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Post Planner – Best Review By User In 2022 [Genuine Information]

Competing and keeping up with social media trends can be taxing, but what if you had a secret weapon called Post Planner, exclusively designed to make your life easier? What if we told you how to access this weapon and use it to your advantage? Sounds pretty great to us!

The last couple of years witnessed a substantial social media boom and, for the first time, created several job opportunities for potential candidates. The pandemic perhaps had a positive impact on the social media industry as the world gradually accepted the inevitable digital transformation.

As more and more brands started depending heavily relying on social media platforms replacing traditional advertising methods, app developers recognized the potential of social media and wasted absolutely no time in creating several platforms to help people avoid mistakes and optimize their productivity – Post Planner was one such development.

What Is Post Planner?

What Is Post Planner

Post Planner is a helpful social media post planner that schedules and automates your posts, multiplying your engagement by leaps and bounds. The official website of the platform makes a promise that can benefit social media marketers in so many ways – “Post the best content in your industry. Every day. Automatically. Get 5-10% more Likes while you sleep!”

If you are wondering how to use the post planner application, don’t go any further and simply keep reading!

How Does Post Planner Works?

How Does Post Planner Works

Follow the steps mentioned below to understand how this social media post planner works.

Step 1: Automated Posting

Gone are the days when you would have to sit with a complex spreadsheet and a confused team of interns trying to implement a social media plan. Timing is of the essence in social media marketing, so much so that your content will not be relevant if not posted on time.

For example, you can’t post valentine’s day content at any other time of the year except in February. With Post Planner, you can simply plan and add your posts with a single click. Now, you can enjoy the power of automated posting and the free time on your hands.

Step 2: Increase Reach Zero Extra Work

Post Planner helps you recycle your posts. Thus, you can easily publish the best of your evergreen content and increase your reach! The best part? The process is going to be automated, leaving you with plenty of time in the process.

For those who are complete social media newbies, this might sound a little weird. However, with experience, you will understand the ways you can use evergreen content for increasing your reach and engagement. The algorithm of social media platforms is coded in such a way that it counts the reach every time you re-share some old content.

Step 3: Create Content That’s Network-Optimized

Without creating network-optimized content, there is no way you can run a successful social media campaign. As soon as you are acquainted with this fact, you will understand the importance of original and trending content, especially in 2022.

In one step, you can craft optimized posts for the set target audience with the post-it planner, and you don’t have to worry about how your post looks. This is because the application offers users a preview feature that will help you preview the post while creating it.

Step 4: Access To Best Of Content Curation

With Post Planner by your side, we can safely guarantee that you will never run out of content ideas. This is because the application filters relevant content from several social media platforms and makes you see the best. All you need to do is post it!

Thus, you will have access to the best of curated content online – you can keep up with and craft your content, or you could also always repost it.

Step 5: Branded Content Management

Post Planner’s media library is extensively useful. You can easily upload and segregate the media – manage all your images, videos and GIFs and enable the one-click sharing feature for convenience. You can even invite your teammates to work on the media library with you.

Thus, this is a complete win-win for everyone related to social media marketing, even the ones who are just looking for jobs at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Does A Post Planner Work?

Post Planner is one such platform that enables users to add relevant hashtags and blogs to the user’s social media news feeds. It also allows users to manage their social media content based on every post’s engagement rate.

2. Is Post Planner Free?

There is a free version of this platform, but the exclusive features are accessible only in the paid version like most platforms. The paid version starts from seven dollars monthly and has no free trial option.

3. What Is Post Planner Facebook?

Both Instagram post planner and Facebook planner works in the same way – both allow you to manage three Facebook pages or one personal account and two pages. Sounds great, right? There is a premium version too, and the benefits are many.

4. What Is The Post Planner App?

The app is a miracle that efficiently filters content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. All you need to do is post enough content consistently and let your planner do the rest of the work.

5. Does Post Planner Post To Instagram?

Yes, the Instagram post planner app makes managing a consistent Instagram feed convenient – the scheduling, content tracking, and integration features are terrific, making this application a must for all existing and aspiring social media managers and even executives.


While social media marketing is an exciting field of work with constantly increasing opportunities, it must also be noted that burnouts are extremely common, and it happens in two situations – either you are handling in-house social media for a company, or you are working in an agency with multiple clients.

In the first case, the monotony and in the second case, lack of stability might result in burnouts. This is why relying on platforms like Post Planner is crucial. While the platform can be used for bringing stability and erasing confusion in case you are handling multiple social media clients, it can also be used for forgetting monotony and boosting your performance!

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