manager uses a lot of internet data while running in the background. And as it automatically downloads apps which in turn stores a lot of unwanted data on your mobile.

It causes you to fill your phone’s storage with bad cache or junk files and this gradually slows down the performance of your mobile. 

As mentioned earlier, the services manager app access to user’s data and info, so it obviously threatens the user’s privacy issues. It can cause malware or virus attacks to the user’s device without them even knowing.

These are some of the major reasons that you should think twice while using an android phone and decide whether to keep it up or remove it.

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Why Should You Remove The Mobile Services Manager App?  

Mobile services manager is bloatware, that is the one that comes preinstalled on your phone, and is hard to remove or even, in some cases, non-removable. You cannot delete or uninstall bloatware apps simply from the application manager.

The mobile services manager app automatically updates every unwanted app that is present on your phone. This makes your device slow as time progresses. Not only that, this takes a large chunk of space on your phone’s internal storage. Hence, once you remove the app, you will be able to gain a lot of space on your phone, and your phone will not get slow.

However, if you want your apps (both useful and not-so-useful ones) to auto-update themselves, then you must not bother removing the app from your phone. Let it stay there. If you don’t want it to stay, then go to your settings, and disable the app.

If you want to delete mobile services manager, you will need to go to the Applications Manager on your Android phone’s settings. Then find the app called ‘DT IGNITE.’ Once you find that app, tap on it to see whether the uninstall option is available or not. If it is not available, then consider disabling it.

How To Fix Mobile Services Manager?

How to disable mobile services manager

As you have almost got a brief idea about mobile services manager, and how does it work, you now might be looking for the solutions. 

Do you want to disable the mobile services manager app on your android device? Here are some to-the-point steps of how you can uninstall/disable this app.

Disabling mobile services manager might not be an easy task to do as some of the manufacturers provides the access to uninstall it where most of them don’t.

Steps To Disable Mobile Services Manager

Method 1 –

  1. Go to your mobile’s settings
  2. Now you have to find the Application Manager or My Apps and open it.
  3. Here you will find DT Ignite or Mobile Service Manager.
  4. Click on that, you might be able to uninstall it or disable it.

If the above-mentioned steps work, it’s very well. Otherwise, try-out the next method.

Method 2 –

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Search Application Manager and click on it
  3. On the right top hand find the three dots and click on it
  4. Click on the Show System App
  5. Look for system manager or DT Ignite
  6. Uninstall or disable it.

Why Is Mobile Service Manager Pre-Installed On The Devices?

Why Is Mobile Service Manager Pre-Installed On The Devices?

Most users are getting confused about the uses of mobile service managers as you are facing more problems in the presence of this program. But your mobile manufacturer companies are pre-installed this app on your device. 

The mobile service manager is a different app. This is not like the configapk app of your device. I am going to explain the features of this program. By reading that, you will know what are the reasons for installing the manager on your device.

Your mobile manufacturing companies are building up the mobile phones. You are purchasing their phones. So after the purchase, how would you install any of the apps on your devices? This is the reason the manufacturers are installing this application on your phone.

This is the program that is first installed on your phone. This will make your work easy. You can install the google play store there and use more applications that are required for your devices.

Many of the users are also getting confused between the mobile installers and mobile service managers. But these two are not also the same. So what is mobile installer? This installer is a built-in Samsung application to handle the bloatware. And mobile service managers are secretly tracking some of the activities of the users. For example, starting to install the applications without taking the permissions from the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Should You Keep The App On Your Phone Or Remove It?

Ans: This is entirely your choice. Whatever you want to do depends on your device’s performance. Most often, the users uninstall the program from the devices because, secretly, it monitors all the activities of your devices. That means you do not know what types of activities are happening on your devices. And all of these programs are running in the background. Hence many of the users are facing slow issues. All of these issues have one solution, which is simply removing them.

Q2: What Are Mobile Services Doing On Your Android Phone?

Ans: The mobile service apps are helping the phones to run in the latest phase. Before installing the google play store, you need another app that will help you install the applications. And this is the reason why the mobile service managers are installed on your android phones.


Here you had a brief overlook of the mobile services manager and how does it harm your device. I hope this information will be helpful for you. 

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