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Features That You Should Expect From An SMS Marketing Platform



SMS marketing is growing increasingly popular in the business world, and more and more brands are adopting this campaign channel to keep a close relationship with their customers and drive sales.

There’s no doubt that SMS marketing platform use is one of the most personal and direct ways to stay connected with your customers and increase your conversion rate.

Today, more and more businesses have started using SMS advertising as part of their marketing campaign.

Because the business world is growing and technology is advancing quickly, it’s essential that you know the must-have features your SMS marketing platform should possess. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of these features. 

Let’s dive right into it!

What Features Are Must In The SMS Marketing Platform?

For selecting the email and SMS marketing platform, the first criteria are to calculate your requirements first. Then for selecting the best SMS marketing platform you have to match up some of the qualities then select the best marketing platform for your use.

Now, many applications and platforms are available for SMS marketing. But there are many more features that are turning your SMS marketing work faster.

1. Subscriber List Builders

A subscriber list builder is one of the top features your SMS marketing platforms should have. This tool will help you build a list encompassing your existing and potential customers. The longer the list, the more customers you can advertise your products to. 

You can create your subscriber list effectively in several ways. Marketing firms, such as the Text back SMS platform, will provide all the features. Let’s talk about them below.

Subscriber List Builders

2. Social Opt-in

This is the most effective way to gather subscribers for your list. You can advertise your products and services on all social media platforms, giving potential customers the option to swipe up and supply their details. 

By doing so, they are one step closer to joining your list of subscribers.

Social Opt-in

3. Pop-Ups

This is another effective way to attract subscribers to your list. Pop-ups can be tricky. With pop-ups, there’s a fine line between engagement and annoyance. The email and SMS marketing platforms are keeping things simple and more streamlined. Through the pop-up messages, you can collect data on individual customers.

So you need to choose a good SMS marketing firm to help you tread this path softly. Your SMS marketing platform should allow you to change the text style, fonts, and color.


4. Keywords

Here is another subscriber opt-in technique every SMS marketing platform should possess. Keywords are essential because they are the words potential customers use to join your subscriber list. 

It’s vital that you ensure the SMS marketing tool allows you to include images when creating your keywords. The ability to send MMS messages will be a plus.


5. Segments

Once your subscriber list is made, the next thing is to start targeting users based on their demographics, buying history, and many more. 

Your SMS marketing platform should allow you to create a segment for your subscriber list.


There are several conditions you can consider to segment your customers; these include:

  • The location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Preferred language
  • Website Activity
  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Delivery method
  • Service need
  • Product attribute
  • Number of purchases

Segmenting helps you learn about your customers, and you can connect with them on a deeper level to deliver SMS content that is more tailored to their needs.

6. Campaigns

Once you have segmented your customers, your SMS marketing platform must allow you to create campaigns that let you send bulk messages to your subscriber list. 

In this case, the SMS marketing platform you’re choosing should be able to help you send messages that suit your subscriber’s tastes and preferences.

Segmenting your customers helps by allowing you to send messages to the right customers.


7. Bulk Messages

Bulk messaging is a very attractive feature for the SMS marketing platform. Usually, marketers are sending the same messages to different customers. And if you do not have that features in your platform you can not get the expected results.

The Facts are very simple. The bulk messaging options will be there. and through bulk messaging you can reach out to the maximum number of audiences through the text messaging options.

Bulk Messages

8. Automated Messages

If you want to take your SMS marketing campaigns to the next level, ensure the SMS marketing platform you choose allows automation. With automation, you can increase your efficiency. 

However, your SMS marketing tool should make sure your automation is targeting your customers with the right content. Below are some common automation texts your chosen SMS marketing platform should help you create:

Automated Messages
  • Customer win back
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Product upsell
  • Order paid
  • Abandoned cart
  • Order delivered
  • Subscriber welcome message

Each of these automation triggers happens when a particular event happens. For instance, when a new customer joins your subscriber list, the SMS advertising platform can automatically send a subscriber welcome message.

9. Analytics

This is another important feature that an SMS marketing platform should possess before you start using it. After you have implemented all the features discussed above, the SMS advertising tool should provide a way for you to track your success. Most SMS marketing platforms don’t offer in-depth analytics for your business.

The standard analytics of some marketing platforms are your click rate and delivery rate. While these can be helpful, you must ensure the SMS marketing platform provides specific reports before you settle for them. The platform should give reports on the following:

  • Keywords
  • Automation
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Subscription forms

You should also be able to see reports about your total revenue, total ROI, total orders, and more. With these reports, you can determine where your success is coming from and then focus on that.


SMS marketing is an effective way to reach new potential customers and stay connected with existing ones personally. To get the most out of your campaign, it’s vital that you employ the services of a professional SMS marketing firm to help drive sales and accelerate business growth.

So, when choosing an SMS marketing platform, it’s essential that you consider the features we discussed in this article.


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