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In a world where marketers always have too many things to do, Coschedule is one tool that can prove to be a blessing. So it is no surprise that just as you have managed to successfully execute one campaign, five more come knowing on the door. On top of that, there are a thousand other little things awaiting your attention.

During those times, you might have looked everywhere for help so many times – only if someone had told you about the power of Coschedule, things could have been so smooth for a change. However, there are several similar alternatives available in the market today, and it might be challenging to choose one tool.

As a result, we have done an extensive review of the tool while covering essential topics like Coschedule login, Coschedule pricing, Coschedule headline, and the like.

What Is Coschedule?

What Is Coschedule

Simply put, Coschedule is a set of marketing tools that helps users execute, coordinate and monitor various marketing processes, departments, and projects. This impressive marketing suite contains the following four sections,

  • Calendar Organizer.
  • Content Organizer.
  • Work Organizer, and
  • Asset Organizer.

Functions Of Coschedule

Functions Of Coschedule

Every marketer’s dream is to come out of a project management crisis as a superhero ready to save the day. What if we told you there was a way to manage your projects and organize your content so efficiently that all your worries disappear? Fortunately, with Coschedule, you can execute both of these functions without any hassle.

Keep reading to learn about the functions and similar details of this unique marketing tool!

1. Organize And Manage Every Content Piece

Content is king, and there is no way you can afford to make a mistake while creating and monitoring your content, especially while a campaign is being planned. With the help of Coschedule, you can easily create your dream calendar – use colors, text, and similar features to segregate and locate your content quickly.

2. Track And Manage All Your Projects In One Place

All projects are not the same thing, and neither is your team. Multiple locations for multiple projects can only lead to confusion. For example, if you are writing blogs for one client and running ad campaigns for another, chances are some team members will make some mistakes out of confusion.

Now, you can bring all your projects in one place and track the status easily, making sure neither you nor your team is confused.

3. Tasks, Templates, And Approvals

Trust us, this one’s a lifesaver, especially if you are in charge of handling a vast team. With the help of Coschedule, you can assign tasks besides individual projects to different team members, and you can easily track who is supposed to do what work. 

Additionally, the suite also makes templates and approval feature available for the smoother execution of your daily tasks.

4. Saved Calendar Views

If you hate spending vast amounts of time searching and filtering your projects, opting for Coscedule is a good idea for you as it will allow you to find what you are looking for with only a few clicks. The best part? The platform enables users to create as many saved calendar views as the user wants!

5. Integrations

Coschedule allows integrations with several other tools like Google Docs, Evernote, Google Analytics, and the like. You can also monitor your email marketing strategy by connecting your Mailchimp or Campaign monitor account with the platform. Also, you can connect your WordPress account or use the platform’s built-in WordPress plug-in.

Additionally, one can also use the chrome extension for curating content from the internet or the coschedule headline analyzer for crafting the perfect headlines and coschedule subject line tester for coming up with compelling subject lines. 

6. Social Media Scheduling

Coschedule is great for users with multiple social media marketing clients. This is because the platform allows users to create, implement and monitor social media activities, that too in a single place. As a result, scheduling not only saves a lot of time but also helps users plan social media campaigns quickly.

If you are confused about scheduling once you are on the site, simply look for the schedule icon and start scheduling your social media posts.

Benefits Of Using Coschedule

Benefits Of Using Coschedule

The benefits of using Coscehdule are several. They are as follows,

  • The best thing about using this marketing suite is how much time it saves, especially when the timing is of the essence for marketers with small teams or freelancers.
  • Secondly, with the help of this marketing suite, you have to create and monitor one calendar, which will serve as a blueprint for all your projects.
  • Thirdly, you can review all your projects and keep track of the individual status of every project and keep things on the move!
  • The Coschedule pricing is pretty good at 29 dollars a month, making it an affordable alternative for small but expanding businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Does Coschedule Do?

Coschedule is a marketing suite with several products designed for effective project management, content organization, social media scheduling. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform for marketers to easily collaborate and organize their projects.

2. How Do I Use Coschedule?

All you need to do is visit the coschedule com and sign yourself up. Once you have signed up, adjust the settings and go to the dashboard. Then, all you have to do is create your calendar for adding and monitoring tasks.

3. Does Coschedule Have A Free Version?

Not really. The coschedule pricing is not very expensive, about 29 dollars monthly. However, a free version is available on a trial basis. The best part? You don’t need a credit card or anything to avail your free trial period!


Coschedule has some crazy features that save both your money and time, accompanied by plenty of products for ensuring your campaigns run smoothly. Thus, whether you want to become a superhero project manager or a crusader of creating great content or even a start on social media, this marketing suite is all that you need by your side!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site today and start managing your time better!

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