Is Saveinsta Instagram Reel, Photos, Video, IGTV Downloader Helpful?



Instagram does not have any separate option to download any content such as photos, videos, IGTV videos, Insta reels, stories, etc. If you like any post, all you have to do is use the Save option.

However, this will save the target post in your account only, not on your device. 

Then what to do to save them on your device? 

There is a viable option – Instagram Photo Download and Video download platform. The popularity of such tools is increasing day by day and “ SaveInsta ” is one such website/tool.

You can download your favorite Instagram content on your device using it correctly. So, today’s guide is a quick guide on it. Continue reading till the end….

What Is SaveInsta Video Downloader?

SaveInsta is an instant Instagram video download and Instagram photo download website. The best thing about this is you don’t need to use any particular software or application for downloading Insta content. Just any browser, a stable internet connection, and That’s It!

What kind of Instagram content can you download? – Insta reels, IGTV videos, images, videos, and stories. Who are its competitors? There are many other Instagram Photo Download and Instagram Video Download apps like SaveIG. These are its rivals or competitors. 

Thus, you don’t have to rely on just the Save option of Instagram from now on. This high-rated Instagram Video Save website will save your time and help you grab your favorite posts. 

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SaveInsta – A General Overview Of The Platform

Instagram is a social media platform, where account users, share popular videos and photos, and also their own photos and videos which they create by themselves. The latter share their own content on the Instagram platform to earn on the platform. They earn their money after a certain number of followers subscribe to their account, and a certain number of users watch the content that they have posted on their account page.

Opening an Instagram account and creating content on Instagram is completely free. Every day, millions of content creators, celebrities, sports stars, and normal users post their photos and videos on Instagram. However, you will not be able to download these pieces of content from the Instagram app or website. This is where platforms like SaveInsta come to play. It offers you to watch and download Instagram content of other users for free.

SaveInsta is basically an app-based and a web-based platform, where you will be able to download Instagram content anonymously, without logging in to your Instagram account. You can download all kinds of media that a particular content creator on Instagram posts for the followers to see. The types of media include videos, reels, photos, stories, and more.

On Google, we have found two different SaveInsta platforms – and According to the official website of, “Saveinsta is one of the popular websites that helps you to convert the Instagram post into MP4 or JPG. You can easily download Instagram pictures and clip from your browser. It’s the best site to download Instagram videos online. Saveinsta usually records Instagram post from Instagram downloader and give direct access to original quality video and photo in MP4 & JPG file format.

What Key Features Can You Enjoy From SaveInsta?

Key Features

One of the major aspects of the SaveInsta platform is that it is quick and effective. Unlike many popular Instagram Downloaders that you find easily on the Internet, you will not come across many ads and interruptions while you are watching Instagram content on this platform.

However, you will also need to understand that these platforms earn primarily by running ads on their website. If you see a website not running ads, and asking for your login information, understand that the website sells user information and data to third parties to earn money. In today’s time, data and information are like liquid gold.

Before using SaveInsta to save Instagram, don’t you want to know what set of exclusive features does it offer to its customers?

I know you are way too excited to learn if this can fulfill your purpose. Below are some key features offered by SaveInsta to its customers:

  •  You can download unlimited videos, images, reels, IGTV, and stories with lower effort. 
  • SaveInsta Instagram Video Save tool is an open-source platform. You don’t have to install or purchase any app.
  • Just like IMGINN, SaveIG, Save From Instagram, and Save Insta Net, it gives super fast download speed.
  • The user interface is quite easy to use.
  • The files will be downloaded in respective formats on any device – PC or smartphone. 
  • Full HD Instagram post downloader. 
  • Download any Instagram post that is public.

One of the major features of SaveInsta is that you will be able to download multiple media at one time. You can download albums as well.

Download Photos, Stories, Videos, IGTV, And Reels UsingeInsta – Step-By-Step Method

Download Photos, Stories, Videos, IGTV, And Reels Using SaveInsta

I am very sure, after knowing the perks of SaveInsta by now, you are super excited to use it. So here is a step-by-step method that will help you download photos, stories, IGTV, videos and reels with it.

Following these steps, you will be able to download the Insta content pieces on your device safely. 

Read each of them carefully for a seamless downloading experience. 

1. Login To Instagram

The very first step here is to Log In to the Instagram app by using your credentials. Now navigate to the owner of the post you want to download.

Once you have found the story/post/IGTV/Reel/Video to download, tap the 3 dots mark on the upper left corner. Now tap on the option “ Copy Link. ” In this way, you will get the URL of the post, which is the key to download the post on your device. 

3. Download The Content 

This is the last and final step. After you have copied the post URL, go to the SaveInsta website from this link: Now in the input box, place the copied URL and tap on the option Download to start downloading. The post will be downloaded and stored on your device. 

Legal Obligations

This is a very rational question about whether any legal complications are associated with this. Let’s answer it straightforwardly…… There is none, although it depends on the intent with which you will be using this Instagram Video Save tool.

This means that the developers used this platform to help people download pure entertainment and educational posts. But if you stalk someone’s profile and download their images to misuse them, Instagram will never support them. Accordingly, your profile will be banned. 

Leaving this aside, there is no other challenge regarding the usage of SaveInsta. From the perspective of Data privacy, scams, and piracy, there is nothing to worry about. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Does SaveInsta Maintain Anonymity?

Ans: Yes, its maintains anonymity and values the privacy concerns of customers. This means that if you download others’ videos, images, reels, the account holders won’t be able to know.

Q2. Is SaveInsta Safe To Use?

Ans: The simplest answer is YES; It is an absolutely safe and easy-to-use online tool. You do not have to worry about anything, including data theft, scams, etc.

In addition, the purpose of the app also does not violate Instagram’s privacy policy. 

Q3. How Can I Reach The SaveInsta Website?

Ans: In order to use SaveInsta, you have to navigate to their website since there is no application version. So the link from which you can get free access to SaveInsta is

Q4. Is SaveInsta Free?

Ans: SaveInsta is absolutely free to use. You do not require to pay any amount for downloading Insta content.

Furthermore, there are no service up-gradation plans as well. This has increased the demand and also made it one of the most used Instagram Video Download apps. 

Q5. Do I Need To Login To My Instagram Account Before Using SaveInsta?

Ans: You have to log in to the Instagram app before using SaveInsta. However, that doesn’t mean SaveInsta needs your Instagram account to be logged in.

You have to sign in to your account in order to get the image URL. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the entire procedure of Instagram Video Save. 

Q6. What Are The Names Of Some Best Instagram Photo Download And Instagram Photo Download Tools?

Ans: Here is a compact list of the world’s best Instagram video and photo download tools. Please all these are open source platforms and charge zero amount for use.
a. SaveInsta
. SaveIG
. Glassagram
. Inflact
. SocialDo4K Stogram
. Save From Instagram
. Hashtags
. Save Insta Net

The Verdict – Is SaveInsta Video Downloader Worth Using In 2022?

That’s all about one of the best Instagram Video and Photo Download tools- SaveInsta. Now that you have got ‘ top- bottom ’ information about it, what are you waiting for?

Just give the above-explained procedure a shot and start saving your favorite images, videos, reels, stories, and IGTVs right now. I am sure you will fall in love with it eventually. 

To conclude, a big Thumbs Up for SaveInsta Video Downloader. 

Do not forget to let us know your experience of using SaceInsta in the comment area below. It will help us to grow and bring similar informative articles for you

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