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Why Simple Websites Can Have High Conversion Rates



Most companies that want to enhance their conversion rates focus on their value propositions or CTA buttons. Other enterprises like A/B test particular elements on their web pages to see those versions that have the best conversion rates. All these are valid ways of improving the conversion rate.

However, most people overlook the simplicity of the websites while looking at the conversion rate. Most websites try to add a lot of information in a very small space. A confusing navigation can be overwhelming to most of your visitors. Therefore, the layout of your website is a great determinant of your conversion and bounce rates.

Small businesses like restaurants or cleaning companies need to understand that when it comes to website design, simple and minimal UI helps in delivering results. For example, a Restaurant Website Design Company can create a website that focusses on aspects like food, service conditions, pricing and other attractive USPs about your restaurant. It does not have to do a lot to make sure you are getting footfalls and takeaway orders. By pitching your restaurant and its dishes as heroes, it will be able to ensure that the attention and concentration remains squarely on the USPs of the restaurant.

Therefore, you need to improve the design of any website that has a cluttered design. Remember, a slight increase in your conversion rate can significantly increase your annual revenue. In this article, we will be focusing on why simple websites can have high conversion rates.

You need to learn some of the proven strategies that make your website visitors focus on CTA among other elements of your website that you wish to emphasize. You will learn the importance of simplifying and cleaning up the clatter of your website pages.

Chances are, you’ve been to a restaurant that had a complicated menu. Maybe even a daunting one, with all sorts of choices spread out over five pages. Chances are that you also had a hard time figuring out what you wanted; maybe you thought, “It all looks so good,” or maybe you couldn’t find what you really were hungry for.

Now, what do restaurants have to do with websites? Plenty.

A complicated website, especially for a business, is a lot like that crazy menu we just described. If your potential customer is overwhelmed with information, they might not be able to find the service that’s right for them–even worse, they might take their business elsewhere.

Therefore, making a simple website that visitors can see all the checkout buttons clearly will definitely increase the conversion rate.

Don’t put so much information on your website because it will be so hard for the clients to single out some important information. You need a simple website design that is straight to the point or precise. No one has the time to waste on your site while trying to search for information on your website. Simple navigation through the website will also reduce your bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

The Science Behind Simple Websites

It’s no secret that the internet has shortened our attention spans. Consequently, people judge a website incredibly quickly–in a fraction of a second. A person will get an attitude towards your website immediately he lands on your page. The visitor will decide whether to stay on the website or move on depending on the look.

We don’t have to tell you that humans are particularly “visual” creatures, attracted to beauty and symmetry. Make sure the website has well-positioned images and texts to attract the human mind.

Visually complicated sites are, across the board, ranked as less visually appealing. So, it follows that if you want your site to be more appealing to readers and potential customers, you should keep it as simple as possible. It’s wise to look for professional advice just in case you are not sure of the best approach.

If you’re having trouble finding inspiration for a simple website, try to find one that strikes the right balance between information and readability, for example, does a great job of describing their services without overloading the reader with information and stimuli.

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience as you come up with the design of your website.

How Simple Sites Can Improve Conversion Rates

Many of the world’s most successful companies have adopted a similar, simple style for their websites. Large, eye-catching graphics bolstered by simple text has become the “style du jour.” You need to follow this trend if you want to reduce the bounce rate on your site.

The reason for this is very simple: people prefer things that they are familiar with. The innumerable chain restaurants throughout the world speak to people’s desire for the things they already know and like. Don’t give people a lot of headache in trying to think what your website is all about.

You can use this to your advantage when it comes to conversion. Your site doesn’t have to be like everybody else’s, but it should be laid out in a simple and easy-to-browse format. Have a unique site that has a simple design.

Just How Simple Are We Talking About Here?

Let’s be clear: we’re not saying that you should go back to a 1990s-style website. You need to practice a high level of creativity while designing the website.

You can add graphics, different sizes of typeface, and even different fonts (if used sparingly). It all depends on your personal preferences and target audience. What you don’t want is a hodge-podge site that looks like a Kindergartner’s college project from art class–which is to say a cluster of images or thumbnails,

You also want to aim for a simple color scheme that’s easy on the eyes–when in doubt, remember that black text on white background is the world’s standard for a reason. High-contrast color combinations usually won’t require your potential customers to squint. Large blocks of text are also a turn-off for customers and readers–you want to aim for significantly more “white space” (or whatever color your background might be) than text. Make sure that the colors you choose the match with the theme of your website.

While this is all fairly boiler-plate web design stuff, don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s not important–a simple website can mean the difference between converting a sale and someone navigating away from your website without having even looked!

All these tips will help you to set up simple websites that will increase your conversion rate. You need to have the experience that your users will have at the back of your mind as you design the website. It’s easier to convert visitors into clients if you adopt a simple design for the website.

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