Top 10 Best Options For Content Creators As Onlyfans Alternatives

Did you know that Onlyfans is shutting down posting adult content? No, it is not. Lets Find out about the best Onlyfans Alternatives.

Haha, I almost got you there. There was an announcement regarding the ban of sexual content on Onlyfans. But that was in August 2021. Onlyfans later suspended that ban. So, there is no need to worry. However, it is never too late or bad to think of some Onlyfans alternatives

What if they ban Onlyfans again? You never know when they might ban Onlyfans. It is better to think of an alternative beforehand. If you are a content creator on Onlyfans, you should know about other channels to post your content. 

Best Onlyfans Alternatives 

Onlyfans is not just for adult content. It is a platform for content creators. They can create their own type of content and sell it to the subscribers, who can watch it for a subscription fee. Yes, adult content creators are also on Onlyfans. But, it hosts different types of content creators and includes top celebrities such as Cardi B. 

Ban or no ban, it always helps to know about other platforms that offer you the same opportunity for making a career out of your content. 

1. Fancentro 

Onlyfans alternatives

Fancento might be the best Onlyfans alternative. FYI, they allow adult content creators to perform and publish their content. Also, influencers can monetize their private social media content and earn from the subscriptions.

  • The profile description should contain the kind of content one creates on Francentro. The subscription-based platform does not allow posting any explicit image on the profile. 
  • As a creator, you can customize the subscriptions based on the features you access to the social media, and the Fancentro feed you offer. 
  • Content creators get to select the subscription offers for a price and the duration of the content. 
  • They can also offer free trial options and discounts. 
  • Content creators are obligated to offer a 25% of commission on their total earnings. 

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2. Loyalfans 

Onlyfans alternatives

Another paid social platform for content creators, influencers, artists, and public figures is Loyalfans. If you are trying to build an online following and make money out of it, you can use Loyalfans as Onlyfans alternative. Here are the different ways of interacting and earning from the subscription on  Loyalfans —

  • You can include a logo on the profile. 
  • There must be valid photos and IDs of the owners of the profile. They should also sign an agreement. 
  • Different ways of earning here include – videos, subscriptions, video store sales, live streams, etc. 
  • The subscription price ranges between $1 to $50. 
  • Text, photo, or video posts can go up to $500. 
  • Different features, such as live broadcasting and video calling, are options. 

3. MYM.Fans 

Onlyfans alternatives

If you already have a huge social media following and you want to monetize that, then is the right Onlyfans alternative to go for. Why? Because it lets you build a relationship with your followers, bringing them closer to you. Here are the features that let you make your fans into your paying customers. 

  • They allow creators to create their professional accounts. 
  • Creators can set up their subscription price. 
  • Public and private content can be posted on the platform. 
  • Creators can also set the rates for the custom content fans to ask for. 
  • They have Push features allowing the creators to share group messages. 
  • MYM takes 25% of the commission from the creators.
  • The minimum payout limit is  50 euros. 

4. Fanvue

Onlyfans alternatives

Fanvue is a rich place for diverse niches. Adult content creators, influencers, and models can make a solid earning from Fanvue. The platform adds discover options similar to Instagram. It makes it easier for fans to discover models helping fans to gain new subscribers in the process. You could also sell NFT art through this platform. 

  • Creators can add promotional content on the profile. It may help convert followers into subscribers. 
  • There are tips, paid posts, pay-to-view messages, and many other ways to earn from this platform. 
  • For the first 12 months, creators have to pay 15% of their earnings. Then the commission percentage will increase to 20% a month.
  • As a Fanvue creator, you need to make at least $20 before requesting a payout. 

5. Fansly

Onlyfans alternatives

Creators receive verification within a few hours of signing up on Fansly. As a top model, you can earn up to $10000 or more every month. Here are the features of this Onlyfans alternatives. 

  • Users on the platform can access the accounts of the creators for free or for a subscription fee. 
  • Creators have the option to remove emojis from the graphic content.
  • As a creator of Fansly, you have provided the platform with 20% of your earnings. 
  • The platform allows earning from referral bonuses. 
  • $20 is the minimum payout on Fansly.

