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Polish Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Pros And Cons



In Poland, crypto exchanges and traders set up companies in accordance with the country’s standard procedures for registering new enterprises. Select a name for your crypto exchange, make sure it isn’t already in use, collect the necessary paperwork, and register it with the Polish authorities.

In spite of this, it is crucial to think about transactional technical protection in line with legislative concerns and, if necessary, get a PCI DSS certification of conformance with PCI data security procedures. The need for a PCI DSS certificate arises if the crypto-exchange keeps records of users’ credit card transactions.

Poland is well-known for its inexpensive financial services, stable tax system, and profitable exports.

Concerns linger about the legitimacy of your Poland-based crypto firm. Find more about the crypto license Poland. Learn the advantages of establishing a crypto exchange in Poland in 2023.

How does Poland respond to Cryptocurrency Activities?

Poland respond to Cryptocurrency Activities

Poland legalized cryptocurrency trading and trading in general. Currency transactions and everyday usage of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is still unlawful to launch an ICO and have it actively functioning.

For cryptocurrency-related business, Malta is an alternative jurisdiction. The well-known cryptocurrency exchange BitBay may be found there. This is because the Maltese company is more invested in the cryptocurrency market.

Polish Financial Supervision Authority Requirements for Cryptocurrency Operations

In order to legally operate in Poland, digital converters and exchanges must conform to AML and KYC regulations. Polish authorities are cracking down on financial fraud, mismanagement, and criminal activity by mandating user verification for anybody involved in the country’s cryptocurrency sector.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers should, in addition to identifying individuals, maintain track of fraudulent transactions and notify the legal department of any suspicious activity.

Poland is considering new tax regulations for digital currency exchanges and brokers

 tax regulations for digital currency exchanges

To begin taxing cryptocurrency-related income and profit, Poland presented a suggested change to the taxation system at the end of August 2018. In the third quarter of this year, the Polish cabinet is likely to approve it. In Poland, both individuals and businesses engaged in cryptocurrency trading will be liable to income tax.

Taxes related to cryptocurrency transactions will have a simple payment and reporting method.

Polish Law and Virtual Currencies

The idea that digital currencies should be treated as commodities has convinced Polish lawmakers. In Poland, however, virtual currencies have been given a substantial definition as a virtual form of wealth according to the aforementioned Act.

Here, we’ll make a distinction between two types of cryptocurrency markets in Poland:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Government-Issued Virtual Money

It is important to note that the proposed changes also make it possible for digital currencies to be kept, transmitted, and used in e-transactions in Poland.


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