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Social media has proven to be one of the best platforms for global trade. It offers an easy access to the target audience. You only need to identify a platform that works best for you. With the success of many online businesses, you need to work on a solid social media campaign to achieve an edge against relevant competitors. This can be achieved by creating the best web content. However, the most critical aspect of any successful social media marketing campaign is measuring the success of your content.

It is imperative that you regularly check your analytics to be aware of the latest marketing trends. You ought to understand what is not working and what is working for your business. A social media analytics tool that offers an accurate analytics report makes it easy for you to monitor your social media content. With a wide range of systematic options in the market, SharedCount has proven time and again to be one of the most important analytics tools you can rely on. Here are the top reasons why you need and when to explore the service.

Why you need Sharedcount :

1. Competitive benchmarking :

Sharedcount comes with valuable features to help you carry out competitive benchmarking. You can monitor your social media activities and learn more about your competitors. It gives you an insight of strategic information including the positioning of your products and services as well as the standing of your brand. With the tool, you can engage your target audience; get their responses and interactions based on the marketing campaign you design.

With share count, you can learn about what is working best for your business. This means you get an opportunity to fill loopholes that can negatively impact your business. What’s more, you will be in a better position to identify segments that can easily boost your brand visibility.

Sharedcount works by offering the best results on how your content is shared across different platforms including;

When it comes to competitive benchmarking, the analytics tool helps you to monitor your accounts efficiently. It is a highly dedicated tool that makes the whole monitoring process simple and worthwhile. This is because it carefully tracks

  • Posting times.
  • Content shared.
  • Comments.
  • Likes.
  • Most popular content.
  • Best engagement times.

In addition, the tool helps you to use a chart for a better understanding of your monitoring results. This is not achievable if you opt for manual charting and tracking of data. With the chart, you can tell on what areas your competitors are thriving and which areas you need to give more attention.

2. Integrated analytics :

Monitoring social media content can be time-consuming. It can also be costly. For this reason, you need an analytics tool that can help you save on time and money especially if you have multiple accounts. Sharedcount spares you the headache of having to look through different accounts to determine how your content was shared. It is a tool that caters to the needs of your business depending on the size of your online community and your brand.

The analytics tool offers an integrated solution to help you understand

  • Where you are thriving.
  • Where you are stagnating.
  • Networks that call for a new campaign strategy.

The tool simply connects the chains of your social media activities and the traffic you get. If you have a marketing strategy, the tool will help you to determine whether it is time to change it or not based on the traffic it generates.

Similarly, Sharedcount offers an integrated report to decide whether your website is performing well. This is in terms of funnel abandonment or an increasing bounce rate. In the event where your website is the problem, you can start focusing more on redesigning funnels or your landing pages.

3. Optimization of your content plan :

Content optimization plays a crucial role in building brand visibility. This is why you need a social media content analytics tool that is efficient. It offers the best metrics for content optimization. Sharedcount will take a look at the likes, comments, retweets, and shared content and even recommendations across your pages. It offers an overall content performance report to help you move to the next level.

For example, if you post a picture, which is shared across different platforms, you are more likely to enjoy the best conversions through likes and comments. Blog posts, on the other hand, can help you enjoy more conversions if the content is worthy. In this case, the analytics tool offers a deeper insight into what you need to optimize to generate the best traffic for your business.

In addition, the result will help you create a content marketing plan that is inclusive. Such a plan keeps the target audience engaged and more interested in your content.

4. Associate with the right influencers :

Building relationships with the right influencers can generate quality traffic to your business. These are people that share your posts or web content with their clients. It extends your reach and you need to understand who they are. With the analytics tool, you can get your influencer details, learn of the people who share your web content often and target audience with the highest reach.

As a result, it becomes easy to link up with the right influencers through their comments on your posts. You can also determine your influencers through likes and the reactions they make on different posts. In the end, you create more robust relationships and take your business to a higher level.

5. Quality reporting :

Social media reporting is imperative when running a marketing campaign. It gives you the best report or pattern of how the content you share is performing. This can be in terms of a chart with a detailed report. You can have a daily, weekly or monthly report based on your needs. If you want a scheduled report, you can sign up for an email update. A report works best in determining:

  • Your campaign’s overall status.
  • Target audience growth on social media profiles.
  • Engagement details including shares, likes, and conversations on topics of interest.
  • Social media metrics including response time.
  • Content outreach among others.

When to invest in Sharedcount :

As stated above, analyzing your web content comes with many benefits. You can have a better understanding of your audience, competitors, work on a marketing strategy that serves you best, optimize your content and increase your brand visibility. Much of these can be done by any analytics tool but with the advancement in technology, you need to work with a service that is efficient.

Therefore, if you have been having difficulties collecting data on how you are faring on online, it is time to invest in the analytics tool. It offers quality reporting on charts for a better understanding of your performance.

Similarly, if you have a social media marketing campaign but you have been struggling to get the desired traffic, choose an analytics tool. With quality monitoring, it becomes easy to work on a campaign that builds the desired brand visibility from your social networks.

You also need to invest in an analytics tool if you have problems monitoring data across different channels.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with your conversion shares, engagement, reach and other common social media metrics use analytics too

Invest in the analytics tools if you have problems getting the connection between social media activities and your website traffic

You also need to use the tool if you have not enjoyed good Return on Investment despite your numerous efforts to design an effective marketing strategy.

Social media analytics comes into play to help you achieve your goals. It is all about gathering useful information from your campaigns and social media accounts efficiently. For example, if you want to monitor your progress on Facebook, the analytics tool will focus on various aspects of the network including

  • Promotions.
  • Likes and followers growth.
  • Page views.
  • Reach.
  • Posts.
  • Images and video content.
  • Fans and their demographics.

However, it is imperative that you keep in mind your personal needs when you opt for SharedCount. To make the most of the tool,

  • Define the needs you have to address.
  • Choose a payment plan that is within your budget range to monitor your social media networks in a way that is useful for your business.
  • Take advantage of the free trial period to evaluate a plan that matches your needs best.

Note that with the right analytics tool, you can monitor exactly what you want within the desired time frame. This is because of custom metrics. Depending on your niche, you can always tailor your analytics tool for a more detailed report for instance; have your follower growth and interaction rate report integrated or have it on a separate chart.

What’s more, you may want a more customized plan that will check all aspects of your networks including average client response time, check INS to your social page and clients who share your posts on multiple groups.

Conclusion :

There are many social media analytics tools today and you don’t have to get lost in a world of possibilities. Make your process of visualizing and monitoring media data simple and productive. Invest in, a structured tool that will address all your data analytics needs. It helps you to have an insight into your efforts, refine your social media marketing strategy and have the best returns on your investment.

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