6. iFans

Onlyfans alternatives

iFans hosts creators of all kinds. Most importantly, adult entertainers can finally have websites like Onlyfans to post their content on. Their referral programs offer a good earning opportunity. Here are the features of this Onlyfans alternative –

  • As a creator, you can keep 80% of your total earnings. 
  • The commission is available for sending followers to other creators through the tagging option.
  • Through mutual tagging, the creators can share their audience.
  • You need to earn at least $20 before you ask for a payout. 

7. Fanso

Are you looking for sites like Onlyfans to make money? Have you tried Fanso? It is a great subscription-based marketplace allowing creators to earn from a paid community. Here are the different features of this Onlyfans alternatives –

  • Custom pricing for subscribers. 
  • Offers limitless streaming times.
  • Use tokens to monetize the live stream on Fanso. 
  • You can own and run an eCommerce store and sell physical products. 
  • Free demo content is available.

8. Okfans 

The former name of the Okfans was FanPage. The platform offers a proper alternative to Onlyfans to content creators of different types. Here are some features of the platform –

  • Okfans creators have to contribute 20% of their earnings to the platform. 
  • Creators can earn from subscriptions, tips, and paid content.
  • Creators can also go live for the followers.  
  • For referrals, a 5% commission is set. 
  • You need to earn at least $150 before requesting a payout. 

9. Fantime 

No, this is no social networking platform. Instead of creating a profile, you can use Fantime to create your own website and post content there. Fantime allows content creators to purchase their own domains and create a website. You also get to choose your own logo and website colors. Here are the features –

  • Creators have the option to connect their Twitter page with their Fantime websites. 
  • The monthly subscription fee on Fantime is $5 and $50. 
  • Creators need to pay at least $20 before asking for a payout. 
  • There is a weekly payment system; the creators also have to pay a 20% earning to the platform. 
  • They have copyright agents helping the creators if they feel that their content was used without their consent. 

10. Patreon

Patreon is an established platform and is not exactly an Onlyfans alternative. However,  some of their features are similar to what Onlyfans has to offer. When it comes to adult content, you might see some exceptions. For sexual content, creators have to flag mature themes as 18+. On Patreon, pornography is completely prohibited. 

  • Different levels of features are available for different commission systems. You can choose from 5%, 8%, and 12% commissions on your monthly income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, these were some of the Onlyfans alternatives. However, here are some popular questions and answers related to Onlyfans.

Q1. Who Is Onlyfans Biggest Competitor?

Ans: Here are the competitors of Onlyfans –
1. Komon
2. JustAskMe
3. TipSnaps

Komon is a great platform for artists looking for a way to create a community around their work. They allow the selling and purchasing of NFTs.

Q2. Who Is Number 1 In The World On Onlyfans?

Ans: Actress Bella Throne is said to be the biggest creator of Onlyfans. She earns as much as 11 million from her Onlyfans account every month. Famous rapper and celebrity Cardi B earns around 9.3 million every month as of 2021. 

Q3. How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

Ans: Almost any kind of content sells these days. You can make money from selling foot pictures as well. But what is the price? For each of the feet pictures, you will get charged around $5 to over $100. However, it depends upon the quality of the photography. Usually, the average photos get sold for around $15-$25 per photo

Bottom Line 

Although there are many Onlyfans to look for, nothing quite replaces the look and feel of this famous platform (especially for adult content). However,  you can move to another platform if you are looking for an alternative or a backup. The ten platforms recommended in this article are the best of their kind. You can choose from any of them. 

Did you find this article helpful? If you have any queries, you can let us know through the comment  box. We also appreciate your valuable feedback. 

What Content Sells Best On Onlyfans?

  • Adult models.
  • Fitness coaches.
  • Social media influencers.
  • Cosplayers.
  • Travel bloggers.
  • DIY bloggers.
  • Beauty experts

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