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As years pass by, starting a new venture is becoming harder and harder as it were even a couple of years back. Assuming that you managed to arrange the desired funds and start a business, at some point of time sooner than later, you will find it difficult to continue to meet the challenges, completions, and hassles for running your business.

Therefore, there are a few specific steps to follow, especially for the startups, to ensure you get the desired returns on your investment that may take tens of thousands of your personal investments or venture funding.

  • Since the results of any business startup will not come in quick time, patience and perseverance is the key to success. Once you know that you have both of these in you and can do with even small revenue in the short term, you must focus on creating a niche audience first and then a concrete disruptor brand for them.
  • It is also required that you do so without spending much on it following a smart strategy. You will also need to select and use the right type of e-commerce platform that is suited for your type of business.

If you find all these to be very confusing then you should not shy from taking help of the experts for that matter.

Focus on community building

The best way to reach to the customers and make an impression in their minds is to become a part of their lives. Therefore, it is important that you focus on building a community of your niche audience. There are several reasons and benefits of it such as:

  • You will be able to win the trust and attention of your niche audience and
  • This is the best way to sell more products.

Moreover, the fact that it does not cost much to build an online business as you do not need big ads initially makes this approach all the more feasible and cost-effective for your startup. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a large number of passionate fans for your business who will validate your product ideas. You will be able to gain valuable demographic data of your market as well as the audience.

Create platforms for engagement

The next step is perfecting the product before you finally use the paid media to scale your success. The best way to do this is by creating a new or expanding the existing platform so that you can get better and more engagement from the targeted audience for your business brand. While you do so you must remember a few points as under:

  • You must also focus on social engagement along with personal engagement as this is perhaps the best possible way to sell more without having to spend much on advertising.
  • It is important that you find a way to persuade your customers without interrupting their activities or annoying them with too many advertising and digital communications.
  • Make sure that the advertising is not broken or inefficient as it will prove to be too costly to you, given the fact that you are a startup and do not have the liberty to waste money.

You must have more audience to increase the chances of conversions. The best way to do this is through content and paid search. You may also focus on using the social contacts including the organic traffic and content as well as the influencers.

Provide a better customer experience

As a startup, your customers are your key as eventually, they are the ones who will either make or break your business. Therefore, ensure that you provide them the best user experience across all channels.

  • Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you will feel when after putting a lot of effort and time to find some of the best review sites to go through different debt settlement reviews you could get any simply because these were either inadequate or hard to find.
  • To ensure that no such experience is provided, make sure you identify the edge over your competitors and work towards making it work best for you, your business and most importantly for your prospective customers.

In 2019, it is certain that startups that follow and provide the three most important requisites will taste success. These three requisites include:

  • A better product both digital and physical
  • Better customer experience and
  • At least one customer acquirement channel that is highly exploitable.

Remember, customers may come and go but will only stick to your site and be loyal to your business only when they make unique product differentiation. This is where it all starts and ends as well.

However, to provide them with that opportunity, you will need a strong channel strategy such as using the influencers and podcasts to distribute the products.

The micro sense factor

One more thing you should remember in this regard is that though customer experience is the most important table stake, you must not overlook the customer happiness aspect. Therefore, make sure that you focus on delivering experiences to your customers in a micro sense.

That means you will need to combine different platforms such as WordPress and BigCommerce. This will ensure that the Content and Commerce management is easier and more continuous for the users.

Therefore make sure that you focus on the following:

  • Investing in a better first-time visitor shopping experience
  • Segmenting properly your marketing audience
  • Targeting messages to the individual
  • Focusing on email marketing as well as on-site messages
  • Building a real brand with special emphasis on communication, conversion, measurement, and repeats
  • Communicating frequently with the customers and
  • Understanding their pain points.

All this will ensure that you know why they buy and do not buy and focus on the LTV accordingly to delight your customers. Focusing on customer interactions such as email follow up, direct mail and fulfillment inserts will also help them coming back, paving the road to success for your startup.

Remember, in 2019, offering good quality products and delivering on time is not enough because consumers today want to associate and connect with brands.

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