How To Tell If Someone Unadded You On Snapchat

How To Tell If Someone Unadded Or Remove You On Snapchat

published on: 11.11.2021 last updated on: 24.11.2021

If you are quite familiar with social media and an active user of apps like Facebook and Instagram, then you probably know when someone blocks you or unfriends you. It is a bad feeling I know, but it is what it is. 

Sometimes you do something that crosses their line and sometimes they do something that makes them block you to just not face you anymore. Either way, it is not a big deal. This article too is no big deal, but just letting you know how to understand that you have been un-added. 

Now, Snapchat does the same thing, it removes and un-adds people at the request of others. But it is not that easy to identify it on Snapchat. Therefore Snapchat users here I come with the ways that will help you know how to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat.

Don’t be upset if you find someone really did remove you. It’s just a way of life.

This article has an explanation in total. 

Chat Window

Chat Window

Take your phone, open the Snapchat app and click on the chat option. The option is given at the bottom of the page. 

After clicking, Snapchat opens a list of all people you are connected with along with your last snap with them. 

Now, how to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat?. If the arrow next to the person’s name appears in grey and the status shows pending, then my friend I am sorry but you have been removed by that person from his or her friend list. 

If you feel like then you can open the chat with that person, there you will see your snap and chats are pending till xyz adds you back as a friend. therefore, it is confirmed that you have been un-added.

Don’t mix it up with blocking, because he or she hasn’t blocked you, if they would have you wouldn’t be able to view them. 

How To Tell If Someone Unadded You Using Snapchat Score

How To Tell If Someone Unadded You Using Snapchat Score

Users of Snapchat already know what snap score is, but I am addressing those who are new to Snapchat or may be thinking of joining the platform soon. 

Snap score is a score that is calculated by the number of snaps that a user sends to another. On Snapchat, you can see all of your friend’s scores. How to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat, simply, click on the name of the person you have doubts about and check if they have removed you or not from their oh so beautiful friend list. 

Another way of doing the same thing is to go to a Snapchat search and look for the person who you think might have done something unforgivable, I mean un-added you. When the person appears on the search bar click on him or her. 

Once the profile is open check the snap score that the person possesses, if you can see that then you guys are still friends and if not, the war begins.

Friends List On Snapchat

Friends List On Snapchat

Instead of going there, clicking that, opening another I have a better option that will just kill your curiosity faster.

Follow me here, open Snapchat, tap on the red icon which is used to access the menu. Yeah, it is at the top left corner. Go to the friends section and open my friends. Type the name.

Can you see the name of the person you are about to be mad at?. Well, then best friends forever.

Story Subscription 

Story Subscription 

When you follow someone on Snapchat and they don’t it’s not only rude but also appears as subscriptions in your stories section. They don’t appear as friends, just a reminder. 

If you need more digging to confirm then go to the stories section or just swipe right. Now check the name of the person, if you don’t have him or her under friends but just a few days back he or she was there then you know what I am about to say. 

You have been removed from that person’s friend list. One more thing, this entire process will be wasted if the other person does not upload a story. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q 1: How To Check If Someone Follows Me After I’ve Unadded Them On Snapchat?

A: The easiest way to know if someone has viewed your story that you have posted, is to check the view list. If you find the person going through your stories who you don’t follow or have removed, then it simply means they are following you like ducklings. This is very similar to Instagram. On Instagram the process is the same, the view list tells who is still following you even if you don’t.

Q 2: Will Someone Come To Know If I Remove Them From My Friend List On Snapchat?

Yes, they will if they go through this article, but not directly from Snapchat though. Snapchat doesn’t notify its users when they get removed.

Maybe because besides being an app Snapchat has feelings, and doesn’t want to hurt somebody else’s. Jokes apart, they can check your chat status, if it says pending then they will know their status.


Snapchat is a bit different than other social media platforms, by which I mean it is complicated and has its own ways because the creator of Snapchat is Apple. 

How To Tell If Someone Unadded You On Snapchat?, This question has been answered to you elaborately in this article.

Don’t be upset if you find yourself removed from your friend’s friends list. It happens, you never know you guys might get along again, but if you don’t, let go.

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