Remote-Working Social Media Managers

5 Tips For Remote-Working Social Media Managers

Social media management is all about bossing the digital world, but a lot of the management part used to happen in person.

However, since the global pandemic forced many businesses to operate remotely—a setup that’s become the new normal for many—the role of a social media manager has changed. With this in mind, we discuss five tips for remote-working social media managers. 

What Advantages Do Social Media Managers Get From Working Remotely?

Social media managers are responsible for creating a strategy that ensures the website stays on the radar of the traffic. The ultimate objective is to generate leads; therefore, social media managers play an important role in managing the team. Here, we discuss some advantages the social media manager and the agency have. 

1. Remote work increases the productivity

According to the popular belief, working in the office is enforces a framework of discipline. Although this may be true, in reality, working from home and managing a team increases productivity.  There, you can work minus the disruptions like loud colleagues, unnecessary meetings and discussions, and all other stuff that completely disrupt your job flow. Ultimately, you won’t be able to deliver the way you would have wanted. 

2. It makes the employees happier

It was found from several studies that during the pandemic, workers found problems in the initial stages of adjusting while working from home. But later, when the employees adjusted themselves to the office’s needs, it became highly enjoyable without doubts. Even today, the employees would happily choose to work from home. And a manager running the social media team from home would be fine. You have the technology to be in touch. Naturally, the employees working from home are much happier. 

3. Flexibility Improve Quality 

Social media marketing is a rigorous task and a continuous effort to stay at the top of the search engine. To be on the top organically, you have to work persistently on the around  200 seo factors. Working on them is important to stay ahead in the race. Therefore, being a social media manager, you have to constantly push yourself and the team to perform.  Flexibility in the working hours brings out the best from an employee.

4. Engagement

The success of any work, be it preparing campaigns for social media platforms or some others, requires thorough engagement.  Now, during some problems when the workers get the opportunity to work from home, they think that their efforts are valued. It reflects on their performance. It reflects on not only the individual performance but also the entire team. As a social media manager working remotely, you would want to get the best. Hence, you need thorough engagement, and you can easily get it from your employees.  

Tips For Remote Working Social Media Manager

Are you a social media manager working remotely?

Are you concerned about the completion of your projects?

Managing an entire team working from home is not a joke, and you must have your planning and strategies ready so that they can help you do well as an individual and a team. 

Do not worry, as we bring you some of the best tips you can follow to help you manage your team easily from home.

1. Always Have a Plan

Planning several months’ worth of content will be truly overwhelming, and society will likely have a way to change the plan anyway. However, you can bring the timeframe back to reality by planning a few weeks’ worth of content.

By having a logical content plan, you’ll have the power to post consistently relevant topics using the correct media, all while having time to create a real-time post every now and again. Additionally, by having a content scaffold in place, you’ll be able to spend time making adjustments where necessary.

2. Have Resources Organized

Remote work relies on a number of different resources, so it’s essential to ensure these are set up before you start work. Begin by creating a central knowledge folder on Google Drive, which you can use to pass updates and vital information to your team. Then, once you’ve become more familiar with remote working, you can switch to collaboration software like Notion and Confluence.

Having digital tools ready is only half of the battle, as you also need to ensure you have the correct equipment to complete your work. You need to have a quiet and comfortable area with a suitable desk and chair, which will help with productivity

aches and pain prevention. Additionally, you need a decent laptop, tablet, or desktop, and the ability to access your work with strong fiber internet.

3. Explore Approval and Access Levels

Your team will likely be made up of people with different levels of experience, ranging from juniors to seniors. The way you manage each person will vary accordingly, and you won’t want to baffle juniors by bombarding them with unnecessary information tailored toward senior members. Therefore, you can set up a tiered access system with manager approval required, which gives you more control and helps circumvent misunderstandings.

4. Communication is Key

Everyone involved in your working life, from team members to clients will have to adjust to the changes and challenges of working remotely. Therefore, you should demonstrate your willingness to help by asking questions and keeping everyone informed of relevant project changes. Without the support of body language to express feelings of emotions, you need to show people just how much you care through intense communication.

5. Keep Tabs on Brand Mentions

You need to know what’s being said about your brand online, which is why you have to implement listening tools to signal any mentions. As well as this, it’s important to react swiftly and appropriately before a simple complaint turns into a catastrophe.

In a remote environment, we recommend delegating mention-monitoring tasks to your team.


Remote social media management doesn’t come without its challenges, but you’ll find that by following the tips above, you’ll glide into this new position with ease. But if you can gather your resources and work according to a strategy, you can do well as a social media manager. 

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