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Today, Social media use means you are doing business. Without the proper use of social media management tools, you can not get the viewer’s attention within a short time. A sprout social media management tool channels your automatic social media posting. This social media management tool is an all-in-one solution.

When using the sprout social media management tool, you do not have to think about the manual content posting. You can control your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook pages, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn business accounts from this single management tool.

Let’s see first ‘what is sprout social’ and why this tool is becoming the first choice for every social media marketer.

What Is Sprout Social?

What Is Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool. By using this tool, you can shape and size all the agency’s conversations. The actionable insights and the real business impact are going to be managed by this social media management tool.

Sprout Social is not only a social media management tool. But the user flexibility is pretty high. You can handle all your social media profiles for managing your social media scheduling, inboxing, and analytics.

Pros Of Sprout Social Media Management Tool

Pros Of Sprout Social Media Management Tool

The sprout social media management tool provides you with multiple options to manage your social media content postings.

Here are a few elements of the Sprout Social media management tool:

  1. Publishing, scheduling, drafting, and queueing the posts.
  2. Maintaining the social media content calendar.
  3. Maintaining a content library.
  4. Suggested sending times.
  5. Monitor the mentions and taggings.
  6. Engagement through messaging.
  7. AI auto-generated canned responses.
  8. Make engagement through reviews.
  9. Give alerts for increasing the message activity.
  10. Inbuilt bot support.
  11. Auto-tagging features inbox for message types, profiles, and keywords.
  12. Monitor the viewer’s profiles and keywords.
  13. With this single tool, multiple team members can track the audience’s conversations.
  14. Gather every type of report related to profiles, specific posts, and Twitter keywords.
  15. Twitter feedback survey.
  16. Evaluate your team’s performances.
  17. Integrations with the help desk and CRM software.

These are the features of the Sprout Social Media Management tool. But there is a simple drawback of using this tool. Every type of feature is not available for the individual plan. According to the plan features, prices are different.

Now let’s have a look at the sprout social pricing.

How Much You Have To Spend For Sprout Social Media Tool?

How Much You Have To Spend For Sprout Social Media Tool

I have been using the Sprout Social Media tool for the past 5 years. My experience is good. But my suggestion is that you should use this social media management tool when you are having large numbers of audiences in your social media profiles.

Hence you are investing a large amount of money, so you will also want a good platform.

And let’s see how much Sprout social costs. And how much is Sprout Social, which you have to spend for your management tool?

Plan NamePlan’s FeaturesSprout Social Pricing
Standard 5 Social media profile control, Brand keyword per group with 10 standards, tasking, and social CRM tools.$99
Professional10 Social media profile control, Brand keyword per group with 10 standards, tasking, and social CRM tools.$149
Advanced10 Social media profile control, Brand keyword per group with 20 standards.

Tasking and social CRM tools.

30 days free trial offer This is a trial pack where you can check the sprout social media management tools performances.$0

How To Use Sprout Social Media Management Tool?

How To Use Sprout Social Media Management Tool

The Sprout Social Media Management Tool is all in a single platform. Why are you using the social media management tool?

The reason is pretty simple. All of us use the social media management tool to measure the audience’s engagement level. And with social media management tools, you do not only generate more leads. You can use your social media page also for branding.

Here are the four booster features of Sprout’s Social Media Management Tool. I often use them for my branding and advertisements. Read it, and you will know how to use Sprout social for your branding and lead generation.

1. Streamline Your Social Media Messages

When you are streamlining your social media messages, you can easily make connections with your fans and audiences. This tracking process will help you to measure up your social media lead generation process.

2. Control Multiple Social Media Profiles From Single Platform

When you do the sprout social login, You will see multiple features are already there. But my favorite is controlling the multiple social media profiles from one single platform. Yes, after I use the 30 days sprout social trial version. I shifted to the standard plan, and now I am ruining the advanced plan. You can manage at least five social media profiles with the lowest versions.

3. Excellent Report Generations

The publishing tool is entirely automatic. You can auto-schedule your publishing. And get the report of your social media business profiles. Excellent reporting features are available with every plan.

4. Smart Search

Smart Search is one of the best features of Sprout social. You are starting your social media engagements to build up your brand value. And this is the reason you must know which is the latest trend. You can easily search for the latest trend which is similar to your niches. When you know the latest search trends on Twitter or Fb, you can easily jump into the conversations and share your views.

I repeatedly use these features of Sprout social. And among these four features, the last one is my favorite. If you like to stay in the market, you have to run multiple types of research. Every time there is a new trend popping out from every individual social media research. And you do not have to think a second time when you are using the Sprout Social.

My Honest Review About Sprout Social

Most of us determine the quality of the company by simply checking the stock prices.

If you look through the 2022 sprout social stock prices, you will see a $ 62.22 current stock price with an upper circuit limit. That means the price will grow. In 2018 the share prices were relatively low. But this growth and improvement of share prices do not come within a day.

It takes time. According to the statistics of 2022, 85% of the online marketers and influencers are using Social media management tools. According to my experience, this tool and features are the best in the markets available within this price range.

If you are new to influencer marketing, you can quickly try on the 30 days trial packages. And decide the type of package you want. I think you will be satisfied with the competitive features. You will get 24 hours support facility along with the features. This is an additional benefit. But sometimes support comes late; hence it is very rare.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sprout Social Media Management Tool:

1. What Makes The Sprout Social So Unique?

Sprout Social comes with a social media reporting feature. These reporting features will help you to analyze all the actionable insights. You will get your access and get the custom URL tracking. You can analyze all the tags.

2. What Do You Know About Sprout Social Listening?

These features are helping you to get an idea about a comprehensive view of keywords. The hashtags, brand, industry, and multimedia contents are all analyzed. And show you the result and evaluate the undercover trends on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

3. What Are The Sprout Social Alternatives?

Here are the names of market best 10 Sprout Social Alternatives:

  1. Semrush.
  2. Hootsuite.
  3. Sendible.
  4. Agorapulse.
  5. Zoho Social.
  6. Social Engagement & Sales.
  7. Meltwater.
  8. Eclincher.
  9. Falcon.io.
  10. Statusbrew.

In this list the top three social media management tools are the market best competitors of Sprout Social.

Wrapping It Up

Sprout Social is an affordable social media management tool. If you are searching for a reasonable range of social media management tools, you can select this one. Still, now my experience is pretty good over the tool and the corresponding help desk. My understanding of the features is that now I am thinking of using the tool for another whole year.

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