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In a recent study, Google and the University of Basel discovered how users shape their first impressions of sites. The research showed that people rate web pages in under 50 milliseconds.

And a site’s visual complexity and prototypicality affect customer confidence in brands. As it turned out, users trust simplicity in design and avoid unrealistic visual components. So, designers should strive to create minimalistic websites with real photos.

Nonetheless, content creators face challenges when searching for realistic pictures of people. You probably noticed that images portraying strange gestures and poses can be repelling. Therefore, creators must look for an online image gallery that fulfills their requirements without much hassle.

Generally, it takes time to find a suitable photo on the internet; therefore, you should try browsing stock image marketplaces. These platforms provide various pictures that look authentic and leave positive impressions. Explore the demand for stock images of people, and discover a popular source to download affordable visual content.

Why stock images of people are so frequently used

Most brands use pictures of people to promote their products and services. This type of marketing strategy is based on social proof. Customers like to see real people using your products in everyday life. For example, when your beloved blogger admires a specific perfume, you’ll most likely buy it or at least check it out in-store. That’s why companies request expert reviews and illustrate their websites with photos of people.

B2C companies especially need realistic pictures of people. Pharmaceutical corporations prove their healthy clients, restaurants show pro-skilled chefs, and car dealers present happy drivers. Respected brands spend a lot of time and money to create unique, appealing visual content.

Nonetheless, small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford considerable expenditure on photographers and models. To fill projects with visuals, some start-ups rely on Google. However, downloading pictures from the internet and using them for commercial purposes is unethical and illegal. Companies risk getting huge penalties and destroying brand image by breaking the copyright law.

Stock photo marketplaces offer free and premium photos of people you can buy online and use for commercial purposes. Usually, platforms distribute content under a royalty-free license, so you don’t worry about copyright infringement.

Companies can increase their audience’s brand confidence, attract attention, and improve sales by using appealing visual content

Where to find stock photos of people online

Being one of the leading stock photo marketplaces, Depositphotos offers millions of royalty-free photos of people. You can browse curated collections and thematic categories, or enter your request and easily find needed images. The platform provides advanced filters to search for stock photos of people.

At, you can filter results by selecting the number of people, gender, age, and ethnicity. Moreover, you can exclude pictures with faces. The platform’s functionality also allows sorting files by portraiture, point of view, date, orientation, color, contributor, origin, location, season, and time of day.

With the Search by Image tool, you can upload a reference photo and find similar licensed images for creating collections in a single style.

How to download royalty-free photos of people from Depositphotos

Depositphotos’ library features 70,000 free content files that you can download and use for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, the platform offers unique premium visual content that you can download after purchasing a budget-friendly subscription or on-demand plan.

The subscription allows you to choose the number of downloads, and monthly or yearly payment options. Unused downloads will automatically be transferred to the next month. The on-demand option allows you to select the number of downloads, and get pictures under a Standard or Extended license.

Additionally, an Enterprise plan is an excellent solution for businesses to buy stock photos at special, negotiated prices. By purchasing stock photos of people on marketplaces, you can avoid copyright infringement. Depositphotos provides lifelong rights on royalty-free photos that you can use in your commercial projects without getting an additional model release.


Eye-catching, realistic photos work as proof for your clients. Companies can increase their audience’s brand confidence, attract attention, and improve sales by using appealing visual content. Stock content marketplaces offer paid and free images of people that you can download and use for commercial purposes. Consider using Depositphotos’ advanced search filters that allow you to find needed realistic pictures quickly.


